Wednesday, May 07, 2008

American Idol: So Much for My Perfect Streak!

I really don't have much to say tonight kids. Just one little tiny thing:


Eliminated: Jason Castro
Bottom 2: Syesha, Jason
My Bottom 2: Cook, Jason
Dialidol Bottom 2: Syesha, Jason

I was really hoping to go the whole season not picking something correctly, but you know as the numbers got smaller, the odds got better! Jason has had it coming for a couple weeks now. And he really seemed to have given up. Even with his dialogue with Ryan tonight, it just seemed like he didn't care and he really just wanted someone to pass him a joint. I guess after awhile, these people that you think are cool, just turn out to be irritating! Sure, but let's remember Castro for the weeks that he brought us Hallelujah, I Don't Wanna Cry, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and made us realize you don't have to be the best singer on Idol to wow us on a given week. Farewell Castro, go back to where your brain doesn't have to work!

So Syesha, one we thought would be eliminated several times, has survived to the Top 3. Crazy stuff. Does she pose a threat to the all David finale? Probably not, but it would be pretty crazy if she pushed one of the favorites aside! We're just 2 weeks away from the Kodak theater grand finale. Next week the trio will hit their hometowns to a grand welcome from random people they never met!

What else was weird tonight?
  • Maroon 5 and Ryan's interview with Adam Levine "Work Hard, get jaded, but know you love it!" huh????
  • Bo Bice - well he was alright. He just reminded me of a better time on Idol. But kinda creeped me out with his knowledge of this year's contestants. people think that way of me????
  • David ArchaAwkward - The kid is just so disturbing!!!! I can't help but mention him just for that! Did anyone notice the "L" thing in the clips from Tuesday Night? How about him dodging a question during the Q&A? Socially AWKWARD! They really just need to raise the entry age of Idol. If Archie waited until he was 20 maybe....he may have been digestable! But to me, all he has to look forward to now is being "The Next Michael Jackson Debacle." Especially with his rumored family structure! But that would require me to actually think Archie would EVER be as successful as Mikey. And well...that just doesn't register very well in my head!
  • The opening choreographed Idol disaster! I mean, watching Cook and Castro dance around like they actually enjoyed what they were doing was "tuck your head in your lap" cringe-worthy! But watching Archuleta actually enjoying it and grooving??? DISGUSTING!
  • Don't get me started on crazy Idol Band guitar guy getting the spotlight on the main stage when the Idol 4 went up to join the band. I mean, don't get me wrong, this guy is living the dream with being able to ROCK OUT every week on Idol. But who wants to see it???? Well...actually I do! I love unintentional comedy!

Saying any more about this show would be just milking things! (I think I already did that!) Go ahead and congratulate me for finally getting one right! Yeah, not too impressive with a final 4. It will be more impressive when Cook wins after supporting him basically since the audition! See you next week!


Ian said...

Congrats on finally picking the elimination right. It had to happen sooner or later. I think the rest of this season will go predictably. Since you're a David Cook fan I'm sure you'll be happy when he wins.

Anonymous said...

***wildly applauding***

Good job, Mike!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of awkward...How about those great skin-tight, bright-colored, spandex bullfighter pants the guys had to wear in the Ford commercial!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the elimination pick Blogger-Mike!
Speaking even more of awkward - what was with Syesha mixing politics and entertainment. It was not cool how she brought up the next woman or black president right in the middle of ANOTHER attempt at explaining her song choice! Let's keep it a singing contest and not a venue to forward someone's political views!