Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol: Salt Lake City Auditions

Okay folks, I gotta say I'm excited. Not excited about tonight's episode, but about the preview for Thursday's episode. Remember back in the day (yesterday) when I said I had no idea what the Thursday episode was about? Turns out they are granting my wish this year. LESS Audition episodes. Instead they're cramming the final 2 cities into one hour (i hope!) and then we move to Hollywood NEXT week! woo hoo! As for Salt Lake City, home of the Artichoke? Maybe some real contenders coming out of here. But at this point, not worth dwelling on them too much. Here are the 6 of 12 we saw get in:

  • David Osmond -28 - Apparently, there are more Osmonds out in the world than just Donnie and Marie. Go figure. This one was son of the infamous Alan Osmond who had to leave show-biz due to M.S. (which David also is a victim of). David has a bit of John Locke in him where he is sometimes in a wheelchair, and sometimes he's on some magical Island where he can walk around and be a great singer. (Sorry if I spoiled the 3rd episode of season 1 of LOST for any non-watchers out there!) Anyway, he was pretty good. I'm not sure if they were just trying to add drama, or if there's a chance that David could go far in the competition and end up in a wheel chair at some point. Kinda depressing. He seems to be a guy that Idol wants to support this season.
  • Frankie Jordan - 26 - They hyped her up as the next Amy Winehouse (do we really need another?). That being said, she did sing well and had a distinct voice (if you call sounding like Amy distinct). And because I have nothing else to say about her I'll just also say she's a stay-at-home mom. There seems to be tons of these. My question is...who's gonna watch these kids when the moms go off chasing their dreams this year?! Daddy still has to bring home the bacon!!
  • Megan Corkrey - 23 - If you can get past any Carly Smithson comparisons (crazy tattoos all down her right arm), this girl is pretty good. She ALSO has a child, but divorced the bacon provider! Good thing she can sing, because based on what we heard and the judge's reactions, she could be a top 12'er. (here's the question, have i mentioned top 12 more than 12 times this season yet? I think I've been careful!) Let's see how America votes in the Semi-Finals! Also one thing to note, this is the first of 2 auditions that Simon said "you're one of the few that I'll remember" (yikes, i wonder how many times he used that line!)
  • Austin Sisneros -17 - Ugh...Can you say David "The Artichoke" Archuleta part 2???? He's the class president of his senior class and is auditioning "to inspire people" bleh....put me out of my misery now! Oh wait I'm not done, when his Train song (incorrectly sung by the way) didn't win them over, he decided to get more hip with a RAFFI song! I really do hope he gets far. We'll need a new vegetable for his nickname! I'm throwing it out there for suggestions. Best suggestion gets to write tomorrow's blog for me! (just kidding)
  • Taylor Vafuna - 16 - may have messed up that spelling, but it's LOST day folks, can't go rewind and find it! Okay, so she's another 16 year old...but she could play in the NBA or something (yes that means she's tall!) Anyway, I guess she sounded okay. Kara heard her sing in the Bathroom so she must be good! Whatever, she could pass for something other than 16, so if she goes further, maybe I'll be fine with it (a la Jordin Sparks, as Randy compared her appearance to)
  • Rose Flack - 17 - The ultimate sympathy yellow ticket. The judges liked her vibe and her look. And I'm sure they were tipped off that she had been gradually orphaned over the past 4 years. Don't get me wrong, that is sad stuff. But she really didn't wow anyone with her voice. Even Paula said that she needs to work on her vocals. If this is a SINGING competition, we shouldn't be letting people in if they're not good singers! But whatever, let her go to Hollywood and see the world! And of course Simon also told her "you are one of the few singers I'll remember" DOY!!!

The best was when they showed a clip of Ryan afterwards telling Simon that he liked the girl that Simon said he'll remember and Simon asked "What was her name?" Ahh good times. The bad singers aren't worth talking about. Plus, looks like I may have to throw another recap out there tomorrow night at some point. So I'll save some strength! New York City and San Juan tomorrow then we're off to Hollywood! See you then.


Anonymous said...

would you happen to know the song that was played in the background during rose flack's audition? the first song (lyrics: why did you leave), not the second one after she got her golden ticket... any help would be great, thanks!

Mike V. said...

Actually, I DO know the artist. When I heard it I thought it sounded like Ray Lamontagne. And it sure is. The song is called "Why Did You Go"


Ian said...

How about "Asparagus" for Austin's nickname?