Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Idol: Miami Auditions

Okay you know what? I totally forget every year that after 3 weeks of Auditions...we STILL aren't quite out of the woods yet! They always throw that sneaky 7th city at us...and then probably a filler episode on Wednesday! So I apologize for saying that these Miami auditions were the end of it. But for anyone who is new to the auditions process of Idol, now you can see why I get so frustrated with it! It just never ends!!!

With that said, you'll have to excuse me as I watch my ENHANCED "LOST" Season 3 Finale tonight while I write the blog. I'm getting psyched for that other blog that I love to write oh so much! It shouldn't affect my writing of this too much!

Anyway..tonight's audition was filled with a lot more crazy auditions of bad people, a couple more setups for people you thought would be good but turned out awful (Meat Packing Shannon McGough and American Junior Julie Dubela). Not even worth addressing the freak show that went on last! The Freak Show that is known as Paula Abdul continues to be enough for me! The people that got in? Wasn't really impressed by any of them. Does that mean they won't grow on me? I dunno! So here's who got in! Brace yourselves!

  • Robbie Carrico - 25 - Former Boy Bander turned Rocker? HUH? We had Ryan explain this to us with not much detail at all. Was this a FAMOUS boy band? or just a local Florida act? Do I care? Nope! Anyway..he got in...but I'm still confused what happened during the audition. The judges were all just acting bizarre and then they said yes! crazy...
  • Ghaleb Emochah - 27 (forget how to spell last name, too lazy to look up again) - This is that Venezuelan musician who plays the GEEtar, 'Armoneeeca, and Peeeanooo. Did I catch him say that he likes to perform Egyptian music? But I mean....are you kidding that they let this guy in?? He was awful!! Paula told him to work on getting rid of his accent...ummm really? Accents just don't go away! Sure those crazy British Folk fool us all the time when they sing...but Venezuelans? Yeah...I don't think so! Anyway...I don't see him getting much further than next round.

The Big "Sisters" that aren't Sisters! I think they spent a little too much hype on these girls and their flirting with Randy and Simon respectively. If you've seen this once you've seen it enough!

  • Corlice Smith - 20 - Sang "Take Five" to Randy. She was good. If you're into that whole Jazzy thing. I'm sure they will hype her up as the cross-breed of Mandisa and Paris Bennett. And she very well may be. But guess what? Neither of them won!
  • Britney Wescott - 20 - Sang "My Guy" to Simon. She was good too. And Paula called them both "her ladies" This whole audition scene just got a big eye roll from me! (can you tell the auditions are wearing on me?)

  • Suzanne Toon - 21 -Performing Arts School girl with the "Single Mother" sob story. Trashy girl who became "more attractive" to simon after she sung. She followed in Carrie Underwood's footsteps and sang "I Can't Make You Love Me" My take on Miss Toon? She's no Carrie! But the judges liked her and thinks she can put it together. We'll see!
  • Ramiele Maluby - 19 -Filipino girl inspired by Jasmine Trias to audition. Followed in Kelly Clarkson's footsteps singing "Natural Woman" my take on Miss Maluby? She's no Kelly! Paula LOOOOOOOVED her big voice! Simon thought it was a little hotel'ish. I wasn't too impressed. (but as I've stated before...I'm sick of the auditions!)
  • Syesha Mercado - 20 - Another big voice with a Junkee Dad. Simon and I agreed that her performance of "Think" was a little too MUCH. Well Simon said too forced. I was thinking more "Ooooh I really can sing and I am going to show you in 20 seconds just how loud and powerful I am!!!" Oh well, it was enough to woo Paula and Randy. Maybe she'll be good. I'm sure there will be another time when I can fairly judge her!
  • Natasha Blair - 27 - Sang "At Last" We really didn't get much of a story on her...but the judges liked her old school sound. My take on the audition? She sang in yay! She's going to Hollywood!
  • Ilsy Lorena Pinot - 28 - Well I guess she gets points for the crazy name. But the Shakira Hair-do? Not sure about that! I don't remember the song she sang, but she sounded okay. Again...a little Shakira'ish (what else would you expect in a town like Miami?)

So in two days at Miami they let 17 people in...and we saw 9 of them get in. You'd think more people would get in from Miami. In TWO days! That's nuts. But they did show us a majority of the ones that got in...that's a first!

But seriously...why on earth (apologies in advance to anyone who lives in Atlanta - I didn't even know we had Nebraska readers here! Welcome!)....I'll say again...why on earth are they going to HOT-Lanta for an audition? I guess they went there with the intention of finding a bunch of comedy! Of course, the real reason I'm dissing Atlanta is because I just think 3 weeks of auditions is more than plenty for Idol. But the show has to end the Wednesday before Memorial Day as always, so they need to stick to the format!

And I'm sure I'll be there to recap it in all of its lousiness! This is one blogger counting the days until the top 12 begins! But if you want to see me in GOOD spirits...tune in Friday on the OTHER blog and check out all of the crazed Lost fans discussing the return of the greatest show on earth!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now...for strictly Idol Readers, I'll see you guys next week in Atlanta for the continued torture known as the Auditions!

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