Thursday, March 03, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 13 Revealed!

Okay, so I lied!  Looks like for at least THIS week I am doing a results show recap!  But there were performances so I feel like I kind of need to say something!  We had no idea how this episode was going to go down, but I gotta say that I am a fan of this format.  Sure, they drew it out as much as they could to get some additional ad dollars.  (Hey, if we need to watch additional half hours of Idol to keep shows like FRINGE on the air, bring it on!!)   But I just liked the idea of a 1 week sudden death semi-finals.  We have been theorizing for years on how the show could be improved.  The road from auditions to the Top 12 seemed to take forever.  I think we're a couple weeks earlier this season than usual and with a Top 13 instead.  Hey, it's a good compromise!   And do you know what the best part is?  I picked 8 of the Top 10 correctly AND 9 of my 10 got through!  Maybe, my threatening to retire has gotten me back on my game!  We'll see.  After the jump I'll reveal the TOP 13! 
Season 10 Top 13 Finalists  (my original picks in blue

Top 10 Vote Getters
  1. Scotty McCreary
  2. Lauren Alaina
  3. Pia Toscano
  4. Karen Rodriguez
  5. Jacob "Purple Shoes" Lusk
  6. Casey Abrams
  7. Thia Megia
  8. Paul McDonald
  9. Haley Reinhart
  10. James Durbin
3 Wildcards
  1. Ashton Jones
  2. Stefano Langone
  3. Naima Adedapo
Not a bad top 13 at all!  I couldn't imagine a top 10 without Scotty, Lauren, Pia, Jacob, Casey, Thia or Paul and all of them made it via the voters.  Great stuff!  There is a lot of talent in this competition and it's going to be one crazy ride to the finish.  Personally, I thought Ashton was the weakest of the 6 contestants that got one more shot.  She was flat the whole performance of "You're Gonna Love Me".   But, I figured she was a judges' favorite for awhile now.  No question after Stefano and Naima's performances that they belong there.  Stefano blew me away with "I Need You Now" and Naima's "For All We Know" was breathtaking too.   Though, it was sad to see Kendra not make it after her amazing rendition of "Georgia on My Mind".  No disrespect to Jovanny who brought back Jon Secada to America's collective memory, but I understand him not making it.  If he's going to bring the sappy ballads all of the time, it wouldn't be too exciting!  Though, he has inspired me to go find that box of CDs that didn't make the cut during my MASS iTunes ripping of years ago and find that Jon Secada CD of mine.  That dude was the bomb back when saying "was the bomb" was in style!!  

I also loved the interview clips they did with all of the contestants.  They managed to make every contestant except Clint "Tears" Jun Gamboa likable.  The dude was seriously hyper ventalating at his potential ousting?  I loved every second of it.  It was almost cathartic for what he did to poor Jaycee!  No sympathy from me for that dude!  I'm also happy to see that only one person I can't stand made the Top 13.  And, I have a feeling that James Durbin might grow on me a bit.  He doesn't seem as annoying as he did in the pre-taped shows.  But the scarf tail needs to go! 

Anyway, I'm not gonna ramble on and on here.  Just wanted to share my quick thoughts on the results!  Like I said before, usually Thursday nights is a heavy lineup of TV at Casa "V" so regular results show posts may not be a reality.  But, maybe if they're warranted I'll find a way to do it.  I have already found myself way more invested in season 10 than I ever thought I would be.  I guess that's one hearty "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" and "WELL DONE" to the American Idol producers for finding a way to keep the show relevant!  So that's all for now and really, I'll see you next week! 


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Nicole said...

Sub Kendra for Hailee or Karen, and I think it's the perfect top 13. I'm glad my 6 guys are in. And SO glad Clint and Jordan are out. I know I'll get no argument from you there!

Mike V. said...

Yep, forgot to comment on Haley and Karen getting in. I just don't understand the Karen thing. I can see how Haley may appeal to some people! Thrilled that Clint and Jordan are out!

Shanna said...

Just keep the Jon Secada unchecked when you sync my phone honey! ;-)

Mike V. said...

Don't be hatin on the Miami Sound Machine alum! I think eventually, the rhythm is going to get you too! :-)

Mary Ellen said...

Love that you are doing this again! I have not watched last nights show yet but have it on dvr! I think Julie is missing from the top 13? Didn't Jennifer say she could win? I need to watch! And I agree Clint had to go! He should not have made the top 24 b/c of what he did! And I don't get Ashton at all!

Mike V. said...

Hi Mary Ellen! I'm glad you're happy that I have resumed! I'm secretly a little happy about it myself. Just couldn't stay away!

Ashton definitely needs to pick some better tunes and bring a little less "diva" if she wants to succeed!

As for Julie, OUCH. I agree that she seemed to be more of a favorite before she totally bombed on Wednesday night. I mean, she was AWFUL! I don't think ANYONE has sung a Kelly Clarkson song on the show and lived to see another day. If you're comparing yourself to the original winner, you better have the goods or else time to pack your bags! I remember J-Lo really liking her in the auditions, but things change!

Mary Ellen said...

I LOVE Kelly clarkson! And agree Julie was bad but I liked her! And I did not think Ashton was good either'! I am def into this season!