Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol - Nothing but Clear S's from Now On!

Well, you never hear the expression "I should've went against my gut!" But that's exactly what I did last night when I made my pick last night. My gut kept telling me "It has to be a surprise elimination" Anyway, I'm not going to brag about getting it right this week. Everyone was picking LaKisha or Blake to go home. Plus I kept harping on the whole Melinda thing! Instead let's give a fond farewell to another POWER VOCALIST and the final speech challenged contestant this season!

Eliminated: LaKithsha Jones
Bottom 2: Blake, Lakisha
My Bottom 2 (my pick in Blue): Blake, Lakisha

And a quick yay to me for getting 3 in a row! So things are still going as planned. The best 3 still remain and if our calculations are correct, Blake is the next to go. But would it be so surprising to see Blake in that Final 2 playing spoiler to the Diva Duel? He DOES have a lot of support out there. And as one of our frequent commenters brought up today, he probably has a large portion of the Chris and Phil supporters backing his cause now too. Really depends on what Melinda brings to the stage next week. If the final 3 goes down like other seasons, the songs will probably be 1 of the contestant's choice and the other a judge's joice. But, they mix that up every once in awhile. So we shall see!

Let's see...anything worth noting from tonight's long hour?
  • Pink performed...and was not sporting any PINK. But her guitar player had pinkish red hair. Discuss amongst yourselves!
  • How about that Barry Gibb Medley from the contestants. Sure look like they barely practiced it didn't it? I love how they all kept looking at each other to make sure they were singing the right part of the right song. I could tell Lakisha was Lisping in all the wrong places as that tongue kept flying between the teeth on lyrics that didn't even have Th's or S's. That was fantastic!
  • Lots of "Paula clapping" galore from all 3 judges. If Blake killed the Beatbox last night...the judges "Pulled a Blake" on the Paula clap. But you gotta love Paula Abdul ruining the surprise that Jessica Alba was in the audience by inexplicably repeating how "HOT" she is. Gotta love the awkward silences when Ryan doesn't know how to segueway to the next topic!
  • 2 words for Blake - TUXEDO T-SHIRT? REALLY? (i know...that was 3)
  • Then there were the video interview clips of all 4 contestants. Highlights are KiKi asking the world to cry for her because "Nobody knows what I've been through" But even better was when she was saying "American Idol is the best thing that has happened in my life" AS they were showing pictures of her and her daughter! YOU Can't script this stuff any better! Jordin did get my welling with the tears though! (well it's allergy season...give me a break!)
  • And I think we all could've done without comparing the Fantastic 4 with the AI Final 4 for a ridiculous movie promotion! The worst thing is, I didn't even see it coming!
  • And yes...I didn't forget. Barry Gibb treated us to his best Aaron Neville impression. And he did it all while wearing a see-through blouse! That takes guts!
Well that's it for this week kids. See you next week has we whittle this group down to the final 2! In the meantime discuss...are we happy that the LISPS are finally gone this season? Good Night!

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