Wednesday, February 06, 2008

American Idol: Best of the Rest

Well, we didn't think we'd get here folks but we finally did! We have reached the end of the auditions. And I gotta tell you, I'm actually pretty excited for Hollywood week next week. Looks like it's going to be a refreshing change from the norm! And with the changes put in place, it could eventually make for a diverse and interesting top 12! But one step at a time!

We still have to recap the "Best of the Rest" episode, which was a collection of clips not shown in the previous 7 audition episodes. Good and Bad. I don't really think they saved any gems for LAST, but some of them could sing pretty well. They did save some interesting BAD auditions and just some extra time with the judges and their hysterical banter. (Randy is on a roll this year with his mocking of the contestants! But him singing "Opposites Attract" on the Tuesday episode will be tough to beat!)

I mean we couldn't talk about this episode without mentioning the girl that THOUGHT she could sing and the twins that put her up to it! Watching Simon pet Ashley Lawing's puppy while telling her how horrible she was priceless! And really??? she dated both of the twins? Just bizarre! Or there was that girl that thought her voice was a gift from God and Simon asked if there was a Returns Policy! Classic! And of course after J-Smoov's performance Simon trying to sweep up the glitter provided for some additional laughs. Mainly because of his sweeping style!

Maybe I was just in a better mood because I knew for sure it was the FINAL audition episode...but I actually found myself enjoying the show tonight! are the additional folks that made it in!

  • Amy Davis - 25 - Same ol' story...had a rough life growing up in a "lower than low" income household. She sang "Blue Bayou" and Randy/Simon put her through based solely on her potential. Blaming her flat performance on the nerves. I dunno...Wasn't a big fan, but we'll see if she can put it together!
  • Cardin Lee McKinney - 20 - Said she works at a Fondue restaurant in Nashville. I'm gonna guess that would be the MELTING POT! Any locals should go scope it out! (you know who you are!) Anyway, she sang "One NIght Only" from Dreamgirls and just like the musical, the performance came off very "theatrical" as Simon said. Couldn't agree more. But, the girl could really sing and you had to let her through based on that. Give her a shot! Why not? I mean, after all, they let that Brazilian guy in that sings Egyptian music, surely they can let a Broadway singer in!
  • JoAnne Borgella - 25 - You know, The Plus-Sized Model that sang at Madison Square Garden for a College Basketball game. She sang a carbon copy of Celine's "I Love you" which was really weird coming from the likes of JoAnne. But still her voice WAS impressive. Simon didn't care too much for it, but Paula has given JoAnne a mission to come with different SOUNDS to Hollywood...................ummmm........ok Paula!
  • Alesha Stezal - 18 - Speaking of girls with different sounds, then there was the girl with ONE SOUND ONLY! Enter Alesha who tried to sing Celine's "I Surrender" and butchered it. I mean, Kelly Clarkson performed that on Idol while losing her voice and still sounded ridiculously better that that! (you must've known a youtube link was coming!) This girl came very very close to getting the boot but then PAULA came to the rescue supported by Randy's claim that she had a Dolly Parton voice. Long story short (too late) - Alesha was tasked with learning "Islands in the Stream" ....she returned and sounded so much better! Granted...not better to the fact that she's going to win the whole thing. But it was just a totally different performance! The best part? Simon excluded himself from the 2nd judging but then admitted Randy/Paula were right after she left the room. And of course they all got a kick out of Simon's "You're Going to Dollywood" ahhhh good times. Yeah...I must really be excited the Auditions are over....why would I still be writing about Alesha Stezal?
  • Chickezie Eze - 22 - First of 2 Season 6 auditioners we saw return tonight. He sang some Luther and impressed Paula and Randy this time. Simon was stil in the NO camp. Oh well...he's through! (I really have no thoughts on him at this time...he was simply okay!)
  • Danny Noriega - 17 - The 2nd season 6 auditioner. Well, you gotta get past Danny's flamboyant presence, crazy facial expressions, his West Side Story Gang Snapping during his performance of "Proud Mary" and simply focus on his voice. Because, MAN, that guy can sing! But if America is going for the total package, I really can't see this guy sticking around. If he does...he might turn into another Jon Stevens....or worse yet...SANJAYA noooooooo!!!!!! I guess we'll just see how things go with him as well!

And with that...the auditions are over! And I think we can all breathe one collective and giant sigh of relief. Hollywood is next and it's only one week long! THEN? Then we go to the Top 24 (and ugh....yep...3 nights of Idol for 3 Weeks. are you prepared??) We're finally getting somewhere folks. Hope all you early readers have enjoyed the Audition blogging. I say every year I'm going to get away from it but you got me to do it for one more! So, MAYBE next year I'll find a way to pry myself from it!

And with that, I will bid adieu until next week! Have a great weekend to Idol-only readers, see you co-Lost watchers on Friday and see everyone else in Hollywood!

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