Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol: Reverse Psychology It Is!

Ahh, gotta love the weeks when I can't get it wrong! In one way I picked Elliott, but on the other hand I also said I picked Elliott with Reverse Psychology in mind. And what was that objective you ask? Oh we all know! PARIS HAD TO GO!!!!

Bottom 2: Elliott, Paris (Oh it right this week!)
Eliminated: Paris Bennett 3.) Elliott 4.) Katharine 5.) Paris

Is it me or are people getting elminated off this show according to all of our plans? There has been no ULTIMATE SHOCKERS this season. One could argue Mandisa was a shocker, but she did have a god awful week when she got the boot. Now, we are left with 4 genuine singers. Not one of those 4 are someone you can really hate with a passion. I think, if anything, people have developed a hatred for Chris because they just don't feel like he is a deserving winner this year. Hey, I agree with that group. But we may have to face the fact that it just might happen. The crazy thing is, ANYTHING can happen. I mean all bets would say that Elliott would be next to go. Especially with Elvis Week coming up (we think...they are going to Memphis for a little workshop in Graceland. Hmmm I wonder if the Wednesday Results show will be when Elvis finally comes out of hiding and performs for America! We know he's still alive!!!) I don't know if Elliott quite has developed a charisma large enough to handle the KING. Then again, has Chris? Chris has that brooding quality that Elvis always had....but he's gonna have to let loose on that stage if he's gonna dance to the Jailhouse Rock.

So what does this mean? It means it's anyone's game. Last week we saw Katharine and Chris as a surefire Final 2. But Taylor bounced back and evened the playing field this week. Song selection WILL be key in the final rounds.....and WOOing the crowd is even more essential. Pretty exciting stuff!

Ok, so before I get out of here for the night, I just wanted to jot down some of the most ridiculously funny things that happened on tonight's results show.
  • Justin Guarini was there. Enough said
  • Paris said hi to everyone in the audience individually during her Prince performance and sounded absolutely awful singing! (yeah...i find this funny.....especially when it's topped off with Ryan dancing his white boy dance and carrying Paris's mic equipment!)
  • The crazy IDOL choir came out 3 weeks in advance for when they are truly needed. And not only did they come...but they brought some crazy flamboyant guy in a tanktop going crazy on stage!
  • The Idol Song - oh the Idol horrific that it was worth watching. The best part was watching Chris and Taylor trying to take the performance seriously. ahhh good times.
  • The judges spatting about poll percentages. Randy booing Simon every week (seriously??? dude you're lame!). Paula's dancing in support of Paris. The list goes on and on! but come on people....what was really the funniest thing? we have to say it again...
  • Justin Guarini was there.

And with that I'm off. See you next week where the King returns in the form of 4 amateurs who will attempt to end his post-humous career.

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