Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Idol: New York City and San Juan Auditions

Well my friends, we've reached the end of the auditions! And it couldn't come soon enough. Thankfully, it has come a week sooner this year. They want to spend more time in Hollywood this season. We'll see if it pans out over the next 2 weeks. But for now, we have 2 more cities to recap! And with this being the 3rd Idol blog of the week (and the limited audience reading the first 2), I'm burned out. So let's cut to the chase! Here's who got in!

New York City Auditions

  • Melinda Camille - 21 - Crazy lady with cleavage bearing dress that likes to dance naked and send a message to the world of uplifting humanity with positivity. Huh???? Oh well, after all of that nonsense, she ended up sounding pretty good. But, will American buy into the craziness? Time will tell.
  • Jackie Tohn - 27 - The female rocker girl. She tried to pull off Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." It wasn't too bad. She has a crazy Raspy voice. Then again, so did Amanda Overmeyer and look how she turned out! She sang a 2nd song and apparently the judges saw enough to let her through. Well, she's different so that may be good for the competition to mix things up. We'll see!
  • Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle) - 27 - A man with a voice but couldn't pass up being silly. He really was doing well with "Amazing Grace" until he jazzed it up too much. Paula and Kara loved the guy, and the judges ended up giving him another shot. But in the great words of newbie Judge Kara "you don't have a shot in hell but I like you!"
  • Ashley Hollister - 21 - She made it in and we saw 2 seconds.
  • Kenny Hoffpauer - She made it in and we saw 2 seconds.

San Juan Puerto Rico

  • Jorge Nunez - 20- Bad Dancer guy that sang "My Way" in Spanish. He has a big voice and sounded pretty good. But definitely sounded better in Spanish. He's going to need to sing in English though if he wants to get further. Remember "Besame Mucho" that Sanjaya sang? ouch!
  • Monique Garcia Torres -16 - The girl that brought her 9 year old brother in with her. She sang okay, but I would've been fine if they just let her brother into Hollywood! Too many 16 year olds this year!
  • Kendall Beard - 23 - She made it in and we saw 2 seconds.
  • Patricia Lewis Roman - 20 - Last girl of the San Juan audition. Her parents got married at the audition location. She sang "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" which I thought sounded pretty good. Simon went into his predictable rant of how she'll always be a 2nd rate Whitney. They let her sing a 2nd song which she did in Spanish and she ended up getting in. Don't know if she'll be good enough to win or anything but she deserved to get to the next round.

Highlights of the bad was the inevitable return of Philly Auditioner Alexis Cohen. (you know the one from Allentown who said the song written about her town was Bon Jovi instead of Billy Joel! I'm still upset about it!) She was just as bad as ever. Then there was the guy that jumped into walls and was a human iPod. Just bizarre! And the girl that kept bragging about all the competitions she won. It was nice to see her be awful!

So 9 from San Juan got in and 26 NYC. There's quite a lot of faces from the 8 cities that we haven't been introduced to. Will they show us them over 4 weeks in Hollywood? You'd think they'd take that extra time (2 weeks) to show us them. And then we'll be getting 12 more people into the Semi-Finals this year. But we'll explain that whole process as we get closer.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings through the auditions. I'm sure you know that I'm glad they're over! I'll see you next week as we begin the Hollywood Round!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Mike. I appreciate your effort here. As a fellow recapper with a little-read blog I know how it feels.

I don't get why the judges hated that girl who'd been in 700 singing competitions. I thought she was OK. Probably just as good if not better than the girl with the cute little brother. I mean, I probably wouldn't have voted for her, but I thought she sounded all right.

The joker who ran into walls was funnier than the joker who got through to Hollywood.