Tuesday, February 06, 2007

American Idol - San Antonio Auditions

Ahhh Texas. Every time I hear Idol and Texas in the same sentence only one name comes to mind. That would be the one and only Kelly Clarkson! She may never have sang for the Mayor of Houston, but apparently that mayor doesn't have very good ears! (based on hearing Music Teacher Sandie Chavez's toneless and wordless performance of "Black Velvet") But we did see some good talent coming out of San Antonio, and probably some names you should get used to seeing a lot more.

There was also some decent comedy. Finally, they paid Homage to the "OTHER DOOR" gag that's been running throughout the auditions. You have to think they started locking that left door intentionally after the first city. We saw much of the judges uncontrollably laughing at bad auditions. While some may dig up controversy in the media (ugh...Rosie)....this is what the auditions are all about. If we are going to see bad auditions 6 seasons into this show, let's see the judges try to keep a straight face. That's when you know the contestants are actually trying their best and they just are plain awful. When the judges just stare at these OBVIOUS ACTS that come in the door...you know it's just the producers trying to liven up the show. At least we don't have to talk about these bad auditions much more this year.

Anyway, let's get this thing moving and talk about who is moving on to Hollywood!

  • Haley Scarnato - 24 -Well you gotta hand it to San Antonio, we definitely got some unique names out of them. Paula found Haley SUPER SEXY and loved her Hoochie Mama style. Well, she definitely was a good looking girl. Add in the good voice and you have a lethal combination. Add in some "okay" comments from Randy and Simon, and you have a set back. But I think the viewers will like this girl. I thought she pulled out a nice rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me." It's tough to match Carrie's audition in season 4, but I think it topped Constantine's performance (come on a dude singing that song? what a girl!) She'll have to step up her game from her usual Wedding Band gig, but I think she'll be up to the challenge.
  • Baylie Brown -16 - City Girl trapped in a Country Girl's body. It's a classic tale, isn't it? I thought her voice was decent, but seemed like she had no sense of rhythm. It'll be interesting to hear what she sounds like with backing music. Obviously, as Simon so bluntly put it, she's got the look and the personality and an OK voice. All the makings of a Pop Star and commercial with a capital "C." She may be one of our resident 16 year olds that will be with us in the top 12. You know one of the ones that will eventually be showcased on votefortheworst.com and we'll be wondering how she still is in the competition. Ahhh are you getting excited yet?
  • Akron Watson - 23 - otherwise known as Bruce Banner to his cousin's Incredible Hulk. He had a nice "SMOOTH" voice (thanks Paula) and won Simon over with his 2nd song "Let's Get it On." But I think it'll be tough for him to overcome his personality issues. But that NAME...gotta love that name! American Idol 2006 - AKRON! Yeah...I just don't see it. But maybe it's all elementary....what do you think WATSON?
  • Ashlyn Carr - 18 - Well if this girl can't get over her weird facial expressions (I mean WEIRD!) then she'll be always known for one thing. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. It is very rare when Simon is the only one that says yes to an audition. The other 2 idiots were bumbling around trying to figure out whether to send her to Hollywood or send her home. After painfully deciding NO, Simon declares he would've said yes. And then they realize they made a mistake? Don't they realize that we value their opinions even less now? Maybe it was offset by Simon stating "You have some very bad habits to break" contradicting himself as he was fondling his man breasts (as he always does!) Who knows? But still...the drama makes it all the more entertaining!
  • Jimmy McNeal - 23 - The Fun Ruben. Well, we needed another Ruben in our lives didn't we? I liked this guy. Well, I've always liked the song "Cupid" (and it always reminds me of that silly movie "Innerspace") Anyway, he's likable, has a great voice....and let's face it....we're due for someone like this to win again this year. So then, why couldn't it be Jimmy?

Well we've seen 7 cities now, have we all picked our favorites yet? I've yet to see anyone that truly blew me away. I'd like to see more of Sundance and the Sligh Guy, but I still question how they'll be able to adapt on theme nights. Of course, we need to get through Hollywood and the Top 24 before they have to worry about that. Well, if you haven't picked out anyone to root for yet, you have one more shot to see some more talent. Wednesday Night, they're going to show us who was edited out of the 7 cities (Good and Bad). So based on their recent track record...that probably means we'll see 5 more decent people. (22 Got in tonight, we saw 5 again)

And is anyone else out there like me that would rather watch the LOST Recap Special Wednesday night instead of this Idol Recap episode? Don't worry, I won't leave you strictly Idol fans stranded (EVEN THOUGH I SHOULD!) Just don't be expecting much substance!

Well, discuss away. Who are your favorites so far? Do you think this season is going to be a letdown? Or will someone unpredictable rise from the average talent we've seen so far? See you tomorrow! (AND WATCH LOST!)


Unknown said...

I like Haley...I thought she was better than Bailey. If my teeth were as big as Bailey's, I wouldn't be able to sing either! ;-)

Mike V. said...

well I'll admit when I misstate things. Apparently "I can't make you love me" isn't strictly a Bonnie Raitt song. Was covered by Prince, George Michael, Nancy Wilson, among others. And written by a random songwriting team lol


I still think Constantine is bizarre for singing it!

Unknown said...

He's just bizarre period!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I have to say I enjoy watching Simon and Randy trying not to laugh much more than some of the weirdos that audition. I don't have any favorites yet... I have to wait until they narrow it down a little more.

Mike V. said...

Was just reminded of 2 great things from Idol last night that I totally forgot to talk about and it all had to do with Jasmine's family.

A.) The sign that said "Jasine's 'ARE' American Idol"

B.) Go back to BRITISH!

My apologies for the oversight!

Mike V. said...

ugh...maybe I shouldn't talk...I can't even spell JASMINE! lol

Anonymous said...

I didn't even hear "GO BACK TO BRITISH!" lolololololol That is fantastic!!!