Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol: Charleston South Carolina Auditions

Well...that was an hour of my life I'll never get back! And I haven't even written this little recap! (LITTLE being the key word!) I guess the trend this year has been to have the GOOD episodes on Tuesdays instead of Wednesday. Philly and San Diego have proven to be thus far the gems (for Bad talent AND the Good) Of course, there were 23 people that got in from Charleston. We only got to see 4. Instead they showed us some of the marginal talent that we thought MIGHT make it...and then they sent packing. And if they didn't make it (and were marginally good)...why not show us more of the 19 that DID make it? Just bizarre. Anyway, the talent that DID get in, I wasn't even that impressed with.

I got the biggest laugh out of DiAnna the waitress from Kellie Picklerville who was as Redneck as they come (even our Southern readers can agree with me on that one!). I don't know what was funnier, her devotion to Kellie Pickler's "Red High Heels" song or her filthy filthy mouth and very ungraceful presence! It was all classic Idol.

Just a quick blurb about this "Marginal Talent" I spoke of:
  • Rashard Henderson (Black Clay Aiken) - Obviously he was over the top, but he could carry a tune. I could see sending him packing, especially since they showed him first on the episode....but after looking at what they eventually did let through...I kinda am wondering why not give this guy a chance?
  • Lindsey Goodman - 28 - Airforce Pilot Girl - I mean the girl could sing! Maybe a few flat notes here and there. I didn't notice the nerves as much as Paula did or the Cabaret that Simon did. She had a decent story (like a female Josh Gracin)...and they sent her away. Just bizarre. And I understand that not everyone that can sing a tune gets through (hence why I think I wouldn't get through!) but why did they bother getting us invested in her story and showing her on TV if they weren't going to let her through?
  • Aretha Codner - "I CAN SING!!" Girl. Okay, she wasn't great and she had a grand ego. But it sounded in the beginning like she was going to be okay, then she got screwed up and changed keys. But for them to call her AWFUL, it seemed like just a stunt to get her to flip out the way she did. I don't know. I didn't like her anyway, so I'm not sure why I'm defending her. Again, I'm just confused at why they even showed us these people.
  • Oliver Highman - 27 - Wife had baby during his originally slotted audition - he sounded like a Male Christina Christian from season 1 with the crazy vibrato. But again..he wasn't that bad! And again..they invested so much time in his child Emma Grace's birth. It was like tonight's episode was one big tease!

None of those people above were going to be the next American Idol (not sure any of the below will either), but why bother showing us them??? I DEMAND an ANSWER! Oh what do I care? We're at the midpoint of the auditions process...let's just get it over with!

Here's who got in:

  • Michelle (26) and Jeffrey (24) Lampkin - You know big guy with the tie around his head. They were a goofy duo (mostly him) and were set up for us to think they'd be awful...but then they were able to carry a decent duet. All 3 judges acknowledged that Jeffrey sang better than Michelle and that is spot on...yet they felt bad sending her packing and opted for the combo package. I think maybe the judges were just playing "eeny meenie miney mo" with all of the contestants in Charleston. It's the only way to explain it! (and yes, never thought I'd use that phrase after I turned 6!) Well...neither Michelle or Jeffrey impressed me vocally...but Jeffrey is a ball of laughs...kinda the Anti-Ruben in the comedy and excitement department. They should at least be entertaining to have around in the Hollywood rounds!
  • Amy Catherine Flynn - 16 - Pro-Abstinence cheerleader who goes by Amy, Amy Catherine, AC...or "WHATEVS" Best part of this audition was Simon imitating her by speaking "high school girl" "Ummmm THORRY'!!! " She was a bit annoying and her singing wasn't too great. She was flat all over the song but Randy and Paula both noted her potential. My thoughts? If you're 16 and nowhere near Jordin Spark's level at 16, don't bother auditioning. Yet...they let this girl in. I'll be surprised if she makes it to the top 24.
  • London Weidberg - 24 - Full-time musician inspired to audition after her father died of cancer 3 years ago. Sang a bluesy rendition of Billie Hoilday's "Good Morning Heartache." I had to agree with Simon that we've seen 1000's of people like London before. I also thought she was a little flat with her notes (I'm going to see how long I can go without saying PITCHY! oops...guess that contest is over!) Just nothing really stood out for me with her except a unique first name. (I know..because Weidberg is so common right?) I guess I can be proven wrong as always!

Well did I miss anything that I should've talked about out of these auditions? Am I totally off with my assessment? Seems to me that out of the 4 cities we've seen so far, San Diego has given us the most hopefuls that could be the next idol. Throw in Oregon Girl - Kristy Lee Cook from the Philly auditions and things are starting to shape up. But still way to early to tell!

Looks like we're heading to Omaha, Nebraska next week. I'm a little scared about it! But then again, it will be a Tuesday episode so maybe we'll be in good shape. Hope you enjoyed my rants and see you next week!

(shameless plug: by the way, One week until LOST! Get excited!)

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Anonymous said...

With all the hype about some of the greatest talent coming in Season 7, did they decide to show the cities in order from worst to best, because I haven't seen anything I'd vote for, but like you said we only saw 4 out of 23, so there has to be alot of surprises out there, can't wait until Hollywood, this auditions are making me nervous for what we'll see.
Keep it up Mike, I like reading you comments on some of these people.