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American Idol Season 13: Top 4 Perform

Hello American Idol friends, I'm back!  I tried to give a little warning that I'd be a little busy last week, but I'm a few of you wondered where I disappeared to!  Though, if you missed it, I posted a mini-Prediction Post totally calling the demise of Sam Woolf before it happened, not that it was hard to predict!  Anyway, due to my family upgrade I'm still stretched for time.  I should already give you a warning that next week I will be out of town and unable to cover the top 3 performances.  But, I'll be back for the finale week!  Anyway, it's one of 2 people going home tonight I'd imagine.  This recap will be as quick as I can make it.  Here we go!

Caleb Johnson

Break-up Song: Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name"
Dedication Song: CCR's "Travelling Band"
Make-up Song: Paul McCartney's "Amazed"

Caleb did his thing for the first couple songs.  He waled and it sounded awesome.  Harry brought up a good point of his signature Caleb notes are great but could get tiring in a concert setting.  So, it was a good idea for him to remind us that he has some versatility and a softer side when he got to the Paul McCartney classic.  It was in short "Amazing".  I still think he's on track for the finale, but I just read he made a PR blunder in a podcast interview by accidentally referring to his fans by a not so nice name!   He was really addressing his twitter followers who are just there to spam negativity, but perhaps some damage was already done.  We shall see. 

Jessica Meuse

Break-up Song: Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone"
Dedication Song: Pink's "So What"
Make-up Song: Lady Gaga's "You and I"

I have long said that if you cover a Kelly Clarkson song on Idol, you may as well be signing your exit papers.  I really can't remember a time that someone sang one of her songs and didn't go home.  Granted, Jessica did a decent job singing it but it's those emotions.  She needs to display feelings!  There's no way around it, she is the one remaining with the least stage presence.  The Pink song was better but as the judges said, it wasn't a good fit for her.   She was really good on "You and I" and the story behind the song and the meaning to her made us realize why it was better than the others.  It had a personal meaning to her and her singing of it reflected that.  It's either her or Alex tonight in my opinion. 

Jena Irene

Break-up Song: Pat Benetar's "Heartbreaker"
Dedication Song: Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"
Make-up Song: Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love"

Song 1 and 2 were classic Jena.  Heartbreaker was a straight up cover.  We have to acknowledge that no top 4 has ever had to do 3 songs before.  So, I'm sure they probably had to each do one karaoke performance.  This was hers.  She certainly changed up "Bad Romance" notably removing the high notes in the chorus.  She said it sounded screechy.  If she wasn't forced to explain, we would've just thought she artistically changed it.  It was good!   But, we've been waiting all season for an Idol Moment and we got it when she sat down at the piano and changed up the Elvis standard.  It was a hauntingly beautiful performance.  I guess it really depends on what you think of her bizarre accenting of words when she sings, but I think it really played to her strengths in this one.  That performance was probably the most telling that we're looking at our next Idol winner. 

Alex Preston

Break-up Song: Alex Clare's "Too Close"
Dedication Song: Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"
Make-up Song: Coldplay's "Yellow"

Alex was up there doing his thing too.  He changed up "Too Close" by "SURPRISE!" breaking down the song and making it slower and bluesier so that he could put his guitar licks in there.  It was pretty good!  Is it bad that when I saw him before "I'm Yours" with that guitar that I already knew what song he was going to sing?  He is a self-proclaimed Mraz fan and that's probably his most well known song.  Love the song, but this was his carbon copy performance of the night.  Sure, it was a sweet dedication to his girlfriend, but the performance did him no favors.   I personally felt the Coldplay performance was a complete copy as well, but it certainly was done well and it's an awesome song.  The general consensus of the judges and the Idol watchers was this was a memorable one.  Perhaps it will give him the edge over Jessica he needs!

Elimination Pick
Bottom 2 (if they even do it): Jessica, Alex  

Elimination Pick: Jessica Meuse - It just seems like the right time to say farewell to her.   But, I wouldn't be surprised if Alex gets the boot either.  

I may as well just say right now that Alex is my pick to go home next week (or Jessica if she stays).  Of course, if the bad PR stuff really affected Caleb we could be in for our first surprise elimination of the season.  This was the week that Chris Daughtry went home afterall.  We shall see! 

So, as I mentioned, no recap next week but if I get a chance I'll post who I think will be going home real quickly.  Thank you all for your understanding and for your readership over the years.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you (in some form) next week! 

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