Thursday, March 06, 2008

American Idol: Top 12 Revealed!

Yeah yeah I got 2 of 4. whatever. I'm fine with who got eliminated! There's always next year (should I brave to do these blogs for yet another season!) Farewell folks!:

Eliminated: Luke Menard, Kady Mally, Asia'h Epperson, Danny Noriega

I really should've seen the Asia'h one after her comments of being happy with 2nd Rate Whitney. But you know, it's not like she sang her song badly! Luke and Kady were obvious in my opinion. And let us all REJOICE that DANNY has been put out of his misery! And let's hope that crushed Ramiele losing her flamboyant girly male friend so early will put her in a state of depression and have her soon follow! (Sorry Ramiele fans...that was a bit overdramatic on her part!!)

Anyway...IDOL ADDICTS meet our TOP 12! (in blue are my initial top 12 picks, in orange were my wildcard picks)
  1. David Cook
  2. David Archuleta
  3. Jason Castro
  4. Carly Smithson
  5. Kristy Lee Cook
  6. Amanda Overmeyer
  7. Syesha Mercado
  8. Brooke White
  9. Chickezie
  10. David Hernandez
  11. Michael Johns
  12. Ramiele Mulaby

Not bad not bad! Only one I didn't have going through was Ramiele. And 9 of the 12 I had pegged without the assistance of Wildcards! Granted, I remember wanting to put Brooke in there but she couldn't fit and Castro I liked because he had Dreads! Anyway, this is a pretty decent top 12! All the guys are great singers and the girls...well most of them are good. The rotten eggs of the bunch that may stick around for awhile? Amanda Overmeyer and Kristy Lee Cook (I know I know...the 2 I liked from the auditions!!! Things change!!!) And of course, I'm not a big fan of Ramiele, but she may be able to fix whatever issues she's been having. Other than that....this competition (let's pretend the David Archuleta experiment doesn't exist!) is wide open!! Last year I was able to peg our Idol winner immediately when the top 12 commenced. Not sure if that will be the case this year...but I may try it! Okay...I've rambled enough kids. Are you shocked at the results? Upset? Indifferent? Thanks for helping get the discussion started last night! Keep it up with this one! And please let me know if you're getting excited to call into next week's results show! I mean....isn't that the most fabulous news ever???? (yes yes...sometimes the sarcasm is hard to read in these blogs!) I'll see you next week as we FINALLY begin our top 12!

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Ian said...

Good job predicting the Top 12.

I was upset that The Mannequin (my nickname for Kristy Lee Cook) made it over Asia'h, simply because she's so unbelievably boring. I'll also miss Luke, who sounded better to me in his sing-out than in his actual performance. I'm at least glad Chikezie made the Top 12 and that we don't have to put up with Danny anymore.