Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol: Why can i never get 4 out of 4????!

Ugh! I was sooooooooo close! I mean, my 4 out of 4 was staring me right in the face! But nooooo Kady Malloy lives to see another day! And we get a bit of a shocking elimination (at least to me!) Here's who got the exit music tonight.

Eliminated: Jason Yeager, Alexandrea Lushington, Alaina Whitaker, Robbie Carrico

Goodbye Yeagermeister! Don't blame the judges for you getting eliminated, you did it all by yourself! Alexandrea, I saw that coming a mile away. Robbie - gotta give me props on that risky guess! But man...I never thought to pick Alaina. She wasn't even on my "BAD" performances list. I really thought she was an up and comer. I guess people are finally tired of Olivia Newton John??? I dunno. Oh well...I'm pretty impressed with my 3 out of 4 picks. I will keep dreaming that one day I will get the impossible 4 of 4! For now, I can brag that last week I got the girls pegged right. This week, I got the guys right!

Other High/Lowlights of the recap show:
  • Amanda's hair still looked ridiculous
  • Top 20 performance may have eclipsed the Top 24 performance as the worst thing ever to be witnessed by my eyes and ears.
  • Idol Gives Back is coming back this year in a big way. Brad Pitt will be there! I know I'm excited!!! I guess he'll bring his adopted African Family on stage with him?
  • Ruben wrote the new Exit Song! Is it called "Sorry 2008: The Reprise?" I thought his career was over??? What's going on?
  • New Opening Graphics for the top 12. Are you thrilled?
  • And well the lennon/mccartney songbook is available for Idol to use now! The irony of this? "Something" was written by George Harrison and performed by Taylor Hicks....which kinda started this whole "We need a Beatles Night" craze that has struck Idol for the past few years. That song will not be available to be used! Just weird isn't it? But Obviously, Lennon/McCartney were the major brains of the Beatles. There's a lot of good stuff to use!
  • Paula: I have no words to describe her inability to produce real words!

That's it kids...Join me next week as we try one last time this year to get 4 for 4! Then we go to our next impossible task: Guessing the bottom 3 AND the eliminated contestant correctly! See you next week as we eventually reveal our Top 12!

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