Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol: A lesson in Song Selection

Well...I did it again. Refused to accept the truth and went with the HOPE! I gotta get back on my game! This is getting embarrassing! This is one whirlwind of a season. But that bottom 3 made perfect sense for the night we had last night. I think we all kinda knew who was going home and I just wanted to throw out a scenario that many of us would have preferred! Ladies and Gentlemen....Carlton Banks/Forrest Whitaker/Gary Coleman.....or as we've come to know him: CHICKEZIE... has left us this week!

Eliminated: Chickezie
Bottom 3: Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado, Chickezie
My Bottom 3: Kristy Lee Cook, Chickezie, Ramiele Mulaby's Bottom 3: Ramiele, Castro, Chickezie

I was a walking contradiction in my blog last night. I mentioned in Kristy's section that she was probably safe from the bottom 3, then I put her in there anyway! And I mentioned that Castro would probably be in the bottom 3 and then I made him a wildcard! Just bizarre. Yeah, and I know there are Ramiele fans out there, but I didn't think she'd be safe from the bottom 3. But I did forget about one of my golden rules. If I can't think of much to say about someone, chances are not many others out there are thinking of much to say about them either. That would be SYESHA. Song selection is KEY. And all 3 of our bottom 3's songs were awful and unmemorable. Simon was right on tonight. Awful might be a strong word. But it's just songs that no one really knew nor wanted to hear again. God, even that awful Archuleta song I can't get out of my head...that crazy "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" from the song and then listening to him talk about it "I just love that song, it's like my favoritest song ever and the guy that wrote it Farnham??? He is just wonderful. It's just great with the words and the music and the whole combination! Of course I picked it myself. It's simply wonderful!!!!" Wow, the artichoke is getting speaking lessons from Paula herself!

So what's the fallout from this? Well Jason Castro is going to bounce back with something risky next week. It's either going to be great or be a disaster. I think next week is Dolly Parton country week too isn't it? Hmmm Guitar, Country....let me guess going to give us some Keith Urban? Well just make it a good one! I think Jason's fans have seen the bottom 3 alarm loud and clear though and won't make the same mistake of only voting 300 times each. They'll up it back to 600. Syesha on country night??? Hmmm I'm not so sure if she'll be able to swing it. You know who might though? That crazy Kristy Lee Cook. She is one of those contestants that will overstay her welcome, I'm telling you. It happens every year! Of course, personally, I'd say Ramiele is doing a good job of that too! But it's no matter. Anyone that I have thought had a chance of winning this thing are still in the running! (speaking of which, A season 7 first, David Cook beat out Archuleta in the dialidol predictions for whatever that is worth!) If Ramile or Syesha somehow come up with a nice country performance next week, then we'll have no choice but to say goodbye to one of the bigger names on the show (man, I feel like John Madden right now with my Captain Obviousness!)

Other highlights from the results show:

  • Kimberly Locke returns from season 2. Montage of success was nice. As for her performance? She should stick to her restaurant!
  • Idol top 10 performance was a disaster. Has anyone noticed that in the close-up shots that some of them seem to be mouthing the words and not singing? And sometimes the words they are mouthing are not the right ones? That might be my favorite thing to watch on results show night!
  • Taking Fan calls is starting to show its true colors: an excuse to make the results show an hour.
  • Idol Gives Back is becoming a phenomenon once again. I'd like to make fun of it. But what can you say about something that is for a great cause? #1 show in America, and they're using the publicity to raise money. It's a good thing. Now the only question is how will this affect the COMPETITION this year? I mean they can't pull the same OBVIOUS twist they did last year with not eliminating anyone right? I've heard rumors that they're going to have 5 previous contestants from this year return to compete for an extra spot on the Idol tour. Not a bad idea, but will anyone really care? Time will tell.

Okay, I think I've bored you all enough. Not much else to do except wait until next week! Farewell Chickezie, we'll miss you. You truly were the MOST LIKEABLE contestant! I'll see Y'ALL next week when we put on our LINE DANCIN' BOOTS and COWBOY Hats and GO COUNTRY!


Anonymous said...

Chikezie leaving is no big loss IMHO but I am surprised that Ramiele wasn't bounced first.

FYI, during the week of Idol Gives Back, Idol will do their usual show on Tuesday (although it's only an hour). On Wednesday, they kick it off at 7:30 EST and go 'til 10. There will no false charades of kicking off somebody that night. Instead, Idol will come back with an hour show on Thursday and kick someone off then.

Love your blog, your comments, etc. Keep up the fine entertainment.

Ian said...

I'm really going to miss Chikezie. He was fun and didn't have a past record deal like some people we know. This season is really going downhill fast for me.

It looks like you and I are having the same thoughts about next week. I said on my blog that I figure Syesha and her lack of a fanbase will finally go home while Kristy will stay in it because she's doing the genre she categorizes herself as.

Unknown said...

I didn't see Tuesday's show so can't say too much about it. Simon was on Oprah last week with her Big Give stuff and he said he liked both Davids, Brooke and Jason Castro.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up Laura!

This is a pretty good interview with Simon too. He seems to be favoring Cook for now lol He also comments about the ridiculous MOSH PITT Hand Waving and Clapping going on. Maybe not the clapping...but I meant to comment on that Tuesday night. They were ridiculously off beat with Jason Castro's song. That could NOT have helped him!

Seems like Simon and Nigel are about to have some WORDS!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I was sorry that Chickezie left, I am still gunning to get Jason Castro out...unfortunately I think he has too much teeny bopper appeal, but , hey, hope springs eternal...As far as David A's song..**shaking my head**...Oh well, I wanna see what Kristy is going to do with Dolly.

Anonymous said...

So how high was Castro? I'm surprised he didn't bring out a bag of Funions.