Thursday, November 10, 2011

X-Factor: Final 11 Perform

Hello all!   Still don't know if anyone is reading these things and I'm very pressed for time today so I think this will be an even quicker recap with my elimination pick as well.  (I'm 1 for 1 with X-Factor elimination picks!  Probably should quit while I'm ahead.)   Here we go!

Overall, I thought it was a pretty ho-hum movie themed night.  It's probably because I was too busy watching the CMA Awards to actually focus on the show.  (We'd watch 1 X-Factor performance during each CMA commercial break and sometimes skip the pre-clips and judges long-winded commentary)   There really was only one person that blew me away and a few decent performances.  Then there were the rest.   I'll try and categorize then below.

  • Rachel Crow - She really sang the hell out of that Etta James tune.  Maybe I bought into the whole pizazz these shows always put into the final performance of the night, but I thought she was really good.  And on a ho-hum night, that's enough for me!
The Decent
  • Marcus Canty - Much better than last week.  Less dancing, more singing.  He has a really good voice.
  • Drew Ryniewicz - She's still a frontrunner and she definitely sang great.  I love Coldplay's "Fix You" but I'm with L.A.   I didn't see how this was any different than her other performances.  It was almost laughable when Simon said she's taking a risk this week and then you hear the opening notes of a Coldplay tune.  We need to see a different side of Drew.  Love that Paula had to eat her words when commenting on her self-made dress too (she thought Simon picked it.  Classic)
  • Leroy Bell - I had counted Leroy out after last week, and I doubt he'll be winning this thing still.  But his performance of "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" was pretty darn great!  So much better than the other stuff he's been singing.  The difference?  He picked it and Nicole didn't.  If he keeps doing that, he'll be better off.
  • Astro - His new lyrics to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" were awesome once again.  The dude is definitely skilled in writing some great little rap riffs.  Even throwing in a salute to Joe Frazier was great in it too.  I still think we'll tire of this eventually, but when he gets songs with such a great backing track like "Lose Yourself" it's tough not to be into it.   But, I thought the additional tributes to Heavy D and Joe Frazier again at the end of the performance was a little much.
  • Melanie Amaro - Love "Man in the Mirror" and she sang it great.  I feel like it's everyone's Go To song on these talent shows now so it's losing its power on me.  Again, impossible for her not to be a frontrunner too.  But, I'd like to see something else out of Melanie as well.
  • Josh Kracjcik - MAYBE, just maybe he performed the Beatles Classic with a little TOO much Joe Cocker in his performance.  It almost felt copycat and inferior to the original.   He is still great though, so I'm sure he'll have a chance to bounce back.
  • Chris Rene - So, I guess L.A. Reid is just getting all his people to write their own lyrics to rap tunes now?  He changed up "Gangster's Paradise" to something else I couldn't really understand.  But he definitely felt more at home on this tune than in his previous live performances.  He even threw a "Young Homey" shout-out in the song for good measure.  Definitely an improvement.
Okay but not Great
  • Lakoda Rayne - Ironically, on the same night that Keith Urban is paying tribute to a classic country artist on the CMA awards he's been classified by Paula Abdul as POP COUNTRY as they perform "Somebody Like You".   Even more confusing, the clips show L.A. trying to figure out who they are asking if they're Pop or Country and then his critique tonight of the Pop Country song said that they finally figured out who they are.  huh!?!   Decent harmonies for the most part, but I don't really remember much of the performance.  It's a shame for Paula getting stuck with the groups but I really think they're the weakest link on this show.
  • Stereo Hogzz - "Aint No Other Man" -  REALLY!?!?!?!  The song is designed to be sung by a woman.  Christina Aguilera of all people.  And L.A. never heard the song?  Really?   I dunno, great choreography no doubt.  But, the vocal performance just didn't stand out that much to me. 
Awful and Always Will be
  • Stacy Francis - Off Pitch the entire time and wearing some reject from Britney Spears "Oops I Did it Again" music video.  And what was up with her whole dancing in the cage thing?  She's not supposed to be that type of artist is she?  So bizarre.  The only props she can get is that she thankfully didn't sing "I Will Always Love You" from The Bodyguard.  She would have gotten a longer paragraph here instead!
Elimination Pick
So, it really could be anyone going home tonight but I still think the groups are the weak links. 

My call for the Bottom 2 are Lakoda Rayne and Stereo Hogzz once again.   And I'm guessing Paula will pick the Hogzz to go home since it's their 2nd time there.

We'll see what happens!  That's all I have for this week.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and maybe I'll see you next week!

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