Thursday, April 07, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Top 9 Results, Officially Shocked

It figures, once I write off writing results show recaps, the most ridiculous results show in Idol History has to happen!  Yes, we have had shockers before but they have come in the top 5 or top 4 when a huge favorite to win is ousted.  But never.....NEVER has the truly best singer in the competition with the most commercial appeal get ousted in the top 9.  NEVER!  Yes, I had her pegged for the top 2, top 3 at least.  And she is out of here.  It's one of those eliminations that make me wonder again "why is this show worth watching?"  I just don't have an answer for you guys yet.  But, I do have a pretty solid theory on what the problem is.  And if you stay tuned after the jump, I'll get right into it.  Ladies and gentlemen, click on to see our ousted contestant.

Eliminated: Pia Toscano
Bottom 3: Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, Pia Toscano
My Bottom 3: Stefano, Lauren, Haley Bottom 3: Stefano, Jacob, Paul

Not to mention that dialidol ALSO had Pia in the Top 3 of the night.  So...WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED!?!?!?   This makes no sense, right?  The judges were in complete shock, right?  They were crying, right?   Well, they have no one to blame but themselves.  I absolutely blame this on the new judging panel.   I'm not going to go out and say that America, as a whole, are stupid.  But clearly they do need some legit guidance.  And this crop of judges, while entertaining, do not possess a voice of reason.  Someone that everyone waits to hear their final word on a performance.  Hey, maybe even if Simon critiqued Pia and said what she needed to work on, it would have gotten voters in her corner last night.

Something is off.  And praising Stefano and Haley for the same crap they always do is just not helping anybody.  It has been week after week of praising contestants.  And don't get me started on the Judges Save.  The concept is ridiculous as it is.  I mentioned in the comments this morning that I feel it is just a plot to squeeze another 2 hour episode of American Idol out before they get to a manageable level of contestants.  They griped so much about how they lost Chris Daughtry and Tamyra Gray in previous seasons.  Guess what?  TOP 5, TOP 4!   Not TOP 11!!!  11????   Hey, Casey was shocking, I'll give them that.  But wouldn't the ultimate shocker have been if Pia was let go?   Guess what kids?  She's gone!  No save the show is screwed!

They have a real issue with that judging panel, and I hope this is a wake up call to them.  But I'm thinking it's way too late now.   This was supposed to be the season where they found another superstar.  Someone actually deserving of the title, "American Idol".    Really, who is left that deserves that title?

  • Jacob?  No sireebob.  He won't be marketable to the masses. 
  • James? Maybe, but I don't know if I can consistently eat the food he's dishing out.  And there is that screech.  ugh
  • Stefano? I thought he might be a sleeper at one point, but he is regurgitating the same kind of tunes each week.  If he started mixing things up, I might be able to get behind him.
  • Casey?  I like him, but the WINNER?  I just can't see it.  And he definitely wouldn't be a superstar.  He'd have his niche group of fans.  And maybe he'd appear on a Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show to sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" one day. (you may have to put a little time to get that reference!) 
  • Haley?  God I hope not
  • Lauren?  Well, she would seem to be the most marketable of what's left, right?  But she's just too darn young.  She had a spark in the auditions and even though I rolled my eyes at it, it's what made her somewhat appealing.  She needs to get it back.  But, I don't have high hopes for it.  Maybe if she realizes that Pia is gone and she might actually have a shot at this, she'll gain some confidence. 
  • Paul?  Hey, I'd love it if Paul got his mojo back and kept the ball rolling all the way to the crown.  That would be awesome.  But, superstar?  I just don't see it. 
  • Scotty? It seems more likely now that Scotty will be riding the popularity train for a longer time.   And it helps that he's a likable dude.  And his first album will sell like hotcakes on the country charts win or lose.  But longevity?  We'll see.
That's it folks.  One of those people will be the next Idol.  No Pia.  No Iggy Pop (Did anyone else think he was going to die on stage?  Most equally awkward and creepy performance on Idol ever.)   No Constantine (I'll admit it, I fast forwarded).  Now, Pia wasn't without her flaws and I looked forward to watching her grow in the competition and at least keep things interesting.   Right now?  I don't know what's interesting of the remaining 8 that will keep me hooked.  But that makes for a very important episode next week.  Someone is going to have to rise from the ashes of a Pia-less American Idol and claim the spot as FAVORITE.  

It's a whole new ballgame folks.  We start all over next week.  I look forward to hearing everyone else's thoughts/feelings on this elimination night.  But for now, I'm done!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Em said...

really??? PIA out???
What is america thinking?
Sincerely, because they want to break records and records of votes, this system is completely wrong.
somehow, they got to change the rules, like combining judges points with public votes, like Dancing with the Stars.
Of course, the judges should be more judgemental too. Be nice and make good comments only to all, doesnt help at all.

Anonymous said...

I love that the judges are all in agony coz of what they just witnessed. They are all useless anyway.

The girls are dropping like flies. Honestly, it's pretty fun to watch. Looks like Idol is really going down. I'm guessing no more AI11? They're still number 1 though even if the rating are down.

That was a real shocker! I didn't want to believe myself at first, but when Ryan announced that Pia was in the bottom 3, I just knew she'd be the one to leave. I wasn't sad about it because she's not really my favorite. I like Thia's voice more that her's. But I thought she could've at least make the top 5 easy. Guess I was wrong.

Ian said...

Here are my thoughts on tonight's episode:

While I oppose the Judges' Save in principle, if you have to have it, it should be for an elimination like this one. If they hadn't wasted it on Casey, they could've saved her. Of course, if they'd let Casey go, either Naima or Thia (or possibly both) would've been in the competition this week, so Pia likely would have been safe!

I totally agree with you on the judges too. They have to get real with the contestants and stop overpraising them. Who'd have thought Haley Reinhart of all people would outlast Pia?

All five eliminated finalists this season have been female. Mike, I hate to say it, but I think it's clear that there are fewer and fewer of us straight men watching this show. I highly doubt there'll ever be another female winner. If Crystal Bowersox couldn't beat Lee DeWyze last year, I think any future woman who auditions ought to accept up front that she has no chance of winning.

You didn't miss anything with Constantine. If you have any nagging regrets about fast-forwarding through him, don't. And Iggy Pop? That's definitely one of the odder performer choices we've seen on this show.

I'm liking Scotty's chances of winning more each week. He always ranks high on DialIdol, he has yet to make the Bottom 3, and while done of his performances have been of the "blow you away" variety, none have been anything close to a trainwreck either. He's been my "horse" for most of the competition, and I'm starting to think he has a shot at the finale. DialIdol has a poll this week about who you want to win, and it's currently a three-way tie for first between Scotty, James and Pia (though I think some people are voting for Pia now just to mess with the results). I called James the frontrunner last week, and I stand by that prediction. I'm calling it now: James vs. Scotty in the finale.

Not to go on too long about Scotty, but did you notice him during the dumb Russell Brand segment? While the other Idols were laughing it up, Scotty was kind of sitting there looking unimpressed. Since I consider Russell Brand a talentless d-bag, Scotty earned a few extra "you're me out there" points. I think he might be the smartest one in the competition.

spin doc said...

Somebody out there is voting like made for Stefano

Mike V. said...

@Sweetie - yeah, you bring up a good point with the voting system. I'm sure the Facebook vote is altering how things get done this year. plus the text vote has always given an unfair advantage. I really don't care if 10 million vs. 50 million vote as long as the votes count for the right people!

@Anonymous - It would be a dream if AI just ended next year wouldn't it? lol But they'll milk this thing to the end! As long as they're pulling in double digit the largest ratings on television (maybe even competitive ratings with other shows) Idol isn't going anywhere. Yeah, once we saw Pia in that bottom 3, we knew things looked kinda suspicious!

@Ian - All good points on the Judges' save and using it on Casey. Very true that Pia probably would have lasted longer if they had saved it. ironic! lol

You bring up a good point that I always forget about until the top 3 or 2. The Hetero Male vote. lol I will disagree with one point. You don't get to 22 million a week without some straight people in there watching the show. But they're probably watching with their wives, girlfriends and daughters that MAKE them watch with them. And they are really not going to be the people that keep obsessively voting for their favorite. So in that respect, it makes sense that Pia didn't get the votes. And I have to say. It's not like I voted for Pia either. I just assumed she was safe. I voted for Paul because I thought he was more in danger and I liked what he did this week. The whole thing is flawed.

I think the trifecta between the "Ultra Praising Judging Panel", the Voting system, and the skewed female audience is really screwing up this show. We all hit it on the head! lol

It IS pretty hysterical that the girls are dropping like flies. There are 2 girls left with the boys club. WHAT? That's insane.

BTW..totally agree on Russell Brand, and I also agree that Scotty's chances have majorly increased with Pia out of the competition. Whether that's right, wrong or whatever...he could possibly win. And at least he's a likable kid!

@Spin Doc - I'd agree with you on Stefano if he wasn't in the bottom 3! lol (possibly bottom 2) People must have not been voting TOO Crazily for him. Just a little bit more than Pia. We'll just have to see what happens next.

They already reeled me back for next week though with the announcement of KELLY CLARKSON on the results show!! (she's doing her fabulous duet with Jason Aldean) Rihanna will be there too. And for Tuesday Night? Songs from the Movies. Get ready for more ballads!! ::) (that's me rolling my eyes btw)

Nicole said...

Remember when I said during the top 24 something like that this year was all about the guys and I'd be fine with sending all the girls home? Well, apparently America agrees. Pia was the one girl I wouldn't send home. But, really, I don't give a hoot about her either. Like you've said, she's just a Celine knockoff. She's totally booooooooring. So, I'm glad the save was used on Casey and not her. Casey and Paul are the only ones that are even keeping me watching.

You are 100% right about the judges. The ONE criticism of the night was Randy saying that Stefano was "a little jerky" at the beginning. Ugh. Simon would point out Haley's cookie monster problem (and probably tell her to tone down the skank). Simon would let America know that Lauren Alaina is probably great at her high school's variety show, but that's about it. Simon would point out that Scotty is flat-out ridiculous. Simon would say that James is a great performer with a mediocre voice, at best. I could go on... Grrrrr!

And Ian is also 100% right about the demographic of voters. How long has it been since a woman won the show? The teeny-bopper girls' text vote runs the show now.

The only good news for me this week was the awesomeness of Paul. I want to go see that guy in concert when this is all over. I disagree about him not being superstar material. I think he TOTALLY is. The guy'll be the front man for some awesome band, something similar to Maroon 5. He is so different that he makes everything his own the second he opens his mouth.

I also liked Jacob and Casey this week. I didn't like anyone else. How disappointing. What a waste of rock n roll week.

Mike V. said...

@Nicole - Yes I do remember your comments. I don't know though. I still think this is displaying an overall flaw with the voting system. Just looking at the winner of the show the past 3 years would go to show that. Cook, Allen, Dewyze. I liked Cook winning, I liked Allen winning but it was because I despised their competitors. It's really hard to ignore the trend and who they appeal to. And it's hard to ignore the fact that TEXTING and TEXT VOTING became much more
prevalent during these years too.

Yep, the show is definitely missing Simon. Even if it's a contestant that people like, the hard truth sometimes needs to be heard. We are hearing a bunch of LOVE up there. It's time to get real.

Apparently, you understand the whole teenage girl texting issue too so my comment above is redundant :-) lol

I hope you're right on Paul and I'm just a little short-sighted when it comes to seeing him become a star. I'd love to see a Paul McDonald concert. Speaking of Maroon 5, that might be a good idea for him to cover one of their songs on an applicable Idol night.

Agreed it was a waste of a "ROCK" week.

Joe Clarkson said...

I knew that it would be a crazy week, but I definitely didn't see this one coming. It was be extremely interesting to see how the contestants AND the judges react this week.

Pia wasn't my favorite, but it was tough watching her when Ryan told her that she was going home. She had no idea that it was coming. It'll be interesting to see what's in her future.