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American Idol: Season 14 - Top 12 Guys Perform

Hello America!  We're back to the "almost" live shows.  I've been usually waiting until we get to the finals, but I decided to dive in a little earlier this season.  It seems like a talented group of kids this year.  If nothing else, they have 100 times the charisma of the crew they got last year.

So, they took the semi-final rounds on the road to Detroit, but it was so clearly pre-recorded.  There was no way they could've edited things down to have 2 contestants in the first 8 minutes of the show.  I know they're trying to cut down episodes and time this year, but that was impressive!  So, it looks pretty clear that we're not doing results shows as confirmed before the season started.  We'll do performance episodes and then get the results the next week.  So next week will probably be the last week with a Thursday night episode.  If anything, that just means there is more time to speculate and discuss who will get the boot.

So, for anyone still watching the show and reading this blog that is way past its expiration, let's dive on in!  We gotta get this Top 12 guys into a Top 8 Guys for next week.

  1. Adam Ezegelian (AKA the guy with the Fro and bad wardrobe taste) - "I wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister - I get it.  He's a "rocker"!   So he's all crazy eyes and wearing that argyle sweater that didn't match the blazer or the pants.  But this isn't a style blog and I'm the last person to comment on it!  I figured this guy was a shoo-in for the top 10/12 whatever it is these days.  Adam had the misfortune of going first and possibly being forgettable.  Sure, they allow voting as soon as the performance is over so he technically has more opportunity for votes than anyone.  It's easy to tell he can sing, I wasn't thrilled with the song choice, classic or not.  We'll see how he stacks up against the other 11. 
  2. Michael Simeon (AKA The dude that danced with J-LO) -  "How am I Supposed to Live Without You" by Michael Bolton  - I cannot believe he picked this song.  Is he serious?  He certainly is one of the charmers this season and will have a collection of female swooners.  The choreographed knee taking at the end and "big note" might be enough to save him, but he has a slightly better clone that might take his spot.  By the way, the "big end note" seemed to be a hit tonight.  Everyone was trying to save their performance with it.   
  3. Savion Wright (AKA Steve Urkel when he became Stefan) - "Hey Soul Sister" by Train -  Nice yellow pants dude.  I was with Harry. It seemed very unfocused at first but got better by the end.  Again, you can tell the kid is talented but he just needs to make it through this week to put together a better performance in the future.  J-Lo brought up a good point of winning over the camera instead of the crowd.   
  4. Mark Andrew (AKA The guy with the big hair covered by a big hat) - "The Weight" by The Band - I like this guy.  He's chill, but has a great voice and feel for the music he's playing.  It was the perfect song to showcase what he's all about.  Sure, maybe it'll get old after a few weeks.  But for now it's a relief to hear this guy amidst the craziness.   
  5. Trevor Douglas (AKA "Science Guy" with a beat up guitar) -"Best I Ever Had" by Gavin Degraw - Definitely a case study here in how much being in tune matters for a performance.  This guy has a LOT of charisma and we have certainly seen better performances in the pre-taped shows.  He gave a big performance, but maybe the nerves got the best of him and his vocals.  He might be on the chopping block, but he clearly has a lot of fans.   
  6. Clark Beckham (AKA Pretty Boy #2) - "When a Man Loves a Woman" Percy Sledge (or Michael Bolton) - So, I had been commenting all season that I kept getting this guy and Michael Simeon mixed up.  So, I thought it was hysterical when he started singing a song covered by Michael Bolton after Simeon did a Bolton song.  Here's the thing.  Clark is better.  Much better.  He did sing some bad notes, but always found a way out of it with some impressive phrases.  We've seen him tackle piano too and he is impressive on that too.  I think he's definitely safe this week.  
  7. Rayvon Owens (AKA The guy with hats) - "Jealous" by Nick Jonas  - It's songs like this that make me realize I'm getting older.  This is a huge hit, but it is sung by one of the Jonas Brothers!  And it's supposed to be all hot and angsty and it's sung by one of the Jonas Brothers!  I just can't get on board with it.  And Rayvon didn't help with his smiling through the whole performance.  But yeah, he can sing and I'm sure he'll be fine.  
  8. Daniel Seavey (AKA That little boney kid that is somehow old enough for Idol) - "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz  - Oh Danny boy.  Ohhhhh Danny boy.  Oh yeah, I know he's adorable and people are going to eat him up.  But this easily was the worst performance of the night.  I mean, reaaaaallllly bad.  The girls were screaming at his cuteness though.  But can the masses really vote that through?  This kid has talent and one day he probably will be really good.  He's way too young and not ready for the show.  Plus, it's just creepy or maybe awkward when he's singing lyrics about nibbling ears.   
  9. Riley Bria (AKA The guy that played in concert with Keith) - "Homeboy" Eric Church -  Ouch.  Maybe the nerves got him too.  He certainly is a better guitar player than a singer.  But this isn't American Guitar Hero.  As Randy the Dawg would say, "This is a singing competition!"  The judges were soft on everybody this week.  Maybe it sounded better live, but it did not in my living room!   
  10. Quentin Alexander (AKA That dude that's all about weird style, fur coats and stuff) - "Put a Spell On You" Screamin' Jay Hawkins -  He's too weird not to get through. This guy things he's a rock star before he's even earned it.  But somehow he sells it.  It helps that he sings well.  I don't think it was the best we've heard him, but that big note at the end (see?) will probably be enough to earn his spot.  
  11. Nick Fradiani (AKA The guy that no one really knows) -"Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran - You might remember me always writing about how my son, now 3, loved Adele.  He'd always stop crying when we had it on.  Well my 9 month old daughter loves her some Ed Sheeran, especially "Thinking Out Loud"!  Anyway, it might be smart for Nick to pick one of the 2 most popular songs in America right now.  No one knows him, but they sure do know that song.  He sang a pretty carbon copy version of it, but it was pretty perfect too.  Kudos to Harry for asking the question about what happens when the guy in the song turns 71?    
  12. Qaasim Middleton (AKA The guy with the dreads) - "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars - Once I heard that Qassim was doing the OTHER biggest song in America, I was thinking it might be a disaster.  These songs featuring Bruno Mars require dancing and some crazy moves.  Well Qaasim was feeling the Uptown Funk and decided he gon give it to ya! He had some crazy moves up there and was putting on a spectacular show.  It's a shame the crowd had to show every judge's reaction, the Top 12 girls' reactions and the crowd reactions that we missed the majority of his performance!  But, it certainly was good from what they showed.  It seems like he's going to be a force to be reckoned with!   


Okay so 12 performances and we have to get rid of 4.  The judges don't want to get rid of anyone so let's help them out!  Here's my elimination picks for the guys:

1. Adam Ezegelian
2. Michael Simeon
3. Riley Bria
4. Daniel Seavey

Wildcard Pick - Trevor

Okay, that's all I have for tonight.  I guess I'm setting a precedent that I'll be able to do this recap for the girls tomorrow night.  I'll try my best to get to it but it might be a little briefer and post a little later.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you again after Thursday's show! 

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