Tuesday, May 05, 2009

American Idol's Top 4 Rock Out With a Twist! Who Will Get the Boot?

Greetings American Idol fans!  I'm back to cover what songs were sung on American Idol tonight and share all of my wonderfully thought out feelings on the night!  The night started off different than other nights.  The contestants essentially had no rehearsal time due to accidents on the set. Out of nowhere, instead of having 3 judges and allowing each contestant to sing 2 songs they also decided to introduce AMERICAN IDOL DUETS, supposedly un-judged but due to placement could affect the vote.   Based on the judges' comments tonight of certain contestants?  I'm not going to complain on the placement of these DUETS!  

Overall, the night was very entertaining and we have a pretty talented and likable top 4 on our hands.   Our 4 remaining contestants, guided by Guitar Legend SLASH (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), were molded into bonafide rock stars.   The band came to play on stage as well.   In my mind, there is no doubt who should go home based on all of the performances, but it's really up to America to make that happen.   Well let's get to it kids!


Adam "Jazz-Rock Hands"Lambert
Song: "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zepplin

Well, all I can say is seeing Adam in Rock setting was like night and day from what we've been seeing him do lately with him practically joining Radio City Christmas Spectacular last week (yes, the Rockettes!).  I think in the Hollywood episodes when we were first being introduced to Adam, he was doing more of the Rock thing and it wasn't so, as Simon Cowell put it, cabaret!   Well, that's what this week felt more like.   I mean, his voice really could be the second coming of Robert Plant (yeah, I know Robert Plant is still alive and well and still winning Grammy's!).   And ironically enough since he was working with Slash, he even sounded a bit like Axl Rose!   That being said, for the first half of the performance, Adam seemed to be doing a monotone performance.  Yep, all of those high notes, but still not much to the performance.  Which annoyed me because Randy called Allison out on it on her song but not Adam.   Here's the thing though.   Adam twisted things up with that BREAK and then doing some a capella runs and getting some Rock swagger going on (the Idol "term of the season" this year!).   So what is there to say?  Adam is going to bounce back big time from last week, as expected.  As I said, being in the bottom 3 last week was the best thing that ever could have happened to him.  I always recognize his talent but he is still not my favorite contestant.   I think I've been pretty clear over the weeks who took that spot for me.  

Allison "Not So Shy Anymore" Iraheta

Song: "Cry Baby" by Janis Joplin

You guys like that hint of blue hair mixed in with red this week?   Well thank Adam's hairstylist he's been going to for years!  Allison, in my opinion, brought down the house again tonight.   Yeah, it was tough going after Adam's opening as Simon predicted, but she gave a very moving performance.   Did she sound a little like Janis?  Well, yeah!  Her voice has that raspy edge just like Adam's sounds kinda Robert Plant'ish!   I'll give credit to Simon for commending Allison on her growth over 8 weeks, but it appears that he was setting her up for her downfall this week.   Meanwhile, I saw enough of her tonight to convince me that she belongs in that final 2.   Of course, I have to wait to give the rest of my feedback until we get to the twist!  In the meantime, I will just say that you gotta give Allison props for talking back to Simon this week and saying that they asked her to speak up more.   And I totally agree with her that "Piece of My Heart" has been way overdone on American Idol.  You go Allison!

Kris "Soft Rock God" Allen

Song: "Come Together" by The Beatles

When we found out Kris was doing a Beatles song, the first one I thought that he would do was "Come Together."  So I found it hysterical that during his interview clip he talked about "Revolution" and then wasn't feeling it and had to search the entire catalog to find "Come Together!"   Anyway, I thought Kris did a decent job on it.  But, like the judges said, he just was not in his element.   Simon made a nice analogy to eating ice.  I still think it should have been good enough to get through to the next round.  But there is one person left who has yet to be in the bottom 3.  Well, I think that's about to change. 

Danny "I can scream Like Adam" Gokey
Song: "Dream On" by Aerosmith

Talk about seeing a disaster coming a mile away!  When Slash kept hyping up the big moment of the song with the high note at the end, and then we saw a preview from Danny singing it with Slash, I think we had to know then that it was going to be a disaster.   "Dream On" is a song with a Danny's DREAM of an arrangement. Start off slow and simple and build to the BIG MOMENT.  But Danny thrives on those big moments and never impresses in the building moments.   The whole set up was boring and his long notes that he held out were flat.   And THEN...the big "DREAM ON" screech fest began!   And, yes, it made me long for the days of Adam Lambert screaming sweet melodies into my surround sound speakers.  After I went to the hospital and had new ears sewn on, I finished gathering my thoughts about Danny's performance.   Here it goes:  OUCH!!!!    I mean what was he thinking?  Yeah, he had to come out of his safe zone and take a risk.  But really, SCREAMING?!   And then to add further insult to any sense of respect that this show should have, Simon tells Danny that he thinks he will be safe.   Why?  Because Simon knows how many people are voting for Danny each week?  Because he WANTS Danny to be safe?  Yeah, he has never been in the bottom 3, but this was an atrocity to the very art of music!  Embarrassing with a capital DANNY!    Naturally, I probably am taking this too far, but come on!  Who is still voting for this guy?!   Another thing.  Kara?  "Crazy" and "Cryin" were much much much later released songs than "Dream On."  Please make yet ANOTHER ridiculous mistake on Live TV!  All of this being said, Danny did do better on the duet.   Which brings me to my next topic!


  1. Danny and Kris sing Styx's "Renegade" - Pretty interesting concept with these duets.  The judges were called in last minute to comment after the performance even though no phone numbers were given to vote.    The harmonies?  Pretty darn good.   It was an entertaining little jam.  And yeah, Danny sounded much better on "Renegade" than he did on "Dream On."  He was hitting some high notes there too.   So maybe he blew out his voice and didn't get it back for the performance that mattered?   I dunno.
  2. Allison and Adam sing Foghat's "Slow Ride" - Who are we kidding that these performances don't matter?   When you have Allison and Adam bringing down the house as the final performance of the night, of course it's going to leave an impression.   I mean, that was HOT!  The chemistry was off the charts.  I don't know how anyone could watch Allison and Adam perform this duet and not think that they should be the final 2 standing after next week.   And Simon himself noted that he thinks Adam saved Allison based on this performance.  Seriously? Why does Adam need to save her?  She did fine on her own all night.  So ridiculous how biased these crazy judges can be! 

Who is definitely safe? Adam Lambert
Who do I think should be safe? Allison Iraheta
Who most deserves to go home? Danny Gokey
Who could I not find much to write about? Kris Allen

Bottom 2: Danny Gokey, Kris Allen  Bonus Pick (ha!): Allison Iraheta
Elimination Pick: Danny Gokey

I mean, it really is what should happen.  Will it?  Simon doesn't think so.   With no dress rehearsal, does that mean that he thought Danny was safe until Allison brought the house down with the duet?   Or was he suggesting Allison, Adam and Danny are safe tonight leaving Kris vulnerable?    Yikes, do we just believe everything Simon has to say all of the time without thinking for ourselves?   He DID afterall pick David "the artichoke" Archuleta last year to win over David Cook!   And if you factor in the rumored leak that Kris was the #2 leading contestant in iTunes sales to Adam, then that could factor into a "surprise elimination" tomorrow as well.  

Oh well, like I said, it is what should happen so I'm sticking to it!  Feel free to disagree to your heart's desires below!  I'd love to hear what you all thought about tonight's performances.  Who do you think will be singing their swan song Wednesday night?   Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on the elimination, the return of Daughtry, No Doubt and oh dear.....PAULA ABDUL to the stage!   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and see you after the results!

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Vince Pinson said...

Fine post Mike V. (By the way, before I forget, I'd like for you to check out the link I sent you in last week's review and comment as you see fit, if you don't mind.)

As for tonight, Adam was simply in his element. We knew that Allison would rock the house and our 17 year old did not disappoint. I absolutely loved, loved, loved their duet.

Kris and Danny. Danny and Kris. Ugh. Makes no matter to me which one of these guys goes home as long as it's one of them. Danny makes me nauseous---even more so after his ahem, "performance" tonight.

Just a note to say how much I hated to hear the news of stage manager Debbie falling off the big staircase this afternoon. You'll remember that she's the one that runs things on stage and aided Brat Pitt when his mike wasn't working on Idol Gives Back. Here's hoping she recovers just fine.

Ian said...

I like how Kris and Danny have almost identical outfits and poses in the photos you used for them.

I really hope Danny goes home tomorrow, and I actually think he will. I know Danny has a lot of fans, but I think Kris and Allison's fans might be voting a little harder because they know they face an uphill battle.

I thought Adam's solo performance was overrated too. I didn't think it was as stupendous as the judges did. It was good though, and Adam shouldn't be anywhere near the bottom this week.

I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed that Kara thinks two songs from 1993 are "early" Aerosmith. I guess the pre-MTV era doesn't exist in her world.

Please go home tomorrow, Danny!

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the comments Vince and Ian as always!

Don't worry Vince, I read the link you sent, thanks for that! I figured Adam wasn't in the bottom 2 and it was for dramatic effect.

Yeah, either Kris or Danny should be the ones....I am convinced it SHOULD BE Adam and Allison standing for the bottom 2. But, stranger things have happened.

Thanks for bringing up the info on the Stage Manager too...that is nuts. I looked up more information on ew.com afterwards. Hope she's okay.

Yeah, Kara has made so many backwards comments this season it's impossible to count. I always write them in my notes and keep forgetting to bring them up! lol I have to credit my fiance' for reminding me about this one before I went to "print!"

Unknown said...

I am beginning to come to terms with the fact that Kris will go home tonight. I think it should be Danny... his performance was almost unwatchable.
I am in shock Mike that you don't have Kris going home!
Did they tell us how they picked the duets? It seemed a little fishy that Allison and Adam were together... And that Danny and Kris had to perform there solo ones after the duet... I think a little unfair.

Mike V. said...

I know Laura...i really did ponder picking Kris. But sometimes I just have to pick things on principle. I mean..come on..Danny was ridiculously awful! I also picked Kris last week and that didn't work out for me lol And I just don't know how much truth there is to this iTunes rumor.

Yeah, I've stated earlier this season...it seems more blatantly obvious this season that the judges are behind certain contestants, the placement of the performers helped sway them into the top 13, eliminate them FROM the top 13. And yeah, these DUETS is just the next trick up their sleeve.

I never thought I would miss Nigel Lythgoew (or however you spell it) as executive producer. But this show has really taken a turn for the worse this year. And I'm also fired up that they are keeping the 4 judge panel in place for next season. Kara was an utter failure!

ugh anyway back to tonight...as Michael Slezak says on ew.com it's time to put the GO in Gokey! lol I am rarely on the same page as that guy but we've been seeing eye to eye all season lol

Vince Pinson said...

Mike....Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention about the obvious omissions of Paula's recent confession of being doped up on painkillers (if that's what you want to call it and Adam actually starting out the show by singing first.

I agree that the Kara experiment is not what we hoped it would be but I don't think we can call it (or her) a failure. Yes, she's got a language all her own but for the most part she's added some good thoughts. Besides, putting that bikini girl in her place was worth it to me.

Having said that, the format as is doesn't work well with 4 judges. If you're going to have a two/two and half minute commerical after each singer and then if judge is going to ramble on and on (not to mention what other antics Paula and Simon are doing), then you're just going to have enough time.

Seacrest is a competent host and I think does quite well with the contestants and in moving the show along as best he can.

Now, we bemoaned ad nauseum over the meanderings of Paula's indecipherable comments but America likes her. Simon, for all his arrogance and self-esteem, is usually spot on in his comments and America pretty much puts up with him. Kara, I've already mentioned and I think we need to chill on her. She's no worse than the others up there, believe me.

Now the Big Dawg is the one I question though. I like him, he's everybody's big brother/uncle but what exactly does he do to complement Idol? "That was the bomb!" or "Dude, you're the hot one tonight" doesn't emote much soundness of judging, does it? Reckon we've kept him and Paula and Simon all these years so we might as well keep them another decade or so.

Kara, we can keep. Can we just make the show run faster, tighter, smoother, etc...?

Vince Pinson said...

Oops...should have spellchecked. I meant "NOT going to have enough time".

Mike V. said...

you forgot Randy's "FOR ME, FOR YOU" repetition he has been doing this season! lol

yeah, I understand why they added Kara. to spice things up a bit. All it really did was make me appreciate Paula and her ridonkulous comments more this season! And yeah, I read about the painkillers too. Makes total sense! We all knew she was on something!

yeah, I dunno...4 judges is too much so my theory is go back to the tried and true format that works. Although, I can't say that I'd miss the dawg if they took him away lol

At some point they are going to have to try a judging panel without Randy, Paula and Simon on it. One of them will eventually not renew. And right now it's looking like Simon next year. But it could be a ploy for money.

Ugh...I can't even look out for more than 1 season at a time. That's a lot of potential blogging to think about! lol