Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Idol Season 11 - Auditions and Hollywood Episodes - Discussion

Hello Idol fans!  After a brief detour with X-Factor commentary, we're back for more Idol madness.  I have to say, after suffering through the live episodes of X-Factor, I actually am looking forward to Idol returning to the screen.  But, I'm sure I'll be suffering from fatigue once again by the time we reach May.   In case you haven't heard, my wife and I do have a new addition in our lives and couldn't be happier! He's sure to be the number 1 priority from now on.  But that doesn't mean, I will refrain from any Idol commentary.  But, I'd look for it to be as bare bones as last season if not more.  Probably less pictures and more like what I did for X-Factor this season.  Day after commentary, real quick blurbs.  For the auditions and hollywood, I figured I'd just keep this post up for us to discuss in the comments.  (same as last year)   I'm going to be late to the game this year as we'll be touring around our child to family and friends (out of town) the first week that Idol is on the air.  So, I'll be sure to comment once I'm back and have watched the episodes.  But, don't let that hold anyone up in commenting!  If there's anything you want to say, just post a comment and I'll catch up.  Once the live shows start, I'll try to keep on top of posting new entries for the performance shows.  So, with all of that said, I look forward to continuing our Idol discussions this season.  See you in the comments!    

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Mike V. said...

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been commenting on the audition eps. I have seen them all but haven't found anything comment worthy yet! Also, I've just been really busy. lol

There have been a few decent talents so far. I thought that Frat Guy from Sunday night's ep was a bit of a standout. There was that dude with the same first and last name that was really good, but I was also annoyed that he was able to audition with his guitar. There have been a few people that brought their guitar into auditions. And while they sound great, it seems like it's an unfair advantage to be strutting in with those things and winning over the judges.

But whatevser...I'm enjoying the audition episodes as much as I always do...and I do enjoy them better when I'm not doing dedicated recaps of them! Just too much pausing and writing down names and all that fun stuff. We'll eventually narrow the field and have these names memorized of the ones we need to know.

But, yes, I do still plan to provide commentary on the LIVE performance shows. I don't know how I could possibly let a season go on without doing that!

If anyone is reading this and wants to talk about the auditions, I'm game! So just post away.