Wednesday, January 07, 2015

American Idol: Season 14 - Everything But the Top 10

Hello fellow remaining Idol watchers and welcome back for another season of the show that just won't quit!  There is a bit of renewed energy with this 2nd time judging panel and more tweaks coming our way this year.  I'm going to continue skipping the recaps for all of the pre-taped shows, though I may jot a few comments along the way here.  You are more than welcome to do the same!  The format for the Top 10 will change this year as they are only doing 1 show a week, no elimination episodes.  It remains to be seen how this will work, but I'm guessing that the results will air the week AFTER the performances.  If that's the case, then I should be able to figure out a way to get 9 of these recaps out this season.  If the results are somehow on the same night, it pretty much negates the recap.  Due to the West Coast viewing 3 hours later, I doubt they'll go that route.  

Anyway, just wanted to get this post up before the premiere tonight.  Enjoy the start of yet another season, and I'll plan on doing the same!  See you in a few weeks/months!


Leslie said...

Really like this group of judges! Harry and Keith crack me up! So funny when the one guy asked to dance with Jennifer, and Keith and Harry accompanied them.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, they're an entertaining trio! Interesting letting us "hear" the Top 24 in the beginning. Felt very "blind auditions" of The Voice. lol But it didn't take away from watching the auditions since we couldn't see them. Maybe some features on some of them. (someone has a big head of curly hear, someone has dreads, someone naturally has pink hair because that's an idol trend lol)

Yeah...I had seen that "dance" audition on Facebook or somewhere a few weeks/months back. Felt very staged but still entertaining! The judges genuinely seem to have a good time on the show.

Saw a lot of familiar sites with Nashville being the setting. It actually looked at one point that they were filming at the hotel my wife and I got married in. (The Hilton right across from the Country Music Hall of Fame) Actually, the dude that worked at the coffee shop actually works IN the Country Music Hall of Fame coffee shop. lol

Great town, that Nashville! Even J-Lo felt comfortable driving down the road with the windows open! During CMA Music Fest, before he was stratosphere big, my wife and I ran into Luke Bryan on the street just playing drums with some street musician. Good times!

But that is neither here nor there. :)

2 hour episode tonight. At least it's not 4 hours in the first week like it had been back in the day. Looking forward to a slimmed down Idol Experience!