Thursday, February 26, 2015

American Idol: Season 14 - Top 12 Girls Perform

Hello Idol fans!  Back again for night 2 of the Top 24.  It's the girls this time.  A little short for time as expected, so let's cut right to the chase.  The guys night was better, but there's a few standouts in the female squad.  Let's dive in!

  1. Lovey James (AKA - Blondie # 1, she likes dancing) - "Love Runs Out" by One Republic - Lots of blonde haired girls in this bunch and she probably stands out the least.  She sang this song a little better than Ryan Tedder, but that's not saying much.  The curse of going first lives on.  It's just tough to remember those performances by the end of the show.  And with these quicker Idol episodes they didn't even give a recap of performances at the end!  
  2. Adanna Duru (AKA - Children's Voice teacher) - "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit - I wasn't very impressed with this one.  I could tell the judges were, but I could barely understand the first half of the song.  Lots of runs without being able to understand the words.  Then she kicked things into gear and started stomping feet and belting out some lyrics.  Sure it was good.  But you put her up against a couple other of the similar vocalists in this competition and she doesn't hold up.  
  3. Alexis Gomez (AKA - Blondie #2, Country Music with a Mexican Flair) - "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert - This song is a staple in Karaoke bars and American Idol performance stages.  We've heard it a zillion times.  Alexis did a good job with it though.  She's had a lot of exposure over the weeks and I could see her sticking around.  Biggest feedback from the judges was to not fake a twang if you don't have one.  Great, now she's going to add spanish lyrics into her country songs!   
  4. Joey Cook (AKA - Bluey#1, The Goofy One) - "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban - This is one strange bird.  You gotta give her credit for putting her weirdness out there on full display.  But, come. ON!  That was ridiculous.  Yeah, go for comedy and sing one of the Judges' songs.  I really can't put it better than how my wife summed it up. "She looks and sounds like a clown auditioning to become Ronald McDonald's wife."... Drop your mic Mrs. V. and head stage left!  You win this round!   
  5. Katherine Winston (AKA - bandana girl ) - "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift - Pretty voice, but pretty bland performance.  I fell asleep trying to type something here.   
  6. Shannon Berthiaume (AKA - Little Rocker Girl) - "Who Knew" by P!NK - We figured this girl was going to be good, but she turned in a pretty ho hum version of this P!nk song.  Harry called her green.  Yeah, I'm sure there's potential there and maybe she'll get a pass this week, but I have her pending for the bottom of this post.   
  7. Loren Lott (AKA - The Actress with the voice) - "Note to God" by Charice - This girl was pretty much a poster girl for this season during the auditions and Hollywoood.  She got all bold with her song choice and sang the heck out of it.  I wasn't too thrilled with it, but I think she'll get a lot of votes.  Plus she brought out the "stank face" when she really was doing those vocal gymnastics.  Memorable name too. (Wife again: "Not for John Travolta"  Stop stealing my thunder!!)   We'll see more of her.  
  8. Shi Scott (AKA - "Justine" Guarini or Sideshow Roberta) - "Umbrella" by Rihanna - Another poster child of this season.  I've been waiting all season to call her Justine Guarini an I can just tell the joke is slaying on a half dozen computers booted up to this website!  Unfortunately, her vocal was slaying in all the worst ways during her performance.  No vocal range, lots of angsty screaming (but not the good kind).  Bland again.   I think somehow she'll still get through, but not for this performance.   
  9. Maddie Walker (AKA Blonde#3 - With some highlights though!) - "Love Gets me Every Time" Shania Twain - I do love me some Shania Twain music, but I do agree with Keith that it might not be the best Shania song to pick to showcase your talents.  It was a lovely rendition of the tune.  She has the benefit of being near the end of the show, but she was also followed by 3 pretty solid performances so hers might get forgotten.   
  10. Sarina-Joi Joi Crowe (AKA 4 Audition Girl) - "Mamma Knows Best" by Jessie J - Sarina-Joi has been there done that and you can tell she's not messing around.  Voice is powerful, she commanded the stage and was really really good.  Definitely one of if not the best of the night.   
  11. Jax (AKA Blondie #4 - With the crazy sparkly x on her face)  - "Bang Bang (He Shot Me Down)" by Nancy Sinatra - I'm sure most of the younger folk know this song from Kill Bill.   And she sang a killer rendition of it.  Great control over her voice and she eventually kicked it into 80s rock song mode by the end.  It all somehow worked.  And she had great stage presence.  Definitely will be sticking around.   
  12. Tyanna Jones (AKA the girl that looks creepily like a young Michael Jackson) - "Lips Are Movin" Meghan Trainor - My daughter not only sleeps to Ed Sheeran music, she rocks out to some Meghan Trainor.  Loves the stuff.  Tyanna had a really good performance. I agree the key was probably too low.  I thought Sarina-Joi and Jax had better performances than this closing act, but it was still a powerful 1-2-3 punch to end the night.    

Okay, let's pick our 4 girls to get the boot! 
  1. Lovey James
  2. Adanna Duru
  3. Joey Cook
  4. Katherine Winston
  1. Maddie Walker or Shannon B.  
Lots to pick from the girls, but I think those 4 picks are pretty solid.  Maybe Joey will get through on weirdness, but it was so ridiculous for what the show is looking for that I can't see America voting for it.  Maybe the country will prove me wrong!  

Okay, America that's it!  We'll get our answers next week.  By then, we won't even remember what they sang and why we picked them but that's the new way of the world.  We'll survive.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


fmil said...

I think it is definitely a guy year!!! The girls are not even pretty and for the most part suck!!

Mike V. said...

lol after one week of "sorta" live shows, I'm inclined to agree with you. But, surprises tend to happen over the weeks. we'll see!