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American Idol Season 9 - Dallas Auditions - Neil Patrick Harris Takes on Simon!

Welcome back America to the American Idol auditions, city # 6.  Good ol' Dallas, Texas where we met the 1st (and still one of the two best) American Idols, Kelly Clarkson!   The hour of TV was filled with more contestants heading to Hollywood than not but we still only saw 8 of 33 people that are on their way!   Of course, based on the Guest Judging talent in the house, I may have preferred more bad auditions!   How about that Neil Patrick Harris folks?  Is there anything this guy can't do?   Child prodigy doctor (Doogie Howser), the ultimate womanizing bachelor on How I Met Your Mother, AND an awesome awards show host.  Now?  It looks like he was born to be behind the American Idol judging table.   Can we take a vote here?   Next year, Shania Twain and NPH judge this thing alone!  While Katy Perry wouldn't take any of Kara's comments, Neil and Simon were at odds quite a few times.  It was quite a spectacle to watch.   Oh yes, and on day 2 there was Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers fame (blink and you would've missed him!  But I'm guessing most teenage girls didn't miss him!)

Anyway, enough of me ranting, let's get on to the contestants:  

Hollywood Bound

  • Lloyd Thomas - 29 from Dallas, Texas Loved this guy.  A large and in charge man who grew up in the projects looking for a better life for his 2 daughters.  (okay, all of these down and out stories are getting old right?)  But, this guy made up for his story with his awesome personality.  He was hysterical!  He sang Stevie's "Overjoyed" beautifully.  But when Simon said it was his favorite of the day, he responded with an overjoyed reaction "Get Out of Here Simon!  You better leave right now!" with a smile from ear to ear.  The judges loved him.  NPH gave him some good critiquing to show more of his personality in the singing because that's what people will like.  I think Lloyd may get to taste a little more victory before his journey on Idol 2010 is over.    Here's the thing.  What's up with him being 29?   I understand if contestants turn 29 during a season, but don't you have to be 28 when auditioning?  Something is fishy here folks! 
  • Kimberly Carver - 26 from Denton, Texas -  Simon called her "Jazz TV, " Neil fought against Simon's remarks.   She sang an original tune and it definitely was jazzy.  But I agree with NPH, you can't discount her in the audition for being too jazzy.  She sang well, give her a chance to do something more Idol's speed in the next rounds.   Loved how Kimberly said that she's going to have to go and watch Doogie Howser again.   Poor Neil, some people still haven't seen his brilliant work on HIMYM (yes the acronym for How I Met Your Mother, get with it people!!) 
  • Erica Rhodes - 23 from Irving, Texas - Yes, this was the dominatrix girl that used to be on Barney.    Okay, so she wanted to "distance herself from her 'fame'" on the purple dinosaur show.  (Erica, sweetie, no one remembers and many never saw you on it!)  But this was a bit ridiculous.  The whip, singing En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" song while clad in leather?   A little too much.  Hey it got her to Hollywood and the judges were impressed.  Not THIS judge folks!  I thought she sounded like Rosie Perez trying to sing.  But what do I know?   We'll see what she has in future rounds.  
  • Dave Pittman - 27 from Mountain Home, Arkansas - The guy with Turrets syndrome.  Is it me or do we have way too many of these stories this year?   Granted, it was interesting to see that all of the twitches and throat clearing didn't happen while he was singing.   So, hey, the story worked for him!   He had a decent voice when singing "Bring It On Home to Me" by Sam Cooke.  So, do we think Neil Patrick Harris actually identified the turrets syndrome when he asked Dave about it or do you think it was on Dave's little form for the judges?   With any other judge (ahem, Kara) I would say it was on the form, but NPH?  Come on!  He's Doogie Howser, M.D.  A child prodigy doctor!  He can spot those things a mile away! 
Brief Pause as we bid farewell to Neil Patrick Harris and welcome the non-existent Joe Jonas.  I  have no disrespect for the guy, I just know the reason he was on that panel! (TV Ratings) 
  • Todrick Hall - 24 from Arlington, Texas - Well he had one strike against him because he referenced Fantasia.  He starred in The Color Purple on Broadway with her.  Everyone  who has read my recaps for awhile knows I have very choice thoughts about the illiterate Idol.   But I did like Todrick.  He came in and did an original composition for the judges.  He name dropped them all in the tune (except Joe but who could blame him?) and even brought William Hung into the equation.  And ended with a plea to send him on to Hollywood.   Just by the song alone, you have to put him through, but I thought the voice was good too.  We'll see how far he goes!    
  • Dawntoya  Thomason - 27 from Dallas, Texas -  Barely saw any of her audition, but dang look at that name!  Dawn just wasn't good enough was it?  You had to add the TOYA on there Mom and Dad didn't you?  
  • Stephanie Daulong - 20 from Austin, Texas -  She had a headband, she's a bartender/songwriter and that's about all I saw.  Voice didn't impress me with the sentence we got.  So, we'll see! 
  • Megan Wright - 20 from Richardson Texas - All she has is her little brother.  Her parents are divorced.  (Okay, then what was that whole posse of people that were there with you AFTER you got the golden ticket?  so weird)   The kid brother was very cute.  And people will want to vote for her to see more of him.  Her voice was decent.   Kara thought she'd be a joke because of her t-shirt (i couldn't read what it said).   Simon liked the SURPRISE element.   She sang "To Make You Feel My Love" a Bob Dylan song that was recorded by both the awesome Billy Joel and the copycat Garth Brooks (just kidding Garth, but you know Billy did it first, Mr. "Hope Floats" soundtrack!)  
  • Christian Spears - 16 from Houston, Texas - An 8 year Leukemia survivor (here we go again!).  She sang Etta James' "All I Can Do is Cry" and she did sing well.  But, as I always say, 9 times out of 10 the young ones just aren't ready for all of this.  But, she has a good voice and people will support her.  All we can do is keep watching to see what she does next! 

The Bad Ones

  • Julie Kevelighan - AKA The "Lady Marmalade" audition from season 1.  Yes, folks, she returned!  I'll be honest, it was tough to remember this one, but still funny to relive it.  She claimed to have been taking choir and acting classes for the past 8 years and now has returned with a sign that said "THIS IS MY YEAR"   She sang "Black Velvet" awfully as expected.  But the best part was Neil Patrick Harris ripping her apart.  He critiqued her sign and how she was running out of room and scrunched the letters to make it fit.  All of this before he told her it was not a good audition. Simon added that the sign should have had "NOT my year" on it.  Ahh classic.   Julie made it worse by talking to the cameras afterwards thinking if she had "taken a deep breath" she would have done better.   Great stuff.    
  • Dexter Ward -  He was on the news in Dallas telling the city that the show was already over because he is going to win.   He made lots of winky faces and then sang a really rough version of "If I Ever Fall in Love Again"    Nothing really else to say about it except that it was funny to watch!  
  • Vanessa Johnston - The chipper girl who loves Pink and Teal.  She sang "At Last" in every key but the right one and she screamed it.  She wouldn't stop moving and smiling.   And when the judges ripped her apart?  She kept smiling.  Simon said when people ask him what his nightmares look like, THIS IS IT.   Her response was "at least you're dreaming about me Simon!"   How can you argue with that?   Anyway, at least we won't have to see her anymore!
So that's it!  Can you believe it folks?  Only one more city to go on this audition circuit.  Ironically, it will be the first city that was filmed this summer: Denver, Colorado.   So, yes, we get more of Victoria Beckham.  Yay! (sarcasm)   This recap will be posted a little later as I'll be pulling double duty with the long anticipated LOST Premiere!  (final season)   Exciting stuff.   Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I will see you next week!

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