Wednesday, February 24, 2016

American Idol: Season 15 - Top 14 Wildcard Night

Hello American Idol fans!  We almost have our top 10!  4 were revealed by the judges tonight and we were given a look at the remaining 10 who have a shot at the other 6 spots.  I documented my thoughts in real time and highlighted my picks to get into the to 10 with some thoughts afterwards.  I'm all about the efficiency these days!  Let's dive in.

Top 10 Fast Passes

  1. Dalton Rapattoni 
  2. Olivia Rox 
  3. Trent Harmon 
  4. La'Porsha Renae 

10 Performances for 6 Spots (real time thoughts and my picks for Top 10 in blue)

Theme - Favorite Moments from the season so far

  1. Manny Torres - "Master Blaster" by Stevie Wonder  Not Impressed.  Flat pretty much the whole performance.  Could be first live performance jitters, but going first won't help his chances. 
  2. Gianna Isabella - "I Put a Spell On You" by Annie Lennox - Powerful voice, lots of upside.  Couple shaky spots, but overall pretty good.   
  3. Thomas Stringfellow - "Story of My Life" by One Direction - Smart song choice to lure in the young vote.  I'm 50/50 on this guy personally, but I think he'll get in.  Agree with Harry on the voice cracking. It is annoying. 
  4. Tristan McIntosh -  "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts - Pretty rendition of the song. Some nice liberties with the melody on some of the runs.  She's good.  
  5. Avalon Young - "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" by Chris Brown - Good presence and comfort on stage.  Great voice.  Looks a "little" less homeless on stage this week.  She's really good.  
  6. Jenn Blosil - "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper -  Amazing unique voice.  She's really really good. 
  7. Lee Jean - "Make it Rain" by Ed Sheehan - I think he slowed it down from the last time and doing a different style.  Didn't quite hit all of his notes, but still like the dude.  Not sure if it'll stand out enough or not.   
  8. Sonika Vaid - "I Surrender" by Celine Dion - Kelly did this one in season 1 and I loved it.  But Sonika was killing it out there too!  
  9. Jeneve Rose Mitchell - "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash - Good vocal.  A little abandonment of the melody.  Agree with the judges, it'll be interesting to see what America thinks.  
  10. Mackenzie Bourg - "Roses" by Mackenzie Bourg - The song he wrote is really good and it was smart to feature it in this quick vote from America.  And he got the pimp spot which only helps him more. He's in.  
Elimination Picks: Manny, Thomas, Lee, Jeneve

Ones where I think I could be wrong: Lee, Avalon, Gianna, Tristan

Lee had a rough night, but I think people like him. I could see the votes saving him.  Avalon might not be relatable, but she's got a great voice.  Gianna and Tristan I kinda see as the same person.  So maybe they won't both get in.  We'll see what happens! 

If there's any reason to look forward to Thursday night besides the actual competition is to see our inaugural winner sharing her wisdom and her cheesy jokes all night long.   Kelly Clarkson will be judging and performing and we're going to love every minute of it!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you after Thursday's Top 10 performances! 


Leslie said...

I think my early favorites are Dalton and Olivia. I don't like Trent as much as the judges do. I agree with your picks with the exception of Lee. Personally, I would keep Lee and let Jenn go. I will say that I didn't like the quirky girl from last year at first, but came to like her more as the weeks went on. I think Tristan and Sonika had a good night, and I'm glad Avalon looked better, but I didn't care for that song, but she can sing!

Mike V. said...

Avalon has to be careful with her song choices...but for all I know that song may be popular with the kids today! lol Then again, are kids today even watching Idol as much as the old heads are? (which I consider myself in that group now)

Dalton has the look and is fun. I don't know if his voice compares to some of the other vocalists. But the voice isn't everything. It's a big thing, but not everything.

Olivia is really good. The puns (which I also already did) on Olivia "ROX" is going to get old fast!

I think Trent is really good, but that high voice may get a little irritating after awhile. So I could see him wearing on voters eventually.

I love Jenn though...I would hate to see her go. I really have a feeling Lee is going to make it though, so it's a question of who gets cut instead of him. And that I'm not sure!