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American Idol Season 9 - Chicago Auditions with Guest Judge Shania Twain

Hello Idol fanatics!  We're back for the 3rd Audition city of Season 9.  Sweet Home Chicago!!  Maybe, I'm getting nostalgic of this being the first season without Paula and the last season with Simon (a true sign that "change is gonna come"), but I really am enjoying these crazy auditions this year.  Talk to me again next week as we get into our 3rd week of this and I may be singing a different tune.  But, I also am enjoying the guest judges too.  And, I totally think they dropped the ball on picking up Shania Twain FULL time!  She was fantastic the whole episode!  And ironically, both she and Paula have been questioned on their actual vocal talent.  It's perfect!   No disrespect from me though, I still anxiously await her next album!

Anyway, there was only a handful of contestants that made it to Hollywood through the Chicago circuit (13 to  of 12,000 to be exact.  Although one auditionee could've sworn there was 1 million people there. Ummm).  So, we got to see a whole lot of bad as well.  But nothing that stood out as much as the "PANTS ON THE GROUND" Phenomenon!   If you missed out on everything check out my posts here:

Will any audition match Larry Platt's nation-wide anthem to pull up those pants?   We'll have to keep watching to find out!   In the meantime, here is the Chicago Audition Highlights:

Hollywood Bound

  • Katelyn Epperly - 19 - from West Des Moines, IA - Cute curly Blonde girl that kicked off the show.  Her dad left her mom, things are nice and dramatic for the Epperly's.  Mom has convinced Katelyn to audition.  She sang Duffy's "Syrup and Honey" to which Shania brilliantly chimed in with "YUM!"  Gotta love that woman!   And, we might just have to love Katelyn as well!   She had a soft voice, but it was very good.   The Idol cameras showed a lot of her this episode, so be prepared to see more in the Hollywood Rounds and perhaps even the Top 24!     I have one piece of advice and I wish Carly Smithson would have taken it, cover up that NASTY Tattoo on your back!  No one wants to see that!   (although, Carly was by far worse in this category letting her husband ink her up everywhere)
  • Charity Vance - 16 - From Little Rock, AK  This was the girl whose parents own and run a salon in their house.  Okay, WHAT?   Now, please no one get offended, but if you have a father who is working in a salon, you have to start questioning how you were born right?!  But, we'll just stay tuned to see how this story progresses.  Charity was your classic 16 year old singing a classic tune, "Summertime".   I was no Fantasia fan, but it's a bold move to sing that song for Simon when he clearly loved the former's version on Idol.   She was good and had some really good range.  But, here's my take on the situation.  She learned this song for a high school talent show, and that's all she can sing really really well!   She will have no versatility in song choices and will inevitably fail.   Do I sound like a broken record?  So do most of the 16 year olds on Idol!  
  • Angela Martin - 28 - from Chicago, IL - Well, this girl was inevitably going to Hollywood.  She has already been there twice before.  The first time her father was killed and she had to leave and the 2nd time she had to show up in court for a speeding ticket.   A pretty rough road for a girl looking for a break.   She sang Mary J. Blige's "Just Fine" and the judges ate it up, saying she improves each time they see her.   The Idol machine is clearly going to push her as far as they can and hope that America latches on to the big sympathy story.   She was good, but I wasn't floored. 
  • John Park - 20 - from Northbrook, IL - The world is still looking for the first Asian American Idol.  Could John be him?  Probably not, but the student did impress Shania Twain into a bumbling disaster.  Of course, it was hysterical because everything she said had a certain "inneundo" about it.  "You have a beautiful bottom end."  I mean "Nice Tone down there"   and her twirling the strings on her blouse was a good time too!   As for John yeah, he had some good range and a good voice too.  I'll wait to hear more!  But, someone please fire Ellen and hire SHANIA!!!  
  • Paige Dechausse - 21 from Morris, IL - Sob story about the asthma attack she had at 15.  She only had a 30% chance of survival and if she did survive she would most likely be brain damaged.  But Mom came to the rescue with music and earphones to keep her going!  In the audition she sang Sam Cook's "Change is Gonna Come" (an audition staple).   It was pretty decent.  The judges were split on it, but the girls convinced Randy to let her into Hollywood to prove herself.  They advised to show some personality next time.   I thought she was good enough to make it to Hollywood without the indulgent comment from Simon, but whatever!  She's in.   Now, I'm not crowning her Idol or anything. We'll just need to see more! 
  • We saw clips of a few more that got in:
    Justin Ray - 20 and Unemployed -  All I could think about when I saw him was the SOUL GLOW hair from Coming to America!   Good singer though.

    Keith Semple - 27 with a guitar by his side -  He sang some Bryan Adams with a raspy voice and all.   I've been wrong before, but I doubt he'll go very far.  But he could be a unique voice this season.

    Marcus Jones - 18 from Gary, IN - He sang Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" and from we heard very well!

Not many highlights really:  
  • There was the "MY NAME IS KENNY" guy
  • The Accordian Lady with Blue hair
  • The pageant girl that said "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" with the super fake smile made me laugh
  • There was a parade of Profanity from Chicago rejects.  
  • Amy Lang with the "Boob Flex" was um...."interesting"
  • Curly Newbern singing that Maxwell tune was funny because it made Simon crack up.  But Shania watched the whole time and held it back!  Take notes Mary J. Blige!   That high voice was awesome! 
  • Brian Krause who Tip Toed to Tiny Tim?   That was just bizarre and disturbing more than funny!
  • Harold Davis -  Everything was wrong with this starting with the Idol Producers picking the Rocky Theme for the Chicago man.   But yeah, his vocals on Usher were awful.  And the judges' comments reduced him to tears.  awwww  sorry champ!   want to fight for glory...longest note ever....the champ is here!  "nice and slow" usher       what???     
So, the main thing I learned tonight?  Shania Twain for JUDGE!   But not to replace Simon, just ELLEN!    And also, keep an eye on Katleyn Epperly.  We'll be seeing her again.

Wednesday night is Orlando and it looks like we may have some juicy BAD auditions if anything.  I'll be there recapping the episode in all of its glory!  I didn't see a guest judge on the previews, so I guess we will have to wait and see.   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and see you for the next recap!

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Ian said...

Am I the only one who thought Justin Ray looked like a black Chris Sligh?

Mike V. said...

Lol no that's a good call too! But that hair screamed soul glo!!

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