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American Idol - Season 9 - Road to Hollywood Episode

Hello everyone!  One last episode of auditions.  And this was just a "best of the rest" type episode.  Most likely, they have a chance to see more of the contestants in Hollywood at this point, so they want to feature a few more of the singers from all of the 7 cities in this last episode.  They mostly showed us Hollywood Bound singers and only a couple silly ones.   I, for one, am thankful that the Auditions are over.  I'm going to try to be brief with my thoughts on these folks, because we'll see them again next week and half of them may be gone by then!  

Here we go folks!

Hollywood Bound

  • Jessica Furney - 20 From Kansas - She auditioned in season 8 and has returned with a makeover.  Performed a song co-written by Simon and claimed to not be kissing up (yeah ok).  The song was "Footprints in the Sand".  She sounded okay.  The judges all thought she improved from last year.  We'll see soon enough!  
  • Amanda Shechtman - 19 from New York - She was the theater girl who was overdramatic.  Actually has a decent voice but got overdramatic over the judges giving her constructive criticism.  So they had fun with her, mostly Simon.  From the previews, it looks like her drama will carry on into Hollywood week, so we can take a look then! 
  • Lee Dewyce - 23 from Illinois - Didn't see much but they made a big deal out of people with instruments performing without.  This was a guitar dude.   Sounded pretty good on "Ain't No Sunshine".
  • Crystal Bowersox - 23 -  Another instrument girl.  She sang "Piece of My Heart".  It sounded good.  Not enough to judge her too much yet!
  • Lacy Brown - 23 from Amarillo, Texas -  I already like this girl because anyone should have been given a shot over Megan Joy last season.  And Lacy was sitting next to her when they decided on that top 32 or whatever it was last season (36 maybe).   Lacy sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in this audition and according to Randy had a nice tone to her voice.  Maybe she'll get through to the live voting this season for redemption.
  • There was the onslaught of 16 year olds.  These kids always have the odds stacked against them but in Hollywood, they always bring their A Game:
    Rachel Hubbard Boerne from Texas
    Thaddeus Jackson -  All I remember is he had goofy hair.
    Genesis Moore from Georgia - Well she was named after either the Bible, a science experiment in Star Trek II, or an old Sega System.  She can't be that bad right?   And she was another unexpected individual doing some Carrie Underwood.   And doing it well.  We'll see!  
  • Michael Lynche - 26 from Astoria, New York - You may have already heard about this one.  He's a father-to-be and maybe he'll be a little better to his son if he ever tries out for a competition such as American Idol one day.   This guy made it to Hollywood, and his father broke a confidentiality agreement with the local papers and told them that Michael made it to Hollywood.   I'm not sure why they still showed Michael on this episode, since he's been disqualified.  Maybe things have changed and I didn't hear about it.   Regardless, I don't think he would have been winning with the audition we heard.  It was "Unchained Melody" and I was cringing during some of the longer notes!   
  • Didi Benami - 22 from Hollywood - She auditioned in memory of her best friend Rebecca who passed away 4 years ago.  She sang The Beatles' "Hey Jude" and did it pretty well.  Very unique voice.  My only problem is, that "uniqueness" reminds me of Megan Joy!  And that cannot swing very well in her favor.  I will say that she should better and seems less weird that Megan, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now! 
  • Aaron Kelly - 16 from orlando  -  Aaron lives with his Aunt and Uncle.  He calls his Aunt, "Mom" because she is who raised him.  He and his biological parents had problems keeping jobs when he was very little.  So the Aunt/Uncle stepped in.   He sang the Miley Cyrus tune "The Climb" and sounded really good on it.  But of course, he is 16.   But he's a cute little kid and agree with Simon that he'll get the mom vote given the opportunity!    
  • Hope Johnson - 19 from Arlington, Texas - Another horror story of a childhood where she had parents that couldn't keep their pants on so they had a family of 80,000  (or 6 sisters and one brother).  So, then they were poor and never ate dinner and stuff.   I love how all of this stuff is always in the past.  It's never "I'm poor and I need this NOW to help my family.  If you say no to me, you're putting us on the street!"   NOW THAT would be entertaining TV!   Now, I'm sure it's rough growing up like that.   I would just like a current update.  Like, is it relevant now?  Is she still starving?   I don't want to vote for her under false pretenses!  Plus, I don't even think she sang that well, so I don't really want to vote for her anyway!   She sang "I hope you Dance" and we got a humorous bit of Randy singing to teach Hope how to hold out her notes.   Maybe she'll improve in the next round.   

Nothing too exciting here.  There was the Fisher girl that auditioned 7 times previously and was a die hard Victoria Beckham fan.  Not good!    There was the 6 foot 8 17 year old who loves to swim but sings like a chipmunk.   Loved the 1-2 punch: Kara "There is a small boy trapped inside of you"  Simon "Either that or you ate one!"   There was the naughty Kimberly Bishop who really was awful and a disgrace to TV   And then there was Shaddaii Harris whose mother told her how great she was and Idol made us fall for the oldest trick in the book.  We figured she'd be good and then she was hysterically bad.   Ahhh good times! 

But you know what kids?  I am DONE with auditions!  We're moving on to Hollywood!  And you know what that means?  Oh yes, the arrival of our new permanent judge, Ellen Degeneres.  And, the previews make her look like she's pretty hardcore mean.  We'll see if that's just a ploy to get us to watch. In any case, I'm glad this show is moving on to more exciting things.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 

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