Thursday, March 26, 2015

American Idol: Season 14 - Top 9 Perform

Hello everyone.  As expected, I am out of town and ran into issues getting to this recap.  I finally had some time to (sorta) watch the episode and provide a very quick commentary.  Here goes nothing!
I'll be honest, I had the show on in the background while doing other more pressing things.  Maybe I missed some details worth listening to or seeing.  But, from what I can tell Clark and Jax were the standouts with their performances.  Joey picked a good song and look with Cindi Lauper, but it was missing a punch.  Qaasim continues to prove he doesn't have multiple facets to his performances.  Quentin was okay.  Nick picked a great song, but one that leads to inevitable comparisons to Michael Jackson.  His voice did not fit the billing the song requires.  Tyanna was okay on the Whitney tune, but still missing something.  I'm continuing my boycott of commentary on Daniel.


Maddie and Adanna have gone home!

Not surprising on Maddie being eliminated as it was overdue and expected.  I didn't think Adanna had a great following, but I thought she was improving.  I had picked Rayvon last week and he somehow survived.  His performance last night wasn't anything to write home about either. 

In fact, this season is getting more and more disappointing each week that it is on.  Its saving grace is that the inaugural winner will be gracing us with her songs and presence next week!  I feel certain most will butcher her songs, but at least she will be there to provide humor and her amazing voice on a performance of her own!

As for my pick for next week?  So many to choose from:

Bottom 3: Rayvon, Daniel, Qaasim

Elimination Pick: Daniel - It's time dude.

Sorry for the brief recap this week.  I'll try to live up to expectations again next week!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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Unknown said...

Daniel? I mean...yeah, why not? Seriously, think about it. He's the worst one left, he's BEEN the worst one left, and he went first. And he was the worst. Haha. Rhymes.

But seriously, I can't see any other scenario other than him going home. Rayvon wasn't good, but he did go last. Qaasim will probably be on for at least 2 more weeks. Joey had an off night, but she's had a strong following throughout. I HOPE she's okay, I voted for her 20 times just in case. Seriously, this HAS to be the kid's time. I just don't see any other scenario happening unless it's a shocker - which in case might be Tyanna or Joey. Idk. Who knows? I can only say for sure that Quentin, Jax, and Clark are definitely not going anywhere. Nick's probably fine as well.