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Wednesday 1/18/05 Denver Auditions

So, I may have went a little overboard on Audition anaylsis for the Tuesday Night premiere, but it WAS the season premiere and many were anxious to get this show on the road. Preliminary ratings are in (thanks to our anonymous poster) and 35 million people watched the premiere. Highest Primetime ratings for Fox in network history (minus the Superbowl, I'm guessing). That's insane! So, obviously there was some pent up anxiety with successful season 4 conclusion and the summer drama with Simon potentially leaving the show. And, well...I had to live up to my fabulous finale recap (posted on this very blog for memories). Now...I feel I have nothing to prove and can give a short recap for the Wednesday show. Oh don't cry! I'm pulling double duty for the Wednesday shows this week (and Lost is getting more attention...sorry! Without further adieu.....our Wednesday Blog:


Marlows Davis - 16 singing Alicia Keys....fails miserably waving his hands flamboyantly for every attempted high note trill. "But I've come such a long way!" "where you from dawg?" "Denver, Colorado" be 16 again....

Jacob Garcia - brings crutches to audition and sings into them....and I believe swung them around a bit. Faaaaantastic!

Angela Garcia - (love them Garcia's!) huge Paula fan attempts "Rush Rush"....and is god awful. Simon's responds stating it is the rare occassion where it was better than the original. And said it was amazing giving poorAngela some false hope. Thanks to editing, we didn't get to see her reaction when she found out she was "absolooootely dreeeaaadful"

Bottom 3 came on day 2

3. Nick McCord - Yellow Plaid Mess - Apparently he's an Entrapatooer! He attempted Elton's "Your Song" and got nowhere near it. Simon claimed worst in Denver...I beg to differ!

2. Cosmic Coaster Chess Master - Ben sings "If I only Had a Brain" after a 5 minute interview about his intelligence and ability to invent things. Did you see the COSMIC COASTER? That thing was awful but unintentionally the funniest thing to grace TV! who on earth needs their Drink to bounce up and down? Granted...we only saw the stay tuned! Naturally....he couldn't sing... Simon thought the whole thing was ridiculous and had a new one liner "What Planet did you fly in from?".....yes not funny on paper...but with the experience of having watched our Chess Master (hasn't lost in 3 years!) made total sense! But Randy one-upped Simon when he asked Ben "Why didn't you invent something to help you sing?" outstanding!

1. Zachary -The She-Male - Sure the Idol editers hyped this one up....but I think it lived up to expectations. I mean the dude dressed in girl's clothing and acted like people should be surprised that people thought he was a girl. Then he attempts to sing Whitney Houston! whaaaat??? Obviously...the audition was horrendously hillarious, but the best was yet to come. The show brilliantly fused in some of THE CRYING GAME while Zach was crying her...errr his heart out. Then he states the show is prejudiced against men who want to sing women songs even when the songs don't fit their registers. LOL.....oh my....I mean, how do you justify THAT one with yourself?


Lisa Tucker - They were already hyping up this girl yesterday....and with reason. She's 16 and belted out Whitney's "One Moment in Time" like she was already a certified Diva. Simon stated that Lisa is the best 16 year old ever in the competition. Look at who she was competing with....John Stevens??? I think Diana DeGarma was too. This girl is a mature 16 and I'd watch out for her.

Brett (Young?) - I'm going to do my best Simon and impression. If I'm being totally honest with you....i don't remember what this guy sang...and i forgot to write it down. I think I was too busy trying to remember his last name, and wasn't interested enough to rewind the TiVo and check! He sounded okay....but nothing to get all worked up about. Randy however said he's the Best in Denver and one of the best he's ever seen!! Simon wasn't as excited....and gave him a Yes with a small "y" I see this guy as a Top 25er who just doesn't get the votes. Then again....people may like his personality.

Rochelle Elaine Dye - Faaaaantastic...another Faaaaantasia. She did a little ditty wit soul "Chain of Fools" was good...but i hate when they get all finger snappy/foot stompy and "come on y'all rock it out wit me!!! clap yo hands brothas and sistas!!" ugh....that schtick is old! Naturally...Randy says "It was one of the Best we've heard this season" Come on're being too hard on these people!!! Oh...and seriously? bringing the whole family to spell out her name on their shirts? This isn't a football game!

Chris Daughtry - This guy definitely has some vocal talent...but he makes Carrie Underwood look like the most charismatic American Idol winner ever! He just stood there twitching his body the entire time. But he's got the sob story....he married a girl with 2 kids and had to give up on his dream to raise her family. cry me a river!!! This was one of our Showcased performers yesterday they're promoting him hard to get to that top 12. Simon said No. Randy said "You didn't EMOTE" .................................................. (that is supposed to be the deafening silence of me staring at the TV in awe of Randy using one of Paula's made up words) But somehow he made it to Hollywood.

Garet Johnson - little cowboy who could - Again...this guy never looked like someone who would make it...but they did the whole damn back story ruining it! They went to his farm, we watched him sing to the chickens...or whatever. Even with all this...I was still taken aback at what came out of his mouth. That dude has some pipes! He did Lion King music, but we won't hold it against him. All agreed that he needed vocal lessons, but there is no way he's going to be able to get any. Unfortunately...i don't see this guy making the cut unless people really fall for him in the later rounds. It was a nice story they made up for him. But unless he EMOTES....and learns to control his's gonna be a short ride back singing at the KFC on the farm. (i know...puns are still in bad shape!)

April Walsh - Bjork girl - Apparently went to high school with someone I work with. Crazy girl said she was from California...maybe she is now. This girl was a little bizarre to be making any huge impact on this show. But she did hit all her notes. But I called the CABARET card for simon....and he didn't let me down. We'll see what happens.

So that's it. pretty unimpressive auditions....but I'm sure America is loving every minute of it. Even if they're not...the ratings are up from last season...the ratings last season were up from the season before. Could this show be possibly growing MORE popular? It's a monster only rivaled by the Monster on Lost! And with that...I will say....see you in Greensboro North Carolina Next Week.....can we find another Clay or Fantasia? all I can say is......God I hope not!

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