Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol: 2 out of 3 is more my speed!

Maybe I blew the prediction on purpose! I'm sorry but getting 100% 2 weeks in a row is just too much pressure! I should've known once I took Kris out of even my bonus picks that it would come back to haunt me. Oh well in the great words of Jim Steinman sung by the plethora of protein himself, Meatloaf: 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Ladies and the next 3 of your Top 12!

Top 12 Finalists from group 2: Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert
My Picks: Allison, Adam, Matt Giraud Picks: Allison, Adam, Matt Giraud
I think it's safe to say Matt will be back on Wildcard night. We're still not even sure what that means. Simon gave a little blurb about it that they will bring back people who they feel deserve a second shot (and a couple from tonight). But what gives? Do they sing again and get judged on the spot? Or do they call them back on Thursday and then just send some packing? I would think some kind of performance would need to be in store. And since America isn't voting, they can just make a decision. You guys ready for 3 nights of Idol next week? Ugh, I'm not. But it's okay, we're into Top 12 territory after that, and finally we can get down to REAL blogging!

Anyway, not much to say about our Top 12 finalists from tonight's results show. We figured Allison and Adam were in after their performances. It was kind of predictable to pit Adam against Norman/Nick for the final seat. It was Danny vs. Tatiana all over again. Let me guess, Lil Rounds (ugh, don't get me started on her) vs. Nathaniel Marshall next week? I seriously don't know which one of those 2 would be worse in the top 12, but I just assumed Lil will be there.

So all there is to talk about is our very own little Man in the Mirror. The man with a whisper of a voice. But somehow he was able to turn on the ladies with his dimples and his boyish charm of a voice. Really ladies, there is nothing special about Kris Allen! Okay, let me rephrase. Based on his performance of "Man in the Mirror" there is nothing special about him! Kara has gone on about the range he has. Well, if he has range, why does he suffer on the low notes and not even go for the high notes on Michael Jackson's broad melodic tune? He'll be this year's Chris Richardson (did we even have a Chris Richardson in season 7? I dunno). He'll get by on his boyish good looks and decent voice for a few rounds, but then that'll be it. I'd like to say he'll be the first to leave. But let's see the full line-up first! The guy just can't compete with the power vocal chords and personalities that are in this top 12 already. Danny and Adam will drown him out. I guess there's always Michael Sarver that might not be able to go the distance in the top 12 too. I'd say he and Kris are on equal playing field right now.

But, I'm off my soapbox. It's not like anyone else really deserved the spot tonight anyway. We'll see what happens on Wildcard night!

Other lowlights from the excruciatingly 1 hour long results show:

  • First off, while we're on the subject, we were promised half hour results shows this season by the way. I'm keeping count. yep -> big goose egg. Everyone keep track at home!
  • The group performance? Oh my, and I thought them singing an Adult Contemporary song like "I'm Yours" was bad. They took on Ne-Yo's "Closer"? Really??? Yikes. The funniest part was watching Nick Mitchell and Matt Breitzke pretend to know the words when they had no clue. Ahhh good times. (Okay, so I hate these performances, that doesn't mean I can't laugh!!!)
  • Brooke White and her co-written song "Hold Up My Heart" Hey, I like Brooke White and everything. But, um there really wasn't much to that song was there? I was half hoping she'd start to perform it, crack her voice then ask permission to start over!
  • Oh, and you make us sit through an hour of TV to find out 3 people get in, and you have the audacity to make us watch a sentimental retrospective clip show from the season premiere to fill some of the LIVE time??????? That was an all new low! I mean, give me a Coke or Ford Commercial instead!
  • Speaking of commercials, Ryan Seacrest and the Idol producers are now working to solve the DVR/TIVO commercial fast-forward dilemma. The Resolution? Put auditions of contestants we'll never ever care about in the middle of commercial breaks! BRILLIANT! (okay, I'll admit it. I stopped to watch, but I didn't see any commercials in the process!)
  • Whew....aaaaaaand I'm spent!

Group 3 is next Tuesday and Wednesday. The performers? Oh well, you know...

  1. Lil Rounds (ugh)
  2. Kristin McNamara (eh)
  3. Nathaniel Marshall (gag)
  4. Scott MacIntyre (cool)
  5. Von Smith (barf)
  6. Taylor Vaifanua (too many 16 year olds)
  7. Kendall Beard (no good expression comes to mind but awesome last name for a girl)
  8. Ju'Not Joyner (the parenthesis bit is getting old,but this guy may be decent too)
  9. Jorge Nunez - (better than Anthony 'Sergei' Federov's version of "Angel") Any opportunity to make fun of Sergei again is still a good time for me!
  10. Felicia Barton - (fill-in for Joanna Pacitti)
  11. Arianna Afsar - (still can't remember her!)
  12. Alex Wagner-Trugman - (Geek Patrol!!!)

That's all I have for you guys tonight. You can continue to check out any potential discussions going on here as well as on Hope my ramblings were enjoyable as always! See you next week!

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Anonymous said...

You can bet that next week's pimp spot will be either Scott or Lil. I don't care for either one.

I agree that Kris doesn't stand out much, but I thought he was really good last night and earned his spot in the Top 12. I wouldn't be surprised if Kris and Allison are our 11th and 12th Place finishers.

I think last year's Chris Richardson was probably Jason Castro. The guy didn't have much of a voice, but the girls all thought he was cute. Of course, Chris Richardson was probably Season 6's Ace Young.

Alex and Felicia are the contestants I'm most looking forward to next week. I'm a geek, so I have to support Alex, and one of my mother's co-workers knows Felicia, so I'm rooting for her too.