Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The American Idol Winner is Revealed! And Being an Underdog is IN!

My friends, being wrong never felt so good!  I 2nd guessed my decision ever since I pushed submit on the blog post declaring the high pitched crooner the inevitable winner of American Idol 2009.  But I had this sneaky suspicion of an underdog defeat.  But what a story it made!   A man pulled from obscurity with no hype from the American Idol machine, and a large hill to climb entering the top 13 grows throughout the competition and pulls off the unthinkable.   That is what American Idol is all about folks.  And I will proudly go to 6 out of 8 All Time for a happy ending like this.  My friends, meet your new AMERICAN IDOL! 

American Idol Season 8 Winner: Kris Allen
My Pick: Adam Lambert Pick (by a decimal!): Kris Allen

Whew, doesn't get much better than that folks!  Congratulations Kris!  And of course, job well done to Adam to keeping his legions of fans supporting him throughout the run.  I'm sure they will support him beyond this show.  And I think American Idol did a good job putting Adam with bands tonight that show what he really is capable of in live performances.   But we'll get to that in a second.   KRIS won American Idol!  Crazy stuff folks.  And good job to all of you out there that had the guts to call it without second guessing yourselves.   I think if Allison was in his place, I wouldn't have thought twice about picking her just because I thought she was fantastic all season!   Anyway, not much else to say about the results.  Let's do the highlights and lowlights one more time for the season! 

  • Introduction of the judges.  Randy is finally called out on "For me/For you"  And Paula's vocabulary lesson was fabulous.   Okay, funny that Kara said Sweetie and Honey a lot in the Auditions.  I would have liked to have heard a montage of her slip ups throughout the season!   Namely Aerosmith's chronology and how many words 6 truly is!    
  • David Cook performing "Permanent".  If you hadn't heard, David's brother Adam passed away a couple weeks ago after battling cancer for a long time.  That was pretty rough stuff when he sang the tune.  But it was awesome that he got up there and sang it!   I may have to download it for the cause! 
  • Jason Mraz showing up to perform "I'm Yours" with the top 13.  Yeah we heard them all sing it cheesily before, but having the Mraz man in the house made it better!
  • Hello!!! Shout out to Kris and Keith Urban jamming out to "Kiss a Girl"!  That was awesome!
  • ALLISON IRAHETA and CYNDI LAUPER!!!!!!  Best of the night folks (well one of the best)!  How great was that?  I mean, I am already a fan of "Time After Time".  It's just one of those songs that are impossible to get sick of.  But man, Allison and Cyndi really tore it up! 
  • Danny introducing Lionel Richie.  Okay this segment had its ups and downs.  Starting with Danny singing "Hello" and reminding us that David Cook should be the only one to ever sing that again on the Idol stage!  But once they got into "All Night Long" everything was right with the world!  Cheesy Danny dancing included. 
  • I'm sure we were all wondering what was up with Adam's Metallic Angel wings he was sporting before he introduced KISS.  Of course, then it all made sense.   And I tell ya, I can't tell you how sick of "Rock and Roll All Night" I am, but it was pretty cool to see how well Adam just fit in with the band.  Maybe there is a place for him in the Rock biz afterall! 
  • Santana in the house!  Yeah, the top 13 cheesed it up after Matt Giraud and Carlos did a few lines of "Black Magic Woman".  They all came in and started getting all "Smooth" and it just sounds like High School Musical anytime they are all singing!   But, it's still Santana! 
  • Gotta mention the Ford Music Video!  A nice retrospective of all the videos this season.  
  • Again, top 13's Gentlemen singing Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" had to be one of the cheesiest moments of the night.  But you knew Rod wouldn't be far behind.  And awesome that he sang "Maggie Mae"!    Yeah, maybe his voice and moves aren't all there anymore but it was great to see him singing the classic out there! 
  • And of course, Adam and Kris singing "We Are the Champions" only to have QUEEN backing them up!   And I think I've said this a few times including last night.  Adam could really fit in as the next lead singer of Queen.  I've compared his theatrics to Freddie Mercury's several times.   And that's not a bad thing.  But he still has to control the SHRIEKING!!     Anyway, Adam and Kris did a stand-up job on this one.  
  • All of the crowd shots of Past contestants and winners was a good time.  Carrie was in the house.  Justin Guarini was there.  Bo Bice made an appearance.  Ruben was hysterical when he really thought that the Tatiana running up on stage and singing when a commercial was needed wasn't staged!   I'm sure there were others, but that's all I can think of right now!
  • Top 13 girls singing "Glamorous" leading to Fergie's introduction to sing a 2 year old song "Big Girls Don't Cry" leading the the return of the Black Eyed Peas to sing "Boom Boom Pow!"  Ouch.   And of course classy girl that Fergie is didn't decide to bleep herself on their certain profane word in the song.   Wow that was a bunch of train-wreckiness! 
  • Top 13 singing Pink's "So What" - seemed pre-recorded at times and other times just awful!  
  • Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah sing "Cue the Rain" - I will give credit to Lil for singing a song in a genre we'd expect more from her.  Probably the best she sounded all season.   But then again, that song wasn't too good! 
  • The Golden Idols - ugh these things are always rough.  And we knew who would be featured in them.  Norman Gentle, Bikini Girl and Tatiana Del Toro.   Of course there were some comedic moments worth mentioning.   Norman dropping the mic in random audience member's hand and walking off.   Ryan's mentioning to Bikini Girl "I'd ask you what's new, but I think I know"  Then of course there was the whole singing bit with Kara and her showing off her bikini as well.   I guess that was kinda funny! And well, Tatiana, that was just torture we knew we were going to have to deal with!
  • Then there was the Duet between Megan Joy and Michael Sarver featuring Steve Martin to promote his new bizarre album.   And that just got a............................................  out of me. I have no idea what they were thinking with that one! 
All-in-All a decent 2 hour finale.  But I'm glad it's over!   It has been another long and torturous ride along the American Idol rollercoaster.   The season was rough-going like last season but also like last season, we ended on a high note!  And that is always a cause worth celebrating.   I apologize that I couldn't successfully pick the winner this year for you guys, but I'm sure you will let it slide.   I am happy that I got to expand my audience further this year with the community.  Thanks everyone for reading and enjoying my endless rants.  Thanks to the loyal commenters who have shared their thoughts every week as well as the occasional posters for all of your great commentary all season.  I will now go into hibernation for a few months and prepare for the onslaught to start all over again next year!   One more congratulations to Kris Allen for the win!  

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I will see you next year! 

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Ian said...

You and I seem to agree on most of the highlights/lowlights. I will say though, that I enjoyed Michael, Megan and Martin. The song itself was fun, and Michael doesn't seem so bad when he's singing with the awful Megan.

A video of Kara's slipups would've been hilarious!

Thanks for blogging this season, Mike! It's been a pleasure reading!

Mike V. said...

I just couldn't get past the whole BIZARRE FACTOR of the Michael/Megan/Martin thing. And Megan STILL sounded awful! lol

It's been my pleasure Ian. Thanks for contributing your thoughts every week and good call with the Kris pick!

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Mike V. said...

sorry guys, my blogs are getting spammed in the comments! I had to add the word verification for future comments. Hope it isn't too much of an inconvenience!

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