Tuesday, February 05, 2008

American Idol: Atlanta Auditions

Here we are folks..Audition City #7 - HOT LANTA, GEORGIA! The land that brought us auditions from Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia BORINGo. Also the land that gave us Ryan Seacrest. Exciting stuff! Actually, we saw a couple decent people here tonight that we'll probably be seeing a bit more of as the competition goes on.

Well, I'm not going to waste time talking about how I feel entering week 4 of the auditions. I am going to say that I am looking forward to Hollywood Week next week after the Super Bowl commercials. It would seem that adding instruments this year is going to pay off! (And going to annoy me to no end since I should've auditioned!!! okay okay...I promise that won't be a theme for this whole season. It will be for the next COUPLE of seasons!!!!)

Anyway...moving right past the "I Love You Simon" Girl, the kid that auditioned 2 people behind Carrie Underwood in season 4, and "BEDROOM AUDITION" Guy, here's who we saw get in tonight:

  • Josh Jones - 26 - Works with Glass - sang Queen "Don't Stop Me Know" While he has a good voice, it's really going to be tough to get past his Crazy Performance Eyes, his crazy performance dance, and trying to get past picturing him singing while facing the wall because the judges couldn't look at him and take him seriously! Paula and Randy decided to give him a shot though.
  • Asia'H Epperson - 18 - Small town girl whose dad died in car accident a couple days before audition - This was some emotional stuff. She sang "How Do I Live" in honor of her dad. And well, you're not human if you didn't get a little touched by it! The performance was inspired and I thought she did really well. Not sure if I let my guard down because of the situation or she really was that good. But, I could see her sticking around for some time. The judges liked her smile too and I'm sure America will as well.
  • Brooke Helvie - 18 - Miss South Florida Pig Kisser who says "Doo Doo American Idol" - She was out there to prove to Simon that pageant girls can sing. Best part of audition? When Paula noted that Brooke was standing with one foot forward and one foot back (like a Pageant contestant), Randy said that they go together like "Opposites attract" You know...like the Paula song! Come on I know you all remember MC Skat Kat! Anyway, Brooke sang okay but man she was one annoying weirdo!
  • Alexandra Lushington - 16 - 93 year old Grandmother boyscout shirt wearing who sang "My Funny Valentine" - She was good. Nothing fantastic
  • Amanda Overmyer - 22 - Dubbed "The Female Chris Daughtry" by Paula Abdul. This Rocker by day is a Nurse, by night gets on her Motorcycle Gear and ROCKS IT OUT! She busted out some Janis Joplin "Mean Woman" but didn't really sell us until she sang some "Traveling Band." She was definitely something different that the Idol machine can get behind this year. I kinda like her and think she'll also stick around for a bit. As for winning it all? Well, I don't know about that just yet!
  • Josiah Leming - 18 - Tennessee guy living in his Car for a year - Well, an interesting story I guess...but seriously? Has he REALLY been sleeping in his car for 10-12 months??? I highly doubt it! But whatever, he wrote a song called "To Run" and performed it with his best British Accent. The judges were all about getting him to sing all of their favorite British Rocking songs for a bit. I didn't think he was that good, but think that people will feel sorry for him (if he makes it to the top 24) and will throw some support his way. We'll see!

So we saw 6 of 19 make it through...but don't you worry...we're getting a BEST OF THE REST Episode Wednesday night to catch a few more glimpses of the Good and Bad. I will probably blog about that as much as I did this one and then we'll move on to greener pastures. See you then!

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