Wednesday, February 07, 2007

American Idol - Rest of the Best

Okay well, I've already said this will be a short recap. My thoughts are elsewhere with LOST. And I think we're all tired of the auditions at this point. I'm ready for Hollywood! Here are the additional people we saw that made it through and some quick thoughts:

  • Tammy Gosnell - 29 - aka "The Lip Ring" Well she had a nice voice and sang "Whipping Post" pretty well. But I'm confused by the 29. I think you have to be 28 at the time of the audition to qualify. So does this mean she's 29 NOW? or did they make an exception? Do I really care? Not really!
  • Paul Kim - 25 - Wants to prove to people that all Asian people of the world are not like William Hung. Well he's off to a good start. Good voice, Hollywood ticket. We'll see how he does!
  • Gina Glocksen - 22 - 3rd time auditioning. 2nd time through to Hollywood. Simon says he likes her. But mainly because Gina is fascinated with him. There has to be a reason she didn't get far last time. So, we'll see.
  • Ashley Cleland - 17 - Roller Girl #2 - She wasn't that good, but she was better than Roller Girl #1, so they let her in.
  • Ebony Jointer - 23 - Roller Girl #3 - Very good. We may see more of this one.
  • Lakisha Jones - 26 - Mandisa 2.0 - Not too bad. She belted out some Aretha convincingly. And well she has a 3 year old daughter. Nothing melts Americans more than a little girl!

Can you tell I'm thrilled to be writing about this stuff? Enough already! The Auditions this year, on a whole, were horrific. Way too many episodes, and too much of the ol "Been there done that" If AI wants to keep dominating the ratings, they need to work on this section of the show a bit. I think people are getting tired of it. But then again, if the ratings continue to improve on a yearly basis, I don't know what's going to stop it! But, I've had enough with it. I don't think I can write about Auditions anymore! I warned you last year. I'm telling you again this year. It's just not worth it! We can just catch up next year when we hit the Top 24! lol (All empty threats...I know!)

Are we all excited to move on to Hollywood? These episodes are only slightly less painful than the auditions. But we're getting there folks! Soon enough we'll be talking about and and we'll be hearing about my bottom 3 picks, my wildcard picks and most BONUS WILDCARDS!

See you next week!

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