Wednesday, January 16, 2013

American Idol: Season 12 Auditions, Hollywood and Maybe More!

Hello Idol Addicts!  Cannot believe we are at that time of year again for yet another run of this show.  The off season had me pretty convinced that I was not looking forward to it this year.  Nikki Minaj?? Seriously!?!?  Then, of course, the previews have me getting the itch again.  But, available time for writing recaps for this, let alone anything, is getting less and less each year.  With a toddler in the house, I can barely stay on top of "WATCHING" TV! (we had to give up X-Factor and The Voice so that we could use those 6 hours a week for other purposes!)  So, anyway, I will be watching Idol's premiere tonight and I will try to stay on top of it all season.  If all things work out, then maybe I'll still be able to recap the live performance shows.  I'll keep everyone updated with the situation in the comments section below.  We can use this comments section to discuss all the episodes of the show leading up to the live episodes and possibly beyond, if I don't get to those recaps. 

So, welcome back and hopefully I'll see you in the comments!  


Leslie said...

Yes, I've been tuning in this season....Nicki Minaj is incredibly irritating to me! I've never seen her perform (rap is not even a consideration for me), but her speaking voice is enough to make me want to fast forward, not to mention some of the things that have come out of her mouth have been cringe worthy.

There are some interesting contestants this year, but you can't really tell too much until we get to the top 20.

Mike V. said...

Hi leslie! Not much time to talk right now but I totally agree. She's unbearable. Actually looking forward to the live shows because I'm DEFINITELY fast forwarding the judges' commentary. They're irrelevant!

Definitely interesting contestants...a lot of sob stories that are tough to tell how accurate they are. (some of them seemed really built up by the Idol producers) But some good stories in there too.

We'll see when we get to the live shows! Still up in the air about recapping. I'm sure I won't be able to resist. Might be more a time available thing. lol

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm not counting these new "sudden death" live shows as "recappable" episodes! lol They're eliminating in the same night so what's the point? lol

I will say that it's blatantly obvious that Idol is pushing for some of these contestants already. I'm still not on a first name basis with the contestants...but obviously the girl that sang her own song at the piano during Hollywood Week is a favorite. They didn't even critique her performance last night. It was like, "so, you really didn't even need to perform tonight. We like you and we're not booting you." She was okay last night, and definitely worth keeping around but they should have addressed it more.

The other girl that sang "Up to the Mountain"...was good, even if she messed up the lyrics. It's hard for me to listen to that song when it's not Kelly Clarkson singing it at Idol Gives Back (That's right, I downloaded it back then! And I still listen to it all the time). But, she did a good job with it. Alaska girl was pretty decent too.

I really hope a girl wins this year. It's been too long dominated by those darned boys with guitars. lol Seems like Idol is pushing for it more this year too. We'll see what happens.

BTW...Nicki was more bearable last night..and she looked almost normal. Mariah totally hated being the LAST judge because she had nothing to say when it got to her. Totally forgot she and Randy are like BFFs off screen...that totally came off during the live show. And Keith....I liked LIVE Keith. He was hysterical and gave a lot of good feedback. Maybe this panel won't be the worst thing afterall. We'll see! lol

Mike V. said...

Still debating whether I'm even interested in recapping this year. I didn't even realize there was an episode last night until I looked at my TiVo recordings! I did watch, but nothing really blew me away.

Obviously, this Angie girl is the favorite right now (and the Idol producers' favaorite). Kree and Chandra (last girl, I think that's her name) are really good too. There were some pretty bad ones last night too. So, no telling who the other 2 will be. Lots of decent singers, and I forget all of their names!

I caught up on the Guys performances from last week and none of them really impressed me at all. So, maybe this finally is a year that a girl can win. I see lots less of guitars so far. So, I think Idol was crafty in narrowing down the field to try and get a different result. Whether it's successful or not, we'll see.

It's interesting that we're going with a top 10 this year. Of course, Randy hinted at a wildcard or something. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they throw 11 or 12 at us. But, I did count the weeks and a top 10 would take us to the middle of may. One "judges' save" would get us to the thursday before memorial day. If there's no save and there's a top 11, then the same deal. Of course, they could always throw "double elimination nights" at us or whatever so they can still swing something.

But, as of now...that's really the only commentary I have. If I feel anything is eventually worth writing about, then obviously I'll do it!

Mike V. said...

Amber was the other good one. And I meant Candice not Chandra. lol

So that's 4 that should be in the 5. My wife really liked Breanna so there's my picks for the Top 5 girls.


And please no more Lion King lady!!

Mike V. said...

Okay, quick thoughts...and MAYBE (stress MAYBE) next week there will be a recap. lol

Elijah - Unless his ego and his fans get him votes, I don't think the song was memorable enough. Of course, I'm getting older and it was a Rihanna song, so maybe it is. I dunno.

Cortez - Disaster.

Charlie Askew - disturbing.

Nick Boddington - I like this guy, but he's probably right on the margins of making it in after the performances that followed. At the time of his performance, I thought it was the best of the night.

Burnell Taylor - Sang really well, but that song was laugh inducing. The message of the song great, but the lyrical structure was just cracking me up. It was like someone just wrote a random paragraph and put it to a melody. OF course, I've never seen The Color Purpose so what do I know? But, I'm sure he'll get in.

Paul Jolly - Tennessee boy. After he sang, I thought he was the best of the night, then Keith gave his very constructive criticism. I don't know. I think the fans may vote him through, but he'll be right on the cusp like Nick.

Lazaro Arbos - I hate to say it, but I think what's going to get him into the Top 10 will be his story. It is impressive that he can sing that well with his condition (am I allowed to call it that?), but he doesn't quite match up to the competition. He sang well, just not as well as others. But, he's in.

Curtis Finsh Jr. - The judges would have us believe that his performance was the best of the night. And it was pretty decent. He stayed in the low register until his very inevitable vocal gymnastics at the end. Usually if the judges are floored like that, these guys are shoo-ins to make it to the next round so we'll see.

Devin Velez - Ugh...enough with the Spanish dude! The judges are only encouraging him. Sure, I know it's part of his heritage and all that, but because the judges keep praising it, he's going to keep doing it! And the dude has a bit of a smug look about him. He is good though.

Vincent Powell - First time in awhile the closing number disappointed. And singing "End of the Road" and not singing it well is a little too much poetic justice, wouldn't you think?

My picks to go forward:

Devin Velez
Lazaro Arbos
Paul Jolly
Curtis Finch Jr.
Burnell Taylor

Wildcard: Nick Boddington

Well that turned a bit more into a recap than I thought! Okay, time permitting, next week I may give some more thoughts on the performance night. We'll see if anyone decides to read them. Ratings are down this year, interest level is down too. I IS the 12th season and we're on our zillionth judges panel. We'll just see how it goes!

Thanks for reading if you are!

Mike V. said...

9 out of 10 ain't bad!! Got 5 of 5 on the guys and 4 of 5 on the girls. In my defense, I never ever would have considered Janelle. I was peeved she made it through the last round over that other country girl with the better awareness of tone and the low register. (It was then I realized that the non voting rounds were totally rigged and no discussion at all took place during commercial breaks.)

Anyway, results show was definitely bizarre with the whole reveal to the audience/judges AFTER the home audience already knew. And no idea what Lazaro was trying to tell Ray right before he went out. He didn't know the last part of Bridge Over Troubled Water?? Ray was probably like, "whatever dude, I'll just do what I always do!"

Anyway, each episode that goes by, the more invested I get (as always), I'd say there's a better than 50% chance I'll be throwing together a quick recap next week. All depends on time available to me! But, it's hard for me not to make a pick every week of an elimination. So, we'll see what happens!

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah...and so far, I would say this is a battle between Angie and Kree. I really think Idol managed to get rid of the stereotypical "guy" that has won the past umpteen years. (of course, they pretty much got rid of ANY male threat)

Kree's voice is awesome and a little better than Angie's....but of course Angie's got that musical talent that speaks volumes. We'll see!