Wednesday, January 31, 2007

American Idol - Los Angeles Auditions

Slowly but surely we're getting there, the end of auditions. I guess they're really going to want us to tune into next Wednesday's "Best of the Rest" episode because they only showed us 3 people get in tonight of the 40 contestants they sent to Hollywood from Los Angeles (Yeah, seriously? "You're going to Hollywood" isn't a very big deal when you're already in L.A.!). Meanwhile the judges said that at least 4 from L.A. they could see making the finals. What gives?

So with Olivia Newton John Guest Judging, and Paula returning to her subdued state, we suffered through a majority of ridiculous auditions. Panthers were impersonated, Compton couples flirted with Simon and showed off their Grills, children of former Rat Pak Back-up singers showed that talent isn't always passed down in the genes, and we learned that dedicating 2 years of your life to winning American Idol is not recommended if you just can't sing. Of course, perhaps Randy and Paula teaching you how to sing like a star may even make you worse!

Maybe some of you out there shed a tear with Paula when 64 year old Sherman Pore came with his petition of 300 signatures to sing on Idol as he dedicated his performance to his recently deceased wife. A touching moment.

But you know me, I want to hear the talent. And there wasn't much to see tonight! But here's what they showed us:

  • Alaina Alexander - 24 - "Feeling Good" - I just did not see Simon's fascination with this girl at all. Poor Alaina had almost given up on singing, but she was going to give it one more chance. Her audition just didn't impress me at all. I guess she had a bit of a unique lower voice. But, I sided more with Randy on her pitch problems. And I just dropped my jaw when Simon gave his strong thumbs up. We'll see if him really really liking her translates into America really really liking her.
  • Brandon Rogers - 28 - "Always on My Mind" - This was the only guy I thought showed any top 12 potential. And yes, it's yet another BACKGROUND singer trying to become a Prime Time Player. He has backed Anastasia and Miss Aguilera herself and is frustrated that he has not had his own shot at stardom yet. Well, he has the likability factor and a good voice. Now he just has to show his versatility in Hollywood and beyond.
  • Brian Miller - 18 - "Change is Gonna Come" - Apparently, this guy was in season 5 also. Seems like a recurring theme this year. If he wasn't good enough last year, what makes him think this year will be any different? Randy, Olivia and Paula let him in based on the voice. Simon focused in on his "forgetableness." And it makes sense to me. But maybe America will get behind him just to spite Simon. It's happened before (Since I'm on good behavior right now, I won't name names!)

I think I'll go for a record. This may be my shortest Blog ever! Only 2 more Auditions left folks! We hit San Antonio next Tuesday and then Wednesday see more talent that the producers have been hiding from us. See you next week!


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Idol producers are considering replacing Paula with Courtney Love! What?!?

Unknown said...

The producers submitted a statement denying it yesterday. That would be the most bizarre thing! lol

Anonymous said...

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