Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol: Dallas Auditions

Well the people have spoken! 6 votes wins for less Audition blogging! Well, in all fairness, I wasn't going to do much regardless! These 2 hour episodes are a killer to blog. But I will note the highlights below as always. But I'll save my long winded speeches for another time! I typed the following notes AS i was watching the episode to conserve time. So if you see typos or something weird, that's why! Here's who got through in Dallas!
  • Jessica Brown - 24- Ex-Meth addict Carrie Underwood loving Mom turned "Moms against Meth" Spokesperson - I thought she was good...a more mature Carmen Rasmusen from season 2. The judges comments were kinda edited...I think I caught a "PITCHY" from Randy. She seems like a definite top 24'er with potential for more.
  • Alaina "Carrie Looks Like Me" Whitaker -16 - Sang some Faith Hill. Not too bad for a 16 year old. As long as she works on the "BREATHINESS" of her voice she'll be fine, right Paula?
  • Pia "Zpia" Easily - 24 - I mean really? Please let this girl make the top 12! So much potential with the name. Another Background singer with a mohawk and crazy sideburnish things. The judges love her...and I love her name....Send that girl to Hollywood! Drink lots of water so the PIA comes EASILY! (oh come knew it was coming!)
  • Brandon Green - 21 - Peels Finger Nails and kept them since High school - GROSS!!! Doesn't want to be like Britney Spears. Not bad but the finger nail thing is disturbing! Simon didn't like it. He said it was forgettable. Good enough for Hollywood I say, but I agree. I probably won't remember him 2 weeks (even 2 days) from now.
  • Kayla Hatfield - 24 - Lives on farm with 2 kids and horses was in a bad car accident and damaged half of her face. Very happy person, very nice person....and great story of survival. But come on! She wasn't that good. Did Simon actually feel bad for her and let her in anyway? Or was he mocking her by letting her in because he just wanted to see her make a fool of herself in Hollywood? Oh's cool she gets to take a trip out there. But obviously, I don't see her lasting very long!
  • Katie Malloy - 18 - Does vocal impressions (Britney Spears, Shakira, Gary Levox (Rascal Flatts) - Definitely sounded like Britney. Started to sing Carrie and Simon stopped and asked to hear Katie. She sang some unchained melody and it was pretty darn good. Simon said the best so far. Of course....even though they aired Philly before Texas....I believe the Dallas auditions took place first. But I might be mistaken on that!
  • Kyle Ensley - 21 - Campaign for Idol - Sang Queen's "Somebody to Love" - Didn't see that one coming. You know the whole "geek in the tie" being able to sing thing!. Very Clay Aikenish except without the power vocals. But he did sing one of my favorite Queen songs. I could see him going through a crazy make-over through the competition. But he might not have what it takes to get much past the Hollywood rounds. I guess we'll see!
  • Colton Swon - 18 - Sang Little Big Town "Boondocks" lots of Little Big Town in these auditions. He was aiiiight. A bit of a weird stage presence, but he can work on that.
  • Drew Poppelreiter - 24 - Farmer Guy - aw shucks country guy singing some George Strait and wooing the girls (represented by Paula Abdul in this case). He's not too bad, but not sure how he'll fit in with the powerhouse singers. I'm sure he'll garner some fans just for being who he is.
  • Nina Shaw - 24 - From Burleson Tx (hometown of Kelly Clarkson) - Hmmm not sure about this one. I guess Randy and Paula think they'll strike gold like they struck with Kelly. Simon didn't see it and neither did I on Nina. She sounded all over the place. But who knows maybe she will last for a bit?

24 people got in from Dallas in total.

Overall, a Ho Hum night for the Dallas Auditions. Some decent talent. The Bad auditions weren't really even that funny. Even the crazy guy with the cape and feather hat.....what was that all about? (okay, so I was typing this as I was watching it...and it got funnier as it went on. Is Paula really dancing right now?? that was a good time!) The guy that never kissed a girl (with the Dad wearing the LOCK to his KEY around his neck) was bizarre and something that is true to Idol form. Other than that, I don't think I'm missing much by not giving this a full Blog treatment! I think I'm pretty much burned out from the Philly Blog! Maybe I'll be in a better mood for the HOUR audition episodes next week! 1st stop on tuesday? San Diego! See you there!

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