Thursday, November 03, 2011

X-Factor: Final 12 Perform

Hello X-factorists!  So the live show last night was a mix of some really good performances, some average performances, and some cringeworthy performances.  I don't have a lot of time so I'm gonna break this down really quickly and somehow pick who is going to go home by the end (which is still a little confusing how this will work on a week to week basis).
The Awesome
  1. Melanie Amaro - Naturally, we all need to get past the fact that Simon rigged her original ousting for TV spectacle.  Her voice is unmatched.  She's amazing.  She can sing anything and proved that on "Desperado".  Of course, I'm not sure how that is really a stretch from doing a Mariah, Whitney, whatever song.  Yes, it's not originally a Diva song, but I's "Desperado"!   One of the best songs ever written!  She's amazing and definitely a contender to the end.
  2. Drew Ryniewicz (or just Drew) - She sang a song by a rap artist and she sang it good. REAAAL good.  That's all that needs to be said.  Where Melanie's voice is pitch perfect and powerful, Drew's is ominous, emotionally scarred (at 14?? wowza) and mezmerizing.  If possible, this competition could basically be between these 2 girls but I'm not sure how the eliminations are going to work each week. (Does 1 contender from each judge need to be there for the finale?)     
  3. Josh Krajcik - Performed Chrisina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" and it it oh so good.  Love this guy too.  I think he's in this for a long haul as well.
  4. Astro - So I think we know what he's going to do every week.  Take a popular Hip Hop song, keep the refrain but write/freestyle new verses.  For now, I'm still hooked on it.  This kid is very entertaining.  Will it eventually get redundant?  Maybe, but for now, I still put him up top.  Hip Hop Hooraaaay! Get yo Freak on, Astro!

The Good
  1. Rachel Crow - The girl is really good, don't get me wrong.  She belongs in the "really good" category.  But I didn't really get this performance of "Waking on Sunshine" with modified lyrics.  Simon called it being inventive.  Maybe and I'd always take his ridiculous excuses over Nicole's logic.  But it still didn't work for me.  Rachel's voice is fantastic though and people love her.  She'll be fine!
  2. Leroy Bell - I like Leroy.  The dude has some mad skills.  Of course, his talent is being wasted by awful song choices from Nicole.  Seriously?  LONESTAR???  Anyway, I don't think he was ever going to win this thing, but it wouldn't be a top 12 without him. 
  3. Lakoda Rayne - I can take or leave these girls.  I'm not going to argue about how the dresses looked like Simon did.  It was very vibrant in HD!  Their harmonies are very good.  But, this week they just seemed a little bland.  Beautiful sounding, but bland.  I think they have a little more in them, and I'm sure they'll have another week to show that.
  4. Stereo Hogzz - For the choreography alone (kudos Paula), these guys were awesome.  Again, great harmonies and group vocals.  But their lead singer guy?  Can you say "major pitch problems"??  Cringe-inducing!  I also wonder if they got their Rhythm Nation inspiration from Tiah Tolliver's performance last week (what are the odds that I'd randomly mention that tune last week and then they perform the song this week?)

The Not So Good
  1. Marcus Canty - This guy is fun and all with his dance moves, but I felt the whole performance was a mess.  A whole lot going on, but not very memorable outside of that!
  2. Chris Rene - Oh Chris, whappened to you young homey?  I know he has legions of fans so he'll probably be safe.  But this is 2 weeks in a row where he turned in a sub-par performance.  I thought he started off pretty well with his rendition of "Superstar" but he lost it when the band came in.  Ironically, Simon felt the opposite. 
  3. Intensity - So, they don't want to be considered "Disney" eh?  Yeah, throw some little kid non-Astro rap in there.  That'll butch it up!  In fact, the harder they try not to be typecast, the more they are!  This whole performance screams High School Musical and I've never seen a minute of any of those movies!  I'm sure they'll have fans out there amongst the kiddies and tweens, but it's all just a little bit too much for me!
  4. Stacy Francis - Ugh.  REALLY!?!?!?  Why do people like this sob story?  Do people out there really buy into all of the drama?  (aka as Nicole put it..."what she's been through")  The only thing I can say about her voice is that it's powerful.  But a powerful voice does not make a vocal "IN TUNE".   And I would say about .01% of her performance was on key.   Yet, she gets standing ovations in LIVE audience, and people at home shaking their heads in disbelief at home because that's what the X-Factor wants us to believe.   I love Patty Griffin's "Up to the Mountain".   I first became aware of the song when Kelly Clarkson sang it on Idol Gives back 1.0.  I've heard Patty's original rendition as well.  It's totally obvious that Stacy attempted to perform Kelly's rendition with her phrasing and alternate note options NOTE FOR NOTE!   And Kelly did it so much better.   Haunting, not overdone and just flat out awesome.   People should know by now that if they want a good review from me, they should never try to imitate Miss Clarkson!

Of course, there are people out there that buy into the whole Stacy mess and I fear she'll be around for quite some time.  So don't fret everyone, she's safe for now!  I can barely keep the tears of joy from streaming down my face.

So that's all I have.  Look at that, I finally was brief!  So, I have no idea how eliminations will work.  I did the math.  The finale is supposed to be December 22nd.  If one went home each week until then, we'd still have 4 contestants left.  So, I'm wondering if each judge has to have 1 contestant left.  So, say a group goes home this week.  Does that mean that no group can go home next week and they're safe for 3 weeks or something?   I just don't get it folks!  I'm sure I can look up how it has worked in other X-Factor formats to stop all of the guessing, but I don't really feel like it!  So I'm gonna break this down IDOL style for now.

If there is anything like a bottom 3, this is how I see it going down:

Bottom 3: Marcus Canty, Intensity, Leroy Bell

It's not who I'd put there, but I just think Stacy and Chris have a lot of support. 

Elimination Pick: Intensity - Once a Mickey Mouse Club always a Mickey Mouse club!  And I can't stand them!  We'll get to Stacy eventually.  The show needs a villain.  These kids are just intensely pointless!  Go back to school younglings!

So that's all I have folks.  Not sure who is really reading this.  And I still can't promise I'll do it every week.  But I'll try my best.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll try to see you next week!

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