Friday, February 23, 2007

American Idol: I'd say 3 of 4 is pretty good!

Okay, so I found a chance to say a few words today. I mean, you gotta give me a little credit for being able to pinpoint 2 guys out of the 11 that should've been booted this week. The girls, okay I was giving the Philly girl a little more credit than she deserved, but by no means am I sad she's out of the competition. Here's who got ousted!

Girls: Nicole Tranquillo, Amy Krebs
Guys: Rudy Cardenas, Paul Kim

Good riddance to all of them! The best news of all of this? That's 10 extra minutes a night that we get to hear Ryan tell bad jokes as we continue our pursuit of 5 hours of Idol a week. So, did anyone else wait to watch the results show at midnight and fastforward through all of the excruciating performances? (I'm including and ranking Fantasia's at the top of excruciation...don't even know if that's a word!)

Not much else to talk about except our new curtain call song this year. Anyone recognize the voice on the song "HOME" that has replaced "Bad Day" as Idol's "let's make you feel better about going home by playing this song and in the meantime create another superstar" song? Yep, it's none other than Chris Daughtry and his band ......DAUGHTRY. We'll get to hear his lovely voice the rest of this season on results night. Maybe he'll even make a guest appearance with his 1st true love....Molly The Mic Stand. I miss him holding and squeezing his baby on stage so much. It's only a matter of time.

Until then, let's start dreaming up Diana Ross and Bon Jovi playlists...and some random 70's British Band that will be guiding our contestants this year (Was it something like Wally and the Frogpond Jamborees??? Yeah, I made that up but it sounded equally weird!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and gets lots of rest. We have some more awful performances and possibly a couple truly inpsired ones coming next week! See you then!

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Anonymous said...

Ditto on your thoughts about AI wearing on you. I'm watching because my wife does and thank God for my DVR. Fantasa looked almost as bad as she sounded. And what's up with the Michael Jackson wanna-be in the Top 4 of the guys?