Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Who Lost on American Idol Tonight? We all did.

As I sat there watching our ousted American Idol contestant sing "Cry Baby," I really felt like obliging in her request.  Maybe I even did for a bit.  Is there any hope for suspense for the final 2 weeks of the season?  Doubtful.  Is there much interest from yours truly to finish this season out?  Not really!  But I think we all know me better than that.  Just like Ryan Seacrest said last night, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!   Who lost on American Idol tonight?  A brilliant Child Prodigy!  Ladies and Gentlemen bid your adieus to a girl whose voice is aged before her time! 

Eliminated: Allison Iraheta
My Pick: Danny Gokey's Pick: Allison Iraheta

Whew.  It's not really a surprise.  A larger half of me knew that Allison had been in that bottom 3 several times and just wasn't connecting with the masses.  We all know this is the season of Adam Lambert, although I will now root for my initial pick to be the first of the top 13 to leave us!  Good ol' Kris!  Will he win?  Naaaa.  But, he still is an entertaining performer!   Anyway, farewell Allison!  You made this season a little more interesting for me at least!  Now, we must just go through the motions to reach the end!  

Meet your top 3 America!  
  1. Adam Lambert, the man who loved his outfit more than his performance last night. SCORE!   
  2. Danny Gokey, a man willing to make fun of himself for performing awfully last night, but still be okay with getting more votes than someone who sang her heart out!  
  3. Kris Allen, a talented guy who likes to change up tunes but whose voice is a little more soft spoken than his rivals.  
Take 'em or leave 'em, one of them will be your season 8 American Idol winner! 

Oh well, enough sulking, let's look at the highlights and lowlights for the week! 

  • No Doubt is Back!  And they went "old school" bringing out their first hit "Just a Girl" and rocking the house. 
  • The group song actually wasn't too bad.  Maybe Slash butched up "School's Out" a bit for them.   There was some mild cheese added to the top of the performance, but all around not bad.  
  • Ford Commercial song choice.  I'm always a sucker for a good All American Rejects song! "Move Along" is always my go to song on ROCK BAND (I play a mad video game drums!) 
  • Montage of past Top 3's heading to their hometowns.  Reminded me of better seasons! (well, except those flashes from season 3 and 6!) 
  • Daughtry's return to the Idol stage.  New tune "No Surprise" isn't too bad.  I'm sure it will be a hit.  I love how Chris acknowledged he "bummed hard" when they couldn't play instruments on Idol in season 5.   Which is hysterical because I always wrote about his obsession with the mic stand.  He didn't know what to do with his hands the whole season!
  • Allison went home
  • Paula Abdul's singing.  I mean, yeah it's a known fact that she can't really sing.  But she is a judge on American Idol for SINGING!  And she was dancing up a storm (great choreography by the way) and lip synching like a champ!   And even her recorded voice was modulated to the point that you could barely hear it was her.    Did anyone else get the vibe, when they returned to LIVE TV that Paula was going to announce this was her last season to the audience?   She didn't, but for a brief second I thought that's where they were headed!
  • Allison went home
  • No Doubt is just touring this summer, no new album just yet! 
  • Allison went home
So, over the next few days our 3 remaining finalists will head home to meet their mayors, families and hometown fans.  There will be many tear-jerking moments next Wednesday!  But come on, let's be honest.  We all want to meet Adam's friends right?!   That is gonna be a hoot!   Next week's performances will give the contestants 2 songs.  Judges' Choice and Contestant's choice.   I promise to be there in better spirits than I am tonight and will guide us through the remaining 2 weeks and attempt to accurately pick the winner for 7 of 8 times!   Feel free to express your condolences for Allison below or comment on how excited you are of who remains!   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I will see you next week!

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Ian said...

I share in your heartbreak. It's weird how if you go on the internet its seems that everybody likes Allison, yet she was in the Bottom 3 half the time. It just doesn't add up. If Danny makes it to the finale he'll probably end up as the worst contestant ever to make it that far. I'll concede that 4th Place is probably about right for him based on how he's performed over the course of the season, but Allison, Kris and Adam have clearly been the three most consistently strong performers. Sigh. What a perfect Top 3 they would've been.

Vince Pinson said...

Well sad to say, it wasn't a surprising ouster tonight. Adam and Danny have been the frontrunners all year long and Kris is apparently much more liked than Allison.

Having said that, America really, really blew this one. Allison has got that God-given musical grit that comes from deep within and will certainly be heard from in the future. This was America's chance to knock Danny out but alas, it chose to keep him.

For what it's worth, I'd love to hear Allison with Daughtry. They'd really rock the place down. Two Idols that left much too soon by coming in 4th place taking out their vengance on a radio station near you. Ha!

Obviously Kris is in the role of spoiler now. For whatever reason, Danny has a mad following. When you first heard his story of him losing his wife, you couldn't help but be moved. But I just don't see where the guy has improved at all this year.

Hopefully it'll be an Adam-Kris finale with Adam taking the well deserved prize. But who knows?

I do enjoy the trips back home and the masses going nuts and all, so let's guess who'll have the best turnout.

Adam is from the LA area so you'd think he'd have a huge following. I say it'll be good but he's not exactly a model son is he? LOL He'll come in third place.

Danny is from Milwaukee and apparently has fan support out of the wazoo. His coming home party will be huge. Yet, I'll take him for second.

Kris is from Conway, Arkansas (a city I've actually visited many a time.) His fan base is going to go absolutely nuts. I'm guessing he'll have the best turnout, the longest parade route, all the trimmings, etc. It will be Arkansas Idol Madness when he gets back home. Can you say "Soooooooooey!!!!!"?

Mike V. said...

ugh...I'm still too upset for words! lol

but you guys said it all too!

An Adam/Kris would be a better finale than Gokey definitely...either way, I don't think Kris or Gokey can possibly go toe to toe with Lambert's vocals. Maybe if they just talk less about how much they like their outfits, they'll get some votes! lol

Nomad said...

the ironic thing about lip-syncing is that popular media outlets do it all the time, but it never seems to fool anyone

Vince Pinson said...

Hey Mike....The remaining Idols did their hometown thing today. You gotta check this out (sans your fiance, of

Anonymous said...

Few Kris Allen Facts

Full name: Kristopher Neil Allen

1. Born June 21st, 1985
2. Grew up in Jacksonville, Arkansas but now lives in Conway
3. Attended College Station Elementary, Fuller Junior High, and Mills University Studies High School as a student in the gifted and talented program
4. Leads worship at New Life Churches in Central Arkansas and is a member of Chi Alpha at the University of Central Arkansas
5. Missionary work in the following countries: Morocco, Spain, Mozambique, South Africa, Thailand, and Burma
6. Can play a variety of instruments, including the guitar, piano, viola, and ukulele
7. Started playing the viola in 4th grade, became All-State in high school and received opportunities to play in college orchestras, but declined
8. Fan of the Packers and the Braves, and even played varsity baseball throughout high school
9. Married to Katy Allen, a former homecoming queen at the University of Arkansas
10. Kris is a business major at the UCA
11. One sibling, Daniel, a cheerleader UCA
12. Has a shetland sheepdog named Elvis (well, at least his mom and dad, Kim and Neil, do)
13. Has one less rib that had to be surgically removed in junior high.