Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol: Top 10 Girls Perform

I think the one thing that everyone will be asking after tonight's episode is.....WHAT WAS AMANDA OVERMEYER THINKING WITH THAT HAIR????? It looked like she ate a skunk and got struck by lightning! And to think that was only the beginning of her problems! Well, I think we're beginning to see a trend with these girls. They're not quite matching up to their male counterparts. They all have lots and lots and lots of potential, but are just failing in the Song Choice category, (with few exceptions of course). I'm at a loss after tonight at who will be going home and who our eventual Top 6 Females will be....but in the end...I think we have to look at the popularity of each contestant and who could afford one slight misstep. And with that little preface, we can begin our dissection!
  1. Carly Smithson - "I have tattoos and work in a bar" -Really Carly, I don't think that is very surprising at all! Anyway, after Carly performed, I thought we were going to be in for a stellar night. She came out and belted Heart's "Crazy on You." And anyone who has any experience on Guitar Hero II could see those guitar licks that they were zooming in on coming from miles away! I was even thinking in my head (orange, Green, yellow, blue, red!!! and keep strumming!!!) Anyway, apparently this is Carly's favorite song ever and she wouldn't forgive herself if she didn't perform it. And well, as horrific as it is to see that disease on her right arm (yes...the "ART"), she really can sing. I mean...REALLY can sing! And you kick off a show with her following a night of some great Guy performances and you start thinking "Woaaa....maybe this IS going to be an awesome season!" Yeah...then the rest of the show happened. Anyway, The judges had some constructive feedback. Simon is predicting that Carly will eventually connect with a song and blow the contest wide open. (TAKE THAT DAVID ARTICHOKE! - Thanks Shanna for the nickname!) I could see it happening.
  2. Syesha Mercado - "I've done lame local commercials and can make Baby sounds!" - I almost made baby sounds after listening to that snoozefest! I mean really...."Me and MISTER Jones"????? Give me a break! Some songs are just meant to be sung about a woman...and that is one of them! Syesha is one of those gals that seems to be Top 12 material though. So, if anyone is going to get a sympathy vote, it just might be her. But we'll have to wait for our analysis at the end.
  3. Brooke White - "I'm a Beauty School dropout" - And so here we are at my favorite performance of the night. She really did pick the perfect song. Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" And did seem like it was pointed towards Simon. But just the way she used the guitar, brought the band in, then stopped playing the guitar but kept her vocals constant throughout. It was a pretty cool thing to watch. And with that performance, she has made me a fan. Yeah, I liked her playing the keyboard in the Hollywood round, but I also remember not liking her during the auditions. This girl just seems like a MUSICIAN. And well, I can't help but like true artists! Add in the Top 5 Guys from last night with Carly and Brooke...and you have 7 solid contestants in the top 12. That's pretty darn good! Now let's weed through the rest.
  4. Ramiele Mulaby Lullaby -"I do hula dances!" - I just don't know why I don't like this girl. I'm told by the judges she is the 3rd best vocalist of the group. Well, why am I not sold? It could be due to a performance like the one she did tonight. She performed Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me this Way" and it was just okay for me. (and apparently the judges had the same reaction) Their reasoning is because the song has just been played out too much. My favorite part of her whole performance was saying she sang it because she didn't wanted to be branded LULLABY instead of Mulaby by singing more ballads. Doesn't she know by merely suggesting it just fuels the fire? Case in Point - see her name in this blog for the week!
  5. Kristy Lee Cook - "I'm a Tom Boy and I wish I was a Man!" - Maybe Kristy and Danny Noriega were destined to switch bodies??? I dunno. Anyway she performed "Baby You're No Good" It's amazing how much one can change their mind from the audition rounds. I'm not really a fan of Kristy's anymore. Sure, she sang much better this week than last week and she's probably safe and a shoo-in for the top 12 (although maybe one of those early elimination candidates from the top 12). But what is up with her hoppity dance thing she has going on when she sings? I just don't get it! I agree with Simon...we all thought Kristy was going to be this year's Country Girl. Well, where is the country music??? Apparently, we'll get some next week. Watch the theme be MOTOWN or something next week!
  6. Amanda Overmeyer - "I like to read biographies about Rock stars and this gives me my education in life!" - Another Guitar Hero classic "Carry On My Wayward Son" but Amanda just was not up to the challenge. She took the criticism that she was TOO MUCH JANIS and well she tried to do something else and it just didn't work. I think there might be a threat of her leaving tomorrow night. But, I agree with Paula. She is needed in this competition. She is different! Keep her in there and see what she can do. Just never do THAT again! And please please please....never do that to your hair again either!
  7. Alaina Whitaker - "I hate when my food touches each other....especially Green Bean Juice!" - Well, I would say cue the snores for a rendition of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" but she wasn't TOO bad tonight. I think she garnered herself a decent following after being the surprise performer last week. I didn't understand Simon saying that her grandmother prepared her for the audition especially with the blue dress. Then he went back to his trademark "PAGEANTY" comments. Yeah, it wasn't the greatest performance. But she should have a chance to rebound next week.
  8. Alexandrea Lushington - "I sang for the Atlanta Fire Dept. and at Ground Zero" - Well, I guess that's a touching back story. But will it be enough to save Alexandrea after this week's dull rendition of Chicago's "Baby Please Don't Go?" I'm not so sure. I was really really really bad! And it's not like she didn't hit every note. I think she did. But it was so dreadfully boring! Simon mentioned that this particular song is stuck in the time period it was originally written/performed in. And, he's probably right. My mind drifted during the performance. I can't imagine many people will rush to the phones to save her. But who knows? There are a lot of vulnerable people tonight!
  9. Kady Malloy - "I impress people with my pre-performance films, but can't sing on a live stage! oh yeah and I sing opera in addition to impersonations!" - Yep, I'm with Simon. How can she be so down to earth and impressive in her film clips but then come out and just be AWFUL? She did the 2nd Heart song of the night with "Magic Man" but there was no magic to be seen. The low notes were invisible, and the high notes were kind of painful. Yet her Opera voice sounds flawless, and her impersonations of Britney Spears are perfect. I don't know how many chances you can give Kady to find her voice on stage. I fear this might be the end of the road for her.
  10. Asia'H Epperson -"I love Cheerleading! Goooooooooooo ME!" - So, probably the worst performance of the night right? So, does she get credit for attempting the most difficult song of the night? Like Simon said, she exposed her limitations by trying the song. The high notes weren't there. Even though Paula said "TADAAAAAA!!!!!!" They still were not quite there! And even if Toolman Yeagermeister stood up shaking his head like a proud parent and slow clapping trying to get everyone to join him.....they still were not quite there! We still got the judges and Ryan casually and "subtley" advising America that Asia'H was really really sick and that's why she didn't sound good. I think if anyone else will get the sympathy vote might be Miss Epperson. They told her it was the most difficult song and "we know you're sick" Yikes...America, I hope you guys dialed to save her! Don't make Paula cry!

We have one difficult task ahead of us kids! Here's how I see things going down:

Definitely Safe and in the top 12: Brooke White, Carly Smithson

Rebounded from Last week, top 12 status still up in air: Kristy Lee Cook

Hanging in there: Alaina Whitaker

Off-week but safe based on perception: Ramiele Lullaby

Bad Performances:

  • Amanda Overmeyer -Popular and probably safe
  • Syesha Mercado - Popular and probably safe
  • Alexandrea Lushington - I don't really like her and don't understand why Paula thinks she is necessary
  • Kady Malloy - I want to like her, but I think her chances may have run out
  • Asia'H Epperson -Sympathy coming her way

Elimination Picks: Alexandrea Lushington, Kady Malloy

Wildcard Pick: All other bad performances

Yeah, I know...easy way out there. But this can really go any way! But, if I don't get the elimination picks correct, I understand I deserve no credit! So that's it, yet again the girls for the most part underwhelm. I'm looking forward to getting back to 2 nights a week Idol. Soon enough! Due to the LOST/IDOL joint night can expect an abbreviated Idol Results show blog. But there's not really much to analyze at this point so I think we'll be okay. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and see you tomorrow night after the results!


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