Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 13 Results

Well kids, looks like I found a few minutes for a little blurb.  I can always find time to pat myself on the back when I get things right!  This one really was no shocker, and even the bottom 3 wasn't too shocking.  So let's just get right to it!  THE ELIMINATED CONTESTANT IS....

 Farewell Miss Mini-Diva!


Eliminated: Ashton Jones
Bottom 3: Ashton Jones, Karen Rodriguez, Haley Reinhart
My Bottom 3: Ashton Jones, Karen Rodriguez, Naima Adedapo Bottom 3: Ashton Jones, Casey Abrams, Paul McDonald

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, right?  Ashton was the clear one to go across the board.  It was great watching the judges pretend to deliberate during her "SAVE" performance.  I really thought they'd get rid of that SHAM this year.  I even caught Ashton roll her eyes right before performing, and it seemed like none of the contestants were too sad to see her go DURING her performance either.   And if she acknowledged that she needed to choose better songs, why would she pick to sing the same Diana Ross song as her saving grace?  I think her heart wasn't in it and was ready to go.  Well, no love lost here Ashton!  CYA!

The rest of the episode was okay.  Diddy Dirty Money is a waste of existence.  Adam Lambert was okay.  I liked that he was toned down, but I wasn't too thrilled with his original song.  It wasn't awful though.  Seeing the Idol Mansion was fun although how about them all having to sleep in the same rooms? (girl's room and guy's room)   AWKWARD!!   Pretty cool pool table though.

The big question of the night though was, what is wrong with Casey Abrams??!?  This is the 2nd time he has had to go to the hospital since the live shows have begun.  Is this going to occur on a regular basis?  Maybe there will be more news on this tomorrow.  

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention it, the Idol Group song actually wasn't too bad!!  That may be the first time I ever said that.  You can't go wrong with singing some MJ tunes.  But, at times, it seemed like they ACTUALLY were singing and not lip synching a pre-recorded track.  

Most awkward moment of the night: When Jennifer Lopez told Haley that she sang well during the group song.  Haley just started talking and talking and talking about how much fun she had.  Meanwhile, Ryan was ready 5 minutes before to read the results.  Whew, painful.    

That's about all I have for tonight folks.  Top 12 next week.  Hopefully, they bring it better than they did this week or this whole return to Idol Blogging might get old, FAST!   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Ian said...

I kind of feel bad for Ashthon. She clearly was being hyped more than she deserved by the judges, and when reality hit she wasn't ready for it. I hope she keeps her head up in spite of not making it very far.

I'm disappointed they kept the Judges' Save as well. That thing's a useless gimmick that hasn't added anything worthwhile to the show. Remember that survey Idol had on its website after last season? One of the questions was how you felt about the Judges' Save, and I'm surprised the feedback apparently wasn't overwhelmingly negative.

Mike V. said...

I'm sure it was more the Pre-Taped shows hyping up Ashton more than the judges themselves. She has been pretty disappointing since the live shows have started, but I remember seeing some clips from Hollywood week that were showing here as a real contender. I don't feel that bad for her too. She seemed to have a bit of an attitude WHILST singing and when just standing there. It could be just her not knowing that she was giving off that vibe but I dunno.

I think I remember the survey. I think I participated on EW's survey's instead. But I'm sure the Judges's save was one that people wanted to get rid of. It's just so silly! It takes away from the SHOCKING ELIMINATIONS and people making sure the next week to vote for your favorites. Chris Daughtry and Tamyra Gray were always the most shocking to me. But it sure made for entertaining television. Not sure why they would want to soften that blow. Chris seems to be doing just fine for himself. And I think Tamyra is too. (even if she's not selling big records or anything)

Andrea C. Holland said...

Ashton's mom was Adam's waitress at Cracker Barrel on Thursday. Guess she wasn't there for Ashton's final show! They had a big banner with photos wishing her luck by the register.

Mike V. said...

Hey Andrea, kept forgetting to respond to this. That's pretty cool that Adam had a run-in with Ashton's mother. Hopefully he didn't share any of my comments on this blog! :-) j/k