Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol - Finally, a shocker!

We had to wait all the way until the top 3 performances, but we finally got our shocking elimination! And yeah, I know I've been saying the past couple weeks that I could see a Blake/Jordin showdown in the finale....but after last night, it just seemed impossible for Melinda NOT to be there. Stupid me listening to Simon. After the Taylor Hicks incident of season 5, we must know that anytime Simon makes a promise, America is going to do the opposite! Ladies and gentelemen our neckless pitch-perfect background singer has left the building!

Eliminated: Melinda Doolittle
My Pick: Blake Lewis

Farewell, Melinda...and great run! That means our winner of season 6 American Idol will be Jordin Sparks or Blake Lewis! Blake has sure picked up a lot of steam these past few weeks. But, I think we had already figured that if either Melinda or Jordin were to face blake in the finals, the competition will already have been decided. Of course, I've spoken too soon before, but I will stick with my prediction from way back at the start of the top 12 that Jordin Sparks will be wearing that crown and singing the dreary new Idol song at the end of the show next year. Speaking of the songwriter's contest. I listened to the Top 20 songs submitted, and most of them are much much much worse than Inside Your Heaven and Do I Make You Proud combined. There were a couple ones that are at least listenable, but none of them will lend themselves easily to a beatbox (non-subtle hint hint!)

Highlights from tonight:
  • Maroon 5 performing their new single "Makes Me Wonder" and watching singer Adam Levine (that is his name, right? or did I just make it up?) cover his mouth instead of saying the dreaded "F" word! Real subtle once again!
  • The homer simpson intro? Really? was that necessary?
  • Melinda's writing on her dress "Death Cheater" huh???
  • Blake's Dad's refusal to leave the stage leading to Ryan saying "seriously, take a seat!"
  • Blaker girl's t-shirt stating "Marry Me" but the "Marry" and the "Me" were never on level with each other on the t-shirt! (yeah...none of us are being real subtle tonight!)
  • Our very own Mr. Tumnus returned to the stage with NEW TEETH! And man were they white! Was glad to hear him sing "Wait For You" that's a good tune. For those who didn't read the season 5 blogs, of course I'm talking about Elliott Yamin! I'm so happy for that crazy fawn! He really did create his own magical land of Narnia! Good Job Elliott!

Well that'll just about do it! 2 blogs remain before we wrap up yet another season of Idol. Anyone super shocked that Melinda has left us? Will you refuse to watch the finale? Who will win it all? Comment away! See you next week!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading yor recaps and enjoying them and *cough* I called it from the begining, Jording and Blake in the final! sorry.... But now I need your help! my TIVO stopped recording before I could here what did Simon say about Melinda being out, do you mind filling in my blank of what happened? thanks!!!!

Mike V. said...

yeah..i've had to set the DVR to record the news right after Idol to catch the end! but i forget exactly what Simon said. pretty much congrats to jordin and blake and something about how Melinda deserves nothing but success! He didn't really get into how America got it wrong though!

Thanks for reading and enjoying!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on the E! website ~

"Congratulations to you two. My commiserations, Melinda, 'cause you are one heck of a singer," a bummed-out Cowell told her after hearing that the more than 60 million votes had tipped the scales in favor of Sparks and Lewis, giving Idol its third he sang-she sang finale in a row and overriding Jackson's prediction that, based on singing, it was going to be an all-girl final this year.

zosiasmom said...

Oh Mike,
Elliot-whoa...are there poligrip/dental commercials in his future or what?I am glad Melinda is gone, and am sure she'll make out ok.Simon hated Taylor~the drunken father at weddings...glad he is wrong again today!

Anonymous said...

I for one am happy with the results last night. Jordin and Blake have been my favorties from the beginning. Yes, Melinda sang on pitch and hit all the right notes, but I don't like the sound of her voice. It is too growly. Just like season 1 with Tamyra...she just didn't have the personality or marketability to be an Idol. So, farewell!