Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol: Top 8 Girls Perform

Hello Idol fanatics! Don't worry, we're almost done with our 5 hour Idol weeks! The 2nd 2 hour segment showcased the final 8 females left in the competition. Last week, they didn't really give us much to be excited about. This week? Well, as a whole, they were better. But, no one really was posing much of a threat to the guys. It's difficult to pick out who of the bunch is going home. But, as usual, I have 3 suspects! If we go strictly with Simon's comments, we know the 2 he picked out (and I'd like to pick the same!) We'll see how that works!

Speaking of the judges...what was wrong with them tonight? I guess Randy and Simon were feeling left out of Paula's cluelessness that she brings on a daily basis. Lots of inside jokes abound tonight with the judges...and between the male and female contestants. Like the SCARFS? What was up with all of the crazy scarfs? Danny wearing Ramiele's glasses?? "I LOVE MUTTS"?????? Anyway...just another crazy day in Hollywood! Here goes nothing. My breakdown of the final 8 girls for 80's week

  1. Asia'h Epperson - "I fell on roller skates once!" - Well when you think 80's power think Whitney Houston right? I feel like we've taken a step back into season 1 music for Idol when they compared everyone to Celine, Whitney and Mariah. I mean haven't we all grown up now? Can't we just compare them to our former Idol winners??? I dunno.... Anyway Asia'h sang "I wanna Dance with Somebody" and like Simon said it was a total clone performance and no one is Whitney besides Whitney. But, on the bright was still really good for Asia'h and good enough to stick around for the top 12. Much better than her take on Celine last week. I guess Mariah is next week?
  2. Kady Malloy - "Tripped on a Microphone cord. Reverb happened!" - Kady really has had chance after chance to win over America. I picked her to go home last week. After her performance of Queen's "Who wants to live forever?" it looks like she is the girls' Luke Menard this week. The obvious choice. She wasn't awful. But she doesn't compare to the rest of the girls.
  3. Amanda Overmeyer - "Set fire to a pool" - Joan Jett is definitely more in her comfort zone and she was a million times better than last week. Her hair was back to being under control (but the bleached front still confuses's very Jason Yeager of her!). I've always said Amanda deserves to be in the top 12 just because she's unique. And considering she has votefortheworst behind her, she probably has twice as much support to make that happen! She sings well for the kind of singer she is, and I guess that's all you can expect from her. But with the limited vocal range, I cannot see her standing up against the rest of the boys and power girls for TOO long.
  4. Carly Smithson - "Got my Legs stuck in a railing and greased them up. People laughed. Got tattoos on my arm, and my husband has them on his face. People Screamed" - My notes for Carly: "Awesome. Don't like Song" I summed up Simon's critique into 4 words! To borrow from Paula's dictionary, Carly has an amazing instrument and she COULD sing the phone book (I really think that there are some great names under "A" if she wants to get started!) But what is with these song choices? "I DROVE ALL NIGHT?" Okay Carly, you proved you can hold a high note for 10 seconds. Congrats! Now put that high note in a better song! and STOP SINGING CELINE!!!! I also am not a big fan of how these contestants are taking 80's songs that have been covered in later years and singing THOSE versions! This was a song recorded by Roy Orbison in 1987 but not released until 1992. Cyndi Lauper recorded in 1989. Celine??? 2003!!! Same with "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" last night. The song wasn't big until the 90's. To me, that's just messing with the system to sing 80's songs you know! Do some more research! Anyway...Carly is safe!
  5. Kristy Lee Cook - "Used to think I was a dog" - Dogs and Journey.....Randy's favorite. Ugh....the judges were on my nerves tonight! (Can't you tell?) So Kristy promised to do a country song if she was back this week. And she did Journey's "Faithfully" with a country twist. Yeah, it could be a big country hit. But probably not sung by Kristy! Anyway, she wasn't TOO bad. Simon said it was forgettable, but then went to say she'd probably make an exit when she gets to the top 10. She really can't hold up against the power singers in the competition. But based on everyone else's performances tonight, I don't know if she is necessarily safe this week either. But I'm going to keep Simon's comment in mind when we get to the bottom of this blog!
  6. Ramiele "Lullaby" Mulaby - "Rode a pink bike in 5th grade and gave a picture to a boy. He laughed at me" - This may have been the most uninspiring performance of "Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)" I have EVER heard! Actually, starting to think about it...this song may be the most overused song in the history of American Idol (it might be time to retire it). There were these lousy performances Corey Clark, Katharine McPhee Actually, of all people Scott Savol pulled it off pretty well. I just can't understand the big fuss about this girl. She really isn't that great! How about the train wreck of an outfit she was wearing with the grey, purple and red ensemble? I mean, I'm not the most stylish person in the world....but did she raid a closet with the lights off??? Anyway....the judges kept saying how she was definite top 12 material. I'd have to side with Simon this week and say that this performance really wasn't that great. And she may have something to be worried about!
  7. Brooke White - "Jumped on Dad's back told him she was hungry. Wasn't her Dad" - Well Brooke took an emotional 80's Power Anthem of Pat Benetar's and turned it into a modernized acoustic tune. She lost the instruments this week and just went with a a backup guitar player and sang her tune sitting on the stage. Well, with Brooke what you see is what you get. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I do worry that it will tire on us eventually. But for now....great singer, great talent and definitely a top 12er!
  8. Syesha Mercado - "My 2nd grade crush ate my gum and told the teacher on me!" - Oh what do you know? Another Whitney song! I won't get into Simon's comment of calling this PREDICTABLE besides saying that isn't it convenient that both Asia'h and Syesha sang a Whitney Houston song? I think the rest of the words can be filled in for me! She sang it really well. As painful as it is to hear "Saving All My Love for You" in these modern times, she did sing it well. The high notes were very impressive. But PLEASE...NO MORE WHITNEY!!!!! Syesha is a top 12er also!

Okay okay, so where has all of this rambling brought us? Did we figure anything out? Well, I did. Whether it is right or wrong I am going with it!

Definite Top 12: Asia'h Epperson, Amanda Overmeyer, Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado

Definitely Gone: Kady Malloy

Should be Worried:

  • Kristy Lee Cook - Simon said forgettable, but won't leave us until top 10
  • Ramiele Lullaby - I said she had an off week last week, and think this week was even worse

Elimination Picks: Kady Malloy, Ramiele Mulaby Wildcard: Kristy Lee Cook

Well there it is America! By the end of tomorrow night's broadcast we will have our next top 12! If we are able to weed out the bad stuff that is left, this really could be an exciting top 12. Of course, it will only be as exciting as the Themes and Songs they pick. We will check back in with my predictions at the start of the top 24 and see how well I did tomorrow night. But again, it will be brief due to conflicts with one of the Greatest Television Programs ever to air on TV! LOST! Don't forget, our resident Idol Beat Boxing season 6 runner up Blake Lewis will be back tomorrow night to sing us a tune. Ooooh, foaming at the mouth already!

And please....start COMMENTING! I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to myself every week! See you tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

I am really getting excited about this season! The guys are great, and there is enough talent with the remaining girls to keep it interesting.

Just have to point I did to Shanna last night...ever notice how David Archuletta licks his lips every few breaths? He looks like a lizard! Maybe "Lizard Licker" shoud replace "Artichoke" as his nickname! lol

Anonymous said...

I still think Overmeyer needs to get outta there....but I'm still excited about the show this season too. Paula was crazy nutso tonight! It amazes me that she actually forgets how to use words! Lol

Anonymous said...

Syesha and Carly are heads and tails above all the ladies right now. Definitely think Kady is a goner but that second pick is not an easy one to figure out.

Would love to see Amanda get da boot but she did extremely well tonight so I guess she's safe.

Getting rid of Kristy Lee would make me very happy especially for a girl who says just ending up "number 10" is okay with her.

Ian said...

Hey, I recently discovered your blog and I think it's great. I don't agree with all your opinions, but your recaps are pretty entertaining. I recently became a recapper myself, so I know what tough work it is.

I hope you get all four elimination picks right one of these days, but since 3 of the 4 you picked this week are among my favorites (Luke, Chikezie and Ramiele) I hope it happens sometime next year. I realize Luke has a snowball's chance in hell of making the Top 12, but I'm pulling for him. I also agree that Ramiele has made some boring song choices, but she's still much more interesting than Kristy Lee Cook.

Mike V. said...

Oooh Comments!! Who knew all I had to do was ask?? lol Thanks for answering the call!

Andrea, I think I did notice the lizard licking but you know me...always taking notes during the performances I sometimes miss the significance of things! I'll be sure to focus on this in the rounds to come! Because I'm sure it's going to drive me nuts!

Shanna (aka future wifey ;-) who is probably mad that I just called her out on that!), I agree that Amanda really wasn't as good as the judges said she was last night. I think I was too nice in the blog about her. Her range is just too limited to really be competitive. And soon her reason for being there will probably be related! And the Paula thing is just exponentially getting worse every year and every episode within every year. It is almost unbearable now!!!!

Good point anonymous about Kristy saying top 10 is okay with her. That isn't really the sign of a winning attitude! And maybe Ramiele has more fans than her. I dunno! It's really a toss-up in my opinion and I don't think either one will be rebounding to win the whole thing anyway! lol

Ian thanks for the compliments. I will try to be understanding that you don't agree with me always! Just kidding...obviously everyone has their own opinions! But usually when I get stuck on something, it's hard to change my mind! And, in the end, if the blog is entertaining...that's all that matters to me! lol Good luck keeping your picks alive tonight and I'll keep pulling for my 4 out of 4! An equally challenging task in the weeks ahead is accurately predicting the bottom 3 and the RIGHT elimination pick!

Anonymous said...

I have gotta go with Shanna on Amanda( ugh- she is like long fingernails on the blackboard to me)...but am pretty much in line with your "leaving" bunch.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I am glad I check in once in a while...congratulations you guys!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Marian, nothing like subtle announcements on a BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Not mad at all future Hubby! ;-) lol