Wednesday, February 04, 2009

American Idol: Hollywood Round 2

Okay, so we got through the group round. As always, it provided for much entertainment. Lots of drama, catfights (not just with the ladies!), and some decent performances. As I'm only concerned about finding the talent and not recapping the episode, there's not too much to write about. So let's check out the groups and see what happened!

  • Group: White Chocolate (India Morrison, Justin Williams, Kris Allen, Matt Giraurd) - They all sounded good together, India threw in a little rap. Whatever. I'm sure they're all decent, but nothing really stood out to me.
  • Nick Mitchell (Norman) and Jorge Nunez live to see another day but we didn't hear anything from them. Unfortunately the guy I tagged as the second coming of David "The Artichoke" Archuleta is already eliminated. I'm sure nicknames will come to me for someone though!
  • Alex Wagner Trugman and Anne Marie Boskovich are in from their group. Again, not really seeing anything eye opening from them yet. The Pink Hair tradition for a top 12 finalist will continue to not exist since season 3 as Emily Hughes did not make the cut. So much for my "she will rebound from round 1" prediction!
  • Clearly again, Team Danny Gokey is topping anything else we're hearing. And he continues to get on my good side by singing my favorite Queen song "Somebody to Love." I'll even continue to give props to his buddy Jamar who is a nice sidekick for now. They even made 16 year old Taylor Vaifuna look good. Not so sure about Girl #4 who never was given a name, but she at least makes it through this round. How awful is that by the producers to not even give this girl her 15 minutes with a name?!
  • We saw 4 featured in different groups that stood out - Jeremy Michael Sarver (still a fan of the oil guy!), Adam Lambert (The Rock with the high voice and high note. I kinda dig him too!, Matt Breitzke (Baldy. I always have to support the bald folk! Dude can sang! ), and Jesse Langseth (I don't remember her from the auditions and she was okay.)
  • Team Diva - woo lots of drama in this one. Bikini Girl made her last stand and took down some casualties with her including Rose Flack (even though she was really out of her league). What was up with the camera crew invading Bikini Girl's hotel room without permission? At least Simon finally put an end t0 his support which you could clearly tell was a joke for him from day 1. Jasmine Murray was the only one from Team Diva to continue on and she sounded really good on Duffy's "Mercy" (and how about Idol getting current with the music?! A sign of things to come?) And yes, Jasmine is still 16 so I'm worried about her holding up. But she's continuing to impress me.
  • Then there was Team Tatiana with even more drama than Team Diva. Tatiana Del Toro is just an awful person to try and take in. The laugh, the insane'ism (yep insane enough for a made up word!). Her team even referred to her as Satan! She tried to change groups into another drama team and then came back. Anyway she and Muna Hiluf - 16 continue on in the competition. I thought both sounded awful. Group member 3 and 4 made it through too but weren't named.
  • Team Compromise - This group probably had the most drama. Nancy Wilson, Kristin McNamara and Nathaniel "the music is in my skin!" Marhsall. The 3 ladies (whoops!) together could've powered the entire city of Los Angeles with their combined animosity. Kristin was the beginning of the drama when she tried to welcome in Tatiana and then when she wanted to take a break. Apparently, she really didn't need to rehearse because she did just fine getting through on her own! How about that high note she hit? Pretty nuts. Not sure if she'll stick around forever though. And I sure hope Nathaniel isn't sticking around long. I cannot take much more of him. Then again, if he does...he might just be my nickname candidate. So many possibilities! But it turned out to be Nancy Wilson who was the one to be shown the door. She did seem to be the one causing the most drama. Well, besides all of Nathaniel's waterworks.

From the previews we also see that Anoop and Scott McEntyre are still alive and well. Looks like the instruments will come into play in Round 3. And then we might be back to the "4 Rooms" elimination next Wednesday instead of the "Elevator of Doom" that has been a staple for the past few seasons. Good times. Well, hope you enjoyed my quick blurb on the night and I'll see you next week for the last week of pre-taped episodes!


Anonymous said...

Awww. I liked Tatiana. Yeah, she's insane, but she seems like a really sweet girl underneath it all.

Unknown said...

Nope...she's unbearable. Hopefully, she'll be gone SOON!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm back.... saw my first episode this week. Don't know anything about anyone... gearing up for the top 24!! Some annoying people is all I noticed.

Mike V. said...

It might do you some good to read the old posts laura! It's a top 36 this year and back to semi season 1-3 format for the semi finals. (12 performances each week, 3 get in each weds, on 3rd week wildcard thursday the judges pick the final 3)

Welcome back!