Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol: Louisville Auditions

Okay everyone here we go! Another So-So audition episode. This is about the point where the novelty (not so novel anymore!) wears off on me. While hour episodes are wonderful, there simply isn't enough time to show a lot of people or get to know anyone, unless they want to make us feel bad for the unemployed and self-proclaimed homeless. Tonight's formula was pretty much the same as the San Fran formula except we had 2 days of auditions instead of 1. So we saw 3 out of 10 get in in day 1 and then 5 out of however many get in in day 2. (but 4 were those really quick ones again). Bad auditions? Well they were not worth noting again except for Kara making a girl cry by telling her her audition was funny! Whoops! Here's the quick recap of who got in

  • Joanna Paciti -27 - An L.A. implant from Philly! So Kara knew who this person was because apparently she was on the A&M Label for a little while. I guess Idol is learning their lesson from years' past and being upfront about some people having prior contracts. Obviously, this girl was good if she's been signed before. But we'll see if she lasts through the grueling Idol process. Carly Smithson didn't fare too well last year! Of course, those crazy tatoos didn't help!
  • Brent Keith Smith - 28 - The dude that sang that Bad Company song. He wasn't so bad. Simon didn't like the song choice and thought he should've picked something more emotional. This is one case where I need to hear more to make a judgement on this guy. We shall see!
  • Matt Girard - 23 - Dueling Piano Player guy. Well, you gotta love the Dueling Pianists! They're a fun time! This guy had a unique voice and wasn't too bad with rendition of Gavin Degraw's "I Don't Wanna Be" Simon was reminded of Elliott Yamin. The man can carry a tune, and playing the piano always wins points in my book (except in the case of the Artichoke last year!) Let's see if he can take the momentum through Hollywood.
  • Alexis Grace - 20 - Stay at Home mom who's fiance' is in Military School. She has a pretty powerful voice that you wouldn't expect. The judges loved her, and Kara made some inappropriate comments about how she should celebrate. Family Show Kara! Stop drinking from Paula's cup! She could go a few rounds in this competition. We'll see how she does with song selection.
  • Leneshe Young - 18 - Ugh, Cry me a river homeless girl! Haven't we seen this clip before like, I dunno, in every single audition episode? Now now, don't get me wrong. I'm sure they've had it tough. But I'm also sure that the family exaggerated their trials and Idol exploited it even further. Anyway, to the audition. She's from Cincinatti and performed a song she wrote called "Natti." Creative! Simon thought so. They liked her "current" vibe. Naturally, I didn't see anything too special with her. I guess we'll see if American can identify with her hardships and decide to keep rooting for her.

And then the 4 quick clips we got. They all sounded good to me and would've liked to hear more:

  • Kris Allen - 23 - Business Major
  • Felcia Barton -26 - Bar Singer/Mom
  • Ryan Johnson - 27 - Railroad
  • Shera Lawrence - 23 - Otherpoedic Office Assistant.

Ugh...are we there yet? I guess we have 2 more weeks of the audition craziness. Expect more blogs like this for them! Don't worry, I'll turn things up for the LIVE performance episodes as always. So, next week is Jacksonville, Florida. We'll see if things improve! See you then!


Anonymous said...

What's funny is that that one guy actually got to drink from Paula's cup. What stories he could surely tell.

Marian said...

That's funny( what Ian said) because I was thinking the same Alexis and was it Matt( the piano guy)...thanks, Mike!