Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 8 Perform

Hello American Idol fandom!  Well, it has been a week since Pia's ousting.  Is everyone over it?  I thought I was.  I even bought into Nigel Lythgoe telling America that he wasn't surprised by the ousting because he has seen the results week after week.  He knew Pia wasn't resonating with America.  Well, I'm sure the lack of personality helped, but I think there was a bit of "America assumed she was safe" going on.  And we can't forget the skewed voting system and "nice" judges that we all discussed last week either.   So, that was before the show that I thought I was over it.  Now, as I sit here after the show I can't help think that it is sorely missing someone with a WOW factor.  No one can deny her amazing vocals.  It explains why Interscope already nabbed her up with a record deal.  I couldn't help but roll my eyes and throw my hands in the air questioning the contestants and the judges on their song choices.  There were a couple stand-outs I guess but nothing that would make me run out and buy their albums.  So with that said, I'm already looking forward to tomorrow night when a TRUE Idol can take the stage and show them how it's done.  Kelly Clarkson will no doubt be singing her duet with Jason Aldean at the results show "Don't You Wanna Stay".  Anyway, I guess we have to pick someone to go home so I'll see what I can do.  But, just like what happened in the most recent seasons for me, I honestly don't care.  Bring on Movie Night and inexplicably more Will.I.Am!!!  (And go see RIO this weekend!)

The Recap
  1. Paul McDonald - "Old Time Rock N' Roll" from the movie Risky Business - Look out guys, Paul has a black version of that crazy suit too!  He sure had a good time up there didn't he?  I like Paul. I've made no secret of that over the weeks.  I love the song he chose also.  He had a good time up there and he was entertaining.  BUT, I couldn't help feeling it wasn't a good song choice.  There isn't much melody or lyrics.  And the melody and lyrics that do exist are repeated over and over again.  What does that really showcase besides him having a good time up there?  Yeah, I agreed with Randy that it could be a nice opening number for a concert.  And it WAS the opening song of the night.  But, will America remember Paul after the 7 performances that followed with THAT performance?  I just don't know. 
  2. Lauren Alaina - "The Climb" from The Hannah Montana Movie - You gotta love that Lauren was shocked that Jimmy told her she's a better singer than Miley Cyrus will ever be.  That's such a "duh" thing to say but it was hysterical that Lauren believes THAT little in herself.  Seriously, the girl has really dropped down on her self-confidence scale from the auditions.  I know I say it every week.  I'm not really even sure what the judges were praising in this performance.  Maybe the audio balance is different on TV than it is at the LIVE show.  Because, all I heard was the backup singers drowning her out during the big chorus moments and the big notes.  I could barely hear her hitting her high notes and that made me just think that she wasn't strong enough to handle it.  It also did her no favors for Will and Jimmy to be instructing her to steal Pia's votes and then have her vocals sound the way they did.  I think people still like Lauren but I don't know how much longer she can last on that alone.  But seriously, isn't a guy going to go home soon? 
  3. Stefano Langone - "End of the Road" from the movie Boomerang - If Simon was here, you KNOW he would have said something about the title of his song selection being very fitting for the performance.  Instead, we got Steven's nice "this isn't the End of the Road for you!" ha...ha... I don't know.  Was I in a bad mood or something tonight?  I mean, I guess he was good and you could tell he was putting his all into it, but I just wasn't wowed by his performance.  I thought it was all flare and no substance.  And of course there was the predictable high note that he hit where the band cut out to make it all the more dramatic and people just go crazy over it.  And that somehow is supposed to erase the minute of average singing that led up to it?  Come on!  Early on, I thought Stefano might be a sleeper in the competition.  I guess he might still be.  But, for now, I think it is just an inevitability that he will be going home.  If not this week, then some week before the finale.  So why wait? 
  4. Scotty McCreery - "I Cross My Heart" from the movie Pure Country -  I think Scotty would have done well with either of his song selections.  Hey, even if he's predictable he is just doing his thing up there.  I think his performances have gotten a little more polished over the week.  He seems to have grown some confidence too.  He's just up there singing and emoting and sounding all "COUNTRY"!   I did feel once again, though, that those backup singers were drowning him out.  And that's when I thought the mic levels may have been off and started to forgive Lauren.  Here's what I have to say about Scotty.  He's starting to make me a believer that his fans may carry him through straight to the end.  And, I think he is the only one that is GUARANTEED to be successful after his Idol run is over.  GUARANTEED!  Now that Pia has been forced out, I think I can see Scotty making it all the way to the finale.  I'm not really sure who else might stand in his way.  But we'll see!    Oh yeah, and he's still playing that flute every time he holds the microphone.  Gotta love it. 
  5. Casey Abrams - "Nature Boy" from the movie The Boy with Green Hair, Untamed Heart and Moulin Rouge and a couple others.  - I guess there is something to be said for going with your gut.  I love to see Casey strum that bass, but I have to say.  I just didn't get it this week.  And it's not just because it was Jazz.  I played in a jazz band for 8 years (high school, college) and loved it.  So, I get jazz.  And he really wanted to show off his bass playing this week.  Great Casey.  But you know you signed up for a singing competition, right?  The voice?  Not so great, save for a few moments at the end.  I didn't understand the standing ovation from EVERYONE, including the judges.  Steven Tyler looked like he had a childhood fantasy played out LIVE in front of him.  I dunno.  I just didn't get it at all.  The majority of the song I was just thinking "What The censored word is he doing out there!?!?!"  I may be in a minority or a majority.  I dunno.  But I didn't get it. 
  6. Haley Reinhart - "Call Me" from the movie American Gigolo - Well we must start by saying that Haley looked like the spitting image of a stained glass window tonight.  Nicely done Haley!  Way to bring some church into the place!  (ba dum ching)  Everyone who reads this knows I can't stand the cookie monster.  That being said, I thought this song was well suited for her voice.  Ironically, the judges decided to pick her as the scape goat for the night and lay all of the negative critiques on her.  Hey that's fine, get rid of one of the girls.  It's what America (errr teenage girl texters) is used to doing!  It wasn't awful, it wasn't great.  I just don't get why she got slammed for doing this when Stefano and Lauren and even Casey got praised for their performances.  I honestly didn't see much difference.  I guess one difference is Casey showed SOME talent on stage, just not much of his voice.   I'm not going to sit here and defend Haley though.  I would hate it if she won the whole show.  So, it's fine by me if America sends her packing.  Nothing really would shock me anymore.
  7. Jacob Lusk - "Bridge Over Troubled Water" from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness - Speaking of bringing some CHURCH in the house!  But before we get there, let me talk about the song choice on 2 levels.  First, Jacob was going to to "The Impossible Dream".   REALLY!?!?!?! Hey, I loved when Scott Bakula did it in Quantum Leap (when he leaped into an actor playing Don Quixote) just as much as the next sci-fi nut but American Idol!?  Of course, something tells me someone did it on Idol before, but whatever!  (Yup, Kelly Clarkson sang it with Diana DeGarmo and Craptasia and Ruben at the season 3 finale.  But Kelly can sing whatever she likes! Plus, it's not like they were competing with it).  Anyway, the fact that Jimmy Iovine had to pick this song out for Jacob kind of defeats the purpose of the contestant selecting a song doesn't it?  Not only that, but it was in the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!?!?   Isn't that a stretch of using the song as a MOVIE SONG?  The song existed WAY before this movie ever existed.  I dunno, seems like a stretch if you ask me but whatever.  I thought Jacob did pretty well on it.  How could he not?  It's a GOSPEL song as it is, and he went to Church with it.  Now, whether people's stomachs are strong enough to stand Jacob singing another Gospel-like song for another straight week.  And yes we can't forget Clay Aiken put his stamp on this song back in season 2.  That's another question.  And I really don't have the answers anymore, if I ever did.  
  8. James Durbin - "Heavy Metal" from Heavy Metal - Well, Idol just pulls out all of the stops for these FINAL numbers anymore don't they?  You have to wonder if the whole interview with Jimmy and Will with James sticking to his guns and not wavering on his song selection was all an ACT to go with James's "Rocker" vibe.  Nothing would surprise me anymore with this show that brings out a famous Metal guitarist Zakk Wylde (of Ozzy and Black Label Society fame) to rock out with James and put on a SPECTACLE for the final show of the night.  Hey, I'll be happy to admit that I am a Sammy Hagar supporter.  Yeah, mostly the Van Hagar (Halen) stuff over his solo stuff, but I like me some hard rock every now and then.  James really brought it and rocked the house.  I thought it was quite the performance and overall spectacle.  But, will America buy into the METAL on American Idol?  I guess a good performance is a good performance and whoever supports James probably will still support him after it.  If not more people.  If I were to choose a final 2 from what we've seen so far in the competition I'd say that it would HAVE to be Scotty vs. James in the end.  But, I'm not going to be naive enough to think that is what would happen or even if I'll care if that actually happens.  We'll just have to see.  
The Elimination Pick
Ugh, am I already burned out on the newly revamped Idol?  Well, it's not so revamped as we're starting to see.  The same problems still exist and so here I am complaining again.  Maybe you guys out there liked it more than me, I don't know.  But I seriously don't have the least bit of interest in picking someone to go home tonight.  So I'm just going to throw a wild guess out there.  We'll see what happens.

Safe?  Scotty, James 
Unsafe?  Everyone Else

Bottom 3: Haley Reinhart, Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina  Bonus: Paul McDonald  Double Bonus: Stefano

Elimination Pick: Jacob Lusk

I really have no idea.  It could be ANYONE.  So why not throw someone out there that no one thinks will be going home this week?  Haley got too much negative feedback for it to be her, right?  That will just make people vote for her more.  Especially since she was the ONLY one to get the negative feedback.  Stefano and Casey both got standing O's so I have to think maybe I'm in a minority on them.  Plus Stefano will get the sympathy vote for bottom 3 last week and Casey is still riding high on a judge's save (I guess).  It wouldn't surprise me if Lauren or Paul go home.   So that's all I got!  A whole bunch of uncertainty!   But, of course, if Jacob DOES go home, all you'll here is bragging from me!!  

Packed Thursday night of TV so I really doubt I'll have time for a FULL on blog posting, but I will post in the comments of this post with my reactions of the elimination show if I don't get that time for a new post.  So that's all I got!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you when I see you! 

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Anonymous said...

"Well we must start by saying that Haley looked like the spitting image of a stained glass window tonight." - I laughed so hard after reading that!

I love Haley, though I'm kind of looking forward for another girl to get the boot tomorrow night. And if a girl does go home tomorrow, it's most likely her than Lauren. I read somewhere that Scotty and Lauren are the shows' consistent highest vote-getters. 6 girls in a row? It's possible.

It would be nice to see Jacob Lusk get the boot though. I don't get him at all. I do agree with you, I also didn't get Casey tonight. Sure he's a true musician and artist, but his performance was just not suited for a "singing competition", if you can call Idol that.

Mike V. said...

Ugh, I had a message typed up, thought I'd copied it so I wouldn't lose it but the COPY didn't take! LOL

Anyway, thanks for the laughs anonymous!  I may have laughed a bit myself when typing it :-) lol

For the girls, I agree that Haley is probably more succeptible than Lauren for an elimination.  I forget who I chose as the bottom 3 already!  (and I know I could just look right now but I'm lazy!!)  Scotty, I know has been on the top of the dial idol charts since the beginning.  Almost like Taylor Hicks syndrome.  The man could do no wrong, though I think Scotty will see more success than Taylor after all is said and done.  Nashville is going to welcome him with open arms and big pockets!

Casey, totally agree on musicianship.  I respect him for sticking to his guns and doing his thing.  But the voice, it just aint cutting it for the competition.  I'm starting to think whatever good voice I THOUGHT he have, may not be there.  Even if it's meant to be should still be powerful.  I don't feel the power!

Jacob - I totally made a random call on this one.  But it would totally not surprise me if he went home.  I know people are tiring of him, so it could happen!

Joe Clarkson said...

Granted I'm bias because I'm a big fan, but I thought Lauren sounded great last night. I think (and hope)that Lauren and Scotty will go far in this competition. I completely agree with you when you said that Scotty will see more success than Taylor. The country market should be pretty receptive to those two.

I'm happy that you identified some concerns with Jacob. He seems to be losing it a little. In his interview before the performance, he seemed angry and standoffish. We'll see what happens with him. He's clearly talented, but it will be interesting to see if the public continues to support him.

I like her, but Haley is in serious trouble tonight. I did not think she sounded good at all. She's had two or three strong weeks, but I personally felt that this week's showcase mirrored those performances that landed her in the bottom three. I feel like song choice is so crucial for Haley, because she has such a unique voice, and I think she slipped up this week.

We'll see what happens tonight. After last week, it's tough to predict anything with serious certainty.

Ian said...

My internet went down last night, so I'm here at the library today to finally find out what the rest of the country thought about last night's show.

First of all, I am SO glad to know that the response to Casey has been mostly negative. From what I've seen, I don't think you're in the minority on this one, Mike. I didn't like Casey's performance (I know, nothing new), but I've found him mildly tolerable at times. Last night, that was just...jazz noodling. And he still can't sing. When they gave him a standing ovation I said it again: "No soap, radio!" The guy could take a dump on stage and the judges would love it. Ironically, in the pre-performance clip when he sang "In the Air Tonight" I actually (get this) thought he sounded somewhat good! Maybe (hopefully) America will assume he's safe, like they did with Pia last week, and send him home.

To be honest, no one blew me away last night. I voted for Scotty as usual, but I thought he had one of his weaker performances vocally.

I think Paul might be in real danger after going first. Even though the show was only 90 minutes, I'd all but forgotten him when they ran the recap at the end. I also think he made a bad song choice, because Bob Seger's voice is much richer than his, and by comparison he just sounded weak. It was the first time I thought Paul really laid an egg on stage.

Stefano gave it his best, but I just don't think he has what it takes to go much farther. Other than "You Really Got a Hold on Me," Haley's never impressed me, and last night was no different. Jacob sang well as he always does, but it was more of the same ol', same ol'.

Lauren did sing her song better than Miley Cyrus, but of course, that ain't saying much. It seemed like she was trying to scoop the notes (I hope that's the right term), but it didn't sound very good. It wasn't a total trainwreck, but I wouldn't consider it one of her better moments. Just for the record, when Jimmy Iovine told her she was a better singer than Miley, her response (if I recall correctly) was "don't say that!" It sounded to me like she knew she was better, she just didn't want to brag about it.

I guess the only one I haven't mentioned is James. I liked what he did, since I'm a fan of '80s-style hard rock. He's not the greatest singer in the world, but he owned the stage as always, so we viewers got our money's worth (well, time's worth, anyway). James seems like a contestant I should love, but for whatever reason I have a hard time connecting with him. Oh well. I see that like me, you think it's going to be a James-Scotty finale. I'm sticking with that prediction for the time being too, and honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Mike V. said...

@Joe - I always hope for the best with Lauren too but I think that's why I've been hard on her too.  She really needs to step out of her shell and be the person she was before.  

I didn't notice Jacob being angry or anything in the pre-performance clips, but I definitely don't think he'll be taking home any crowns this year.  Definitely a talent, but he's a bit much to take too!

I really wouldn't mind it if Haley went home.  And maybe there's a bit of reverse psychology going on by not picking her on my part :-)

@Ian - Sorry you lost your internet last night!   But I knew you'd be glad of the negative response to Casey! lol   Yeah, I definitely thought "In the Air Tonight" would have been a much better choice for him.  I don't know if it would have helped him any mroe in the long run though.  He could end up going home the way Pia did...I really have no idea who is going home tonight.   I still haven't checked dialidol today not that it really tells us anything anymore.  Agreed on Stefano, Haley, Jacob.  Although, not fitting into the theme of the song aside, I did think Haley was good on "bennie and the jets".   You could be right on lauren's response to Jimmy.  Her reaction just seemed to be like "OH MY GOD WHAT AN HONOR!" lol

Yeah, I'm the same way with James.  I feel like I should like him but he still gets a bit on my nerves.  But that shouldn't discount what he has done on the show so far.  He is the most deserving to be in the finale for now right along with Scotty.  We'll see if anyone else steps it up!

LoRo said...

I know that the judges were all about James, but he is probably my most hated contestant of the moment. I can get down with the rock & roll...I loved Daughtry and I could get down with Adam Lambert. James is just annoying and not as talented as either of the previously named contestants. Cool if you're different, but he makes it irritating. I don't think I will be fortunate enough for him to go this week (that would really make my night), but I don't think he will make it to the finale. When I called my mom after the show, the first thing she said after, "Why are you calling me when I'm voting," was "I cannot stand Durbin." She assured me that people her age would not be voting for him...I can only hope that she is right!

Bottom 3 Prediction: Haley, Paul, Casey

Mike V. said...

LoRo, I'm not a big fan of James's either as I've mentioned but he has been one of the most consistently "entertaining" on the stage.  I think he DOES have fans.  Maybe not enough fans to take down Scotty in the end but I just can't see who of the others would get more votes.  I guess Lauren could if people truly are voting for her because they like her and not based on her combined performance efforts.   But hey, I had Pia pegged for the what do I know? LOL  

Your bottom 3 is a good bottom 3 also.  It really could be anyone!

Laura said...

I just saw this posted about James... Crazy! Some of his issues connecting with people could be from his disabilities. He just moved up on my list!

American Idol 2011 – James Durbin
The San Francisco American Idol Season 10 Auditions brought us James Durbin, a 21-year-old married father of one who hails from Santa Cruz, CA. James has had a rough life, and it’s still hard, despite the blessings of his young child and his awesome wife, Heidi. Heidi leaves little notes of hope and encouragement all over their little house that say stuff like “I believe in my gift” and such. James calls her his angel.

When James was nine years old, his father died of a drug overdose. After that, James was diagnosed with Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndromes, which are variations of Autism. He’s unemployed right now, and they have a hard time buying diapers for their little kid. In fact, there is a current movement of people in Santa Cruz trying to raise money for the young couple, even though James can’t have any contact with the press or his friends during this part of the broadcast.

Mike V. said...

Hey Laura!  Thanks for the information.  All of that is a shame with James and I figured part of his "unusualness" was due to the Tourette's.  But, that being said (and it might be shallow of me to say), it doesn't really help me connect with him any more! lol   I think he's good and worth being in the finale, maybe even worth winning....but I'm not sure that would make me buy his albums!   I guess we'll see.   Anyway, here goes my results show recap!


So sad to see our buddy Paul go!  I did have a nagging feeling that that "Old Time Rock n' Roll" would come back to bite him.   Not to mention going first too.  He seemed like a really nice and cool guy.  And I actually may consider checking out his career if he puts out an album one of these days.  Good Luck Paul!  We'll miss you!  

But you know what?  There's something that has to be said about this group of kids.  They are a fun group of kids as a whole.  They all get along, they're all definitely talented and they're hysterical.  All of their messing around outside of the competition is a nice added element to the show this year.   And what really shows their bonds off are these group performances.  Ironically, Scotty and Lauren's was the weakest of the night with their Lady Antebellum take.  It pained me that Scotty wasn't hitting the harmonies right because I know them so well (but of course, I'm a freak so whatever! LOL)   They were good but they're also young.  The irony comes in with the fact that Scotty has a strong chance of winning the show and Lauren is appealing to the voters as well.  

But WOA....who saw that Casey and Haley performance coming?  I'd dare say that was flat out AMAZING!  It even made the judges feel like they had to judge.  I mean SERIOUSLY....why are they not putting that much effort into their competition songs?   It reminded me that Casey actually CAN sing when he wants to....and Haley's voice can be used right in an appropriate setting.    

And to top it all off the Simon & Garfunkel medley ("Sound of Silence" "Mrs. Robinson")  with James, Paul, Stefano and Jacob?   OUSTANDING.  The harmonies were perfect, the whole thing was perfect.   It made me think that this year's IDOL tour may actually be one that is worth going to.  How crazy is that!?!   Of course, I would never find myself anywhere near one of those.

Rihanna's "California King Bed" was actually pretty good.  I had just seen a duet with Jennifer Nettles during the Country Music Awards a couple weeks ago.   I don't mind Rihanna, she has some catchy tunes out there!  

But give it up to Jason Aldean and inaugural champ KELLY CLARKSON for performing their smash hit "Don't You Wanna Stay"!!!   It's always great to welcome Kelly back to the show.  Just her 10 seconds of banter with Ryan was hysterical and I wished we could have watched it for the whole night.   Who is with me with saying we need an American Idol reunion show!?!?!   When I mentioned that last night, my wife said "just Kelly and Carrie Underwood please!!"  I'm sure we could throw a few more in there but there is one I know I wouldn't want there.  Miss Craptasia!!!  

So that's it for the results show.  Haley lives to fight another day.  As does Stefano.   It's really no shocker to see Paul go, just sad because he was so likable.  Onto next week with the Top 7.  Everyone better be on their game!  

Ian said...

I didn't pay very close attention during the duets, but you're not the first person to rave about Casey and Haley. They didn't sound any different to me than they normally do, but what do I know? I was playing NBA Jam on my laptop. I thought Scotty and Lauren sounded fine. Even though I like the cheesy group numbers, these duets are a fine alternative. I like it when our Idols get to be front and center doing their thing instead of us having to sit through another crappy promotion.

It annoyed me the degree to which they played to Casey during the results show (yes, sorry, another Casey rant). When Rob Reiner came out to mentor them (or whatever it was he did), he asked for questions and the only one they showed was from Casey. During the results they randomly showed a shot of Casey on the couches, as if all of America was dying to know his reaction. It just feels like they're trying to shove him down our throats and I'm sick of it.

I'm sorry to see Paul go too, but he wasn't going to win anyway. The only remaining contestants I see as possibly winning are Lauren, Scotty and James.

Mike V. said...

Ian - yeah, Casey and Haley were really good last night. I was rolling my eyes when they started but I just kept listening and found myself taken aback...and saying "why don't they perform like this normally!?!?!" lol Scotty and Lauren did sound fine. Like I said, I was just nitpicking because I know the song so well. I listen to those Lady A songs and can pick out the harmony lines like it's nobody's business. (you know for karaoke duets with the Mrs. lol) I sure hope you aren't referring to Kelly and Jason Aldean coming back as a promotion!! lol One thing I do like the show doing is bringing back the Idol alums to promote their material and catch up on what they've been up to. The problem is in their choice of who they decide to bring back. Any time Kelly and Carrie come on the TV, you can be sure I'll be thrilled! But Rihanna, yeah that has nothing to do with anything, but at least she can sing and her music is fairly decent.
As for Casey in the Rob Reiner session. It's funny that we interpreted that 2 different ways. You see it as Idol focusing on Casey. I saw it as saying "hmmm...these kids must have asked some dumb questions and Casey's was the only one worth airing...even though it was pretty dumb too!" LOL So, I guess it's all how you look at it.
Yeah...Lauren, Scotty, James. I really think if Lauren can step up her act she COULD win it. But in recent weeks I've just been feeling "BLAH" with her performances. She definitely is popular enough to get the votes I would think. Agreed that everyone else is just filler at this point. But we'll see!

Ian said...

Well OK, maybe I should clarify. Kelly and Jason Aldean was an instance of a good promotion. I watch American Idol because I love music, and seeing performers who can actually sing is the whole reason I tune in. Stuff like Rihanna, or filler segments that only exist to pimp some new movie or give face time to various famous people don't appeal to me.

As for Lauren, I don't think she's likely to win either, but besides Scotty and James she's the only one I think has an outside shot.

Mike V. said...

I figured that's what you meant Ian. It's ridiculous that year after year that had stated they were going to get back to doing half hour results shows, but now 1 hour has become the standard so that they can bring in all of these Top 40 artists and help promote their music.

I think it was fine for the finales, but EVERY WEEK? Come on!

But if making it an hour is what gives them a chance to bring back Idol alums? I'm fine with that. I fast forward through the commercials anyway (besides the ridiculous amount of product placements within the show lol)

Nicole said...

So, something's been wrong with my cookies and I have been able to post on blogs this week - what gives? Anyway, here's what I typed up on Wednesday night...

I completely disagree on Casey. I loved it. I love that he has power in his voice, but knows how to put it away in favor of a sensitive voice. Probably my favorite of the night.

I loved Paul, too, for the same reasons as you. Not because the performance was that great, but because I love Paul.

Jacob was the other good one. But Simon and Garfunkel being in my top 3 faves of all time, anyone singing that song starts off with a black mark from me. And he wasn't able to entirely erase that mark. There's just nothing like listening to Art Garfunkel's sweet voice sailing on that song. It literally makes me weep, and I'm not a weepy chick.

Scotty was TERRIBLE. And for a brief shining moment, I thought the judges were going to agree with me. They weren't applauding at the end and had their mad faces on. Boy was I wrong. Ugh. Something was completely off in his performace between him, the band, and the backups. Both in timing and pitch. I have nothing else to say about anyone else. All mediocre. I predict Haley's going home.

And... I just remember to copy my comment :)

Nicole said...

And... my thoughts on the results. I'm upset, obviously. Paul was what was making the show good for me. Oh well. I knew he wasn't the type that was going to get the en masse votes.

It was, however, my favorite results night ever! I thought the contestants were funny, even the Ford commercial, which I normally speed through. I thought ALL of the group sounds were better than any one of the Wednesday night performances. I wasn't as judgmental of the Simon and Garkunkel as I was on Wednesday... I thought it was good. And Casey and Haley were FAB! You know, the rumor is that they're coupling...

I feel like Casey's the only one left for me to watch, with the occasional week when I like Jacob or Durbin. Durbin still hasn't come close to his performance of that Paul McCartney song. I'm hoping he can get good again. I'm pretty sure the finale will be Durbin and Scotty. At least I'll have something to laugh at (Alfred E. Newman playing the flute).

Mike V. said...

Hey Nicole, sorry you had issues posting comments the past few days. I have that issue at work sometimes. They have restrictions set up in our internet explorer browser that sometimes doesn't allow the comments page to appear. so, i'll type up a comment, email it to my phone and post from there LOL. Crazy.

Anyway, pretty crazy how we had so many differences of opinion from Tuesday night. That's cool that you liked Casey's performance. I wanted to like it, but I thought it just was missing something. He totally redeemed himself on Wednesday though. Obviously, I didn't think Scotty was too bad on Tuesday anyway. I know he's not the strongest singer in the competition but he does have a certain confidence and charm about him that is going to take him far. Plus, the LOW voice...we all know that voice makes the young girls swoon! lol But, I know you get that too since you think he'll be in the finale also.

Next week is Songs from the 21st Century. Look comes some Josh Turner! LOL It will be interesting to see what "more recent" songs these kids pick.