Wednesday, January 06, 2016

American Idol: Season 15 - The Pre-Recorded Shows Discussion Post.

Hello friends who have hung in there until the very end!  This is the final season of American Idol!  I've threatened to quit this many times since season 4, but here we are 11 years later.  The audience has dwindled, the show's quality has had its ups and downs.  But, there's no doubt this truly marks the end of an era.  I'm looking forward to this season more than I have in a while because there are many opportunities for nostalgia throughout this final season.  I'm sure we'll get many visitors from Idol's past throughout the season.  And I do have my dream of all idol winners on stage in the Series Finale.  Will it all come to pass?  Time will tell!

For now, we have a job to do.  But, as previous years have dictated, I will not recap these pre-recorded shows.  Instead, this post will be available for discussion as we go through the auditions, Hollywood and maybe some of the semi-finals.  But once we get to the Top 12, 11, 10 whatever they deem the finals, I'll be back in my recapping glory!  One. Last. Time!

Hope to see you in the comments and I'll see you for the live shows!


Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me the name of the song & artist that was played in the background during Kerry Courtney's story that led into his audition (ie just prior to his audition during the show)?? I can't figure it out.

Leslie said...

I'm here with you, Mike! We saw a few familiar faces in the pre-auditions. Have to admit when that first girl named all the winners, I wondered what some of them have been doing! I'm glad it's ending with these 3 judges. Do you think Harry will get tased in Hollywood? Lol!

I don't know what they were thinking letting the off-the-grid girl through or the guy JLo described as a little scary which he was!

I don't see why your dream finale couldn't happen! Maybe even a song with all the runner-ups!

Leslie said...

Looks like we're gonna have some great contenders for the final season!

Mike V. said...

Wow...I had no idea anyone was commenting here. Sorry about that! :) Just saw Leslie's post today.

Leslie - Yeah it always seems like there is gonna be great talent then something happens when they get to those finals and it's not so great. Maybe they pull out their "greatest hits" of songs they can sing for the early rounds and then just can't keep up I dunno. I'll stay optimistic for the final season.

lol forgot about harry wanting to get tazed (sp) lol Good stuff.

There have been some questionable contestants get through, I'll agree with that but I can barely remember the contestants from yesterday! lol

Anonymous - Sorry I didn't see this question back on 1/7. I don't remember the song that played and don't have it recorded anymore. If you have it could you could always try using the SHAZAM app on a mobile device? Maybe you figured it out by now though.

I'll be sure to check in on comments more often now!

Leslie said...

Really, Mike, I was feeling all alone! Lol! There have certainly been some questionable contestants get through! Makes you wonder what they heard that I didn't! Glad the auditions are over, and we move onto Hollywood!

Mike V. said...

Sorry about that Leslie! I usually see emails when people post. I must've gotten a lot of spam those days. lol

Last night it felt like they saved a lot of the great contestants for that FINAL audition episode (sarcastic yet serious tear lol). There was a lot of potential shown. And some not so good ones. The one dude Lee let through the early rounds wasn't really that great. That said, I did like in this final season them showing a lot of the early rounds and it was a good idea to bring past winners in to judge there. It was interesting how they rotated all across the different locations all 3 weeks instead of staying in one spot for each episode (or 2 spots, one for each hour)

But I too am glad auditions are over even if we'll never see them again!

I meant to comment on my dream of all winners being on stage. I forget what I said in the actual post, but my only concern about this is that Kelly Clarkson is pregnant again and I think she's going to be VERY VERY due near the series finale. It would be a shame if she's not on that stage for the final episode. Especially if winners 2-14 ARE on that stage. lol

Leslie said...

Yeah, I noticed they flipped around with their locations this time. Even when they emphasized last night that the LAST contestant was coming in, he obviously wasn't really the last one because when he went out the door, there were a bunch of people still sitting there! All for dramatic effect, I'm sure!

I didn't think about that being the reason Kelly Clarkson wouldn't be there! Guess that's unavoidable! We know they can't even get all the FRIENDS cast together! Lol! Sidenote - I'm actually rewatching FRIENDS from the beginning while on the treadmill. It was so good early on! Saw the one yesterday where Chandler was "stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre! Cracked me up again!

Leslie said...

Yep, you said that like Chandler when you read it, didn't you? Lol!

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah that last contestant thing was so staged! But that's part of the charm/cheesiness that makes it idol. lol

Friends - Yeah that's the first episode I ever remember seeing of Friends and i was hooked immediately. We did a whole rewatch last year from January to October of the was awesome! We still can't get enough and keep watching the tivo recordings. :) Definitely helps pass the time on the treadmill....unfortunately, that's the time when I can watch my NEW shows lol Always gotta used closed captions so I can hear the damn thing! lol

Leslie said...

Well, we made it to the top 24! Definitely some great talent for this final season! Also, a couple of head scratchers, but you never really know until we get to the live shows! I saw that Kelly Clarkson is coming on to perform and be a guest judge.

Mike V. said...

There's always some head scratchers! lol But yeah...I guess that's the last non-recapped episode of Idol I'll ever watch (pending my availability)!

Did the Kelly thing get mentioned last night? The preview for next week got cut off so I wasn't sure. That's cool she'll be back...I figured she'd at least come back at some point during the show.

Something I didn't think about...if she hasn't had her baby yet, she may not be able to even go to LA for the finale...she'll be in her 3rd trimester and she lives in Nashville. lol

So early take on the contestants....I like the quirky girl, the pop star's daughter. I thought I liked the army mom's daughter but she had a shaky Hollywood week.

I do want a girl to win this final season...but I usually root for the girls!

I have a feeling that the little dude with the glasses and the guitar (ak how will I not call him Rick Moranis or George Stephanopolous all season?) will have a good shot at winning. He fits all the categories that strike with the speed voters. He's good...but it would be nice to have variety in the winners of the show. And end the way we began!

We'll see what happens.