Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - The first 4 are Eliminated from the Top 24 (Results)

Hello America!  I guess my elimination picks aren't as rusty as I thought!  Yes, I didn't get them all and I need to go with my gut instead of copping out with "bonus picks".  But, I'm still pretty proud of myself!  Anyway, these elimination shows aren't quite emotionally stirring this early on in the game still, so let's bid farewell to these contestants we barely knew!

Eliminated: Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Joe Munoz, Tyler Grady
My Picks: Janell Wheeler, Paige Davis (Bonus: Ashley), John Park, Jermaine Sellers (Bonus: Joe)

Did anyone notice how annoyed Ashley was that she got voted off?  She totally thought she was better than she was.  I loved how when she started singing, she was trying to OVERSING to grab the attention of some studio exec in her final minute of the 15 she was granted.  Ahh good times.  With Joe, I just had a feeling.  I should have went with my gut and just picked him.  Tyler is a bit of surprise, but then again, not really.  He gave a pretty forgettable performance.  If they had showed him in the bath robe and boots last night, well things may have worked out differently for him!   And last and definitely least, Janell!  Seems like a nice girl, but she definitely wasn't cut out for going much further!  So, nothing very bittersweet with this ending.  Let's just keep trucking on to that top 12!   Maybe John Park can rebound from this week and make it back into my original top 12 prediction!

Okay, onto the next segment of the Results Show Blog that I like to call HIGHLIGHTS (there usually aren't many) and LOWLIGHTS!

  • Allison Iraheta returns!!!  I love that girl.  Still thought she should have won last year.  But making the top 4 was pretty darn impressive anyway!   Her new song "Scars" didn't sound too bad.  And for being such a big fan on the show of hers, I never bought her album and probably still don't plan to.  But, I wish her all the best in her career!  
  • Kris Allen performs for Haiti - American Idol has started their Idol Gives Back contributions early this year to support Haiti.  Kris did an outstanding rendition of The Beatles' "Let it Be" and it is available on iTunes for download.  Good Song, Good Cause!   The actual Idol Gives Back event will be April 21st.   Mark your calendars for another 3 day Idol week! 
  • Again, Tyler in the robe.  What on earth was that?   Funny is what it was! 
  • Ellen bringing up the fact that she said Banana on live TV Wednesday night.  I forgot to mention it.  That was a good time.  
  • And yep, that's about it.  These shows are rough...can't wait for new FORD Commercials featuring the Top 12! (You heard the sarcasm in my words right?)
  • Was Kara talking again?  Oh great, her husband was there to keep her from clawing off Casey's shirt.  Yaaaaaaay.  I'm already over it! 
  • The Top 24 Sing-a-long of "American Boy"   It's bad enough we have to endure the lip synching disasters during the Top 12 weeks.  But come on, do we have to extend it into the top 24?  Why don't you let them spend that extra time prepping for the LIVE Tuesday show so they give a better performance?    Although, I must admit, it's hysterical watching people like Crystal, Casey and Lee try to smile and pretend they're enjoying the cheese! 
  • If I hear Ryan find one more way to tell Kieren to dim lose lights, I may dim my television set! 
And that's about all I have folks!  Not much to this episode.  I'm sure once we get into the Top 12, these results show recaps might be a little more thought provoking to figure out how things are going to go down.  Right now I'm just going with the flow.  Next week, more of the same!  Billboard hits, 4 more go home.  I'll be here with my recapping madness to bring you my inevitably useless thoughts!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 

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Ian said...

Allison only made it to Top 4, not Top 3. Granted, she should've been at least Top 2, but alas, it wasn't to be. It was good to see both my favorites from last year again.

Mike V. said...

Yeah i questioned myself on that one and was too lazy to look it up! Lol I just remember being upset when she left.

Gokey was in top 3 right?

Ian said...

Yeah, Top 3 was Gokey, Lambert and Kris. Gokey's "Dream On" was so bad that his fans voted extra hard in the Top 4 and Allison left instead.

Mike V. said...

Yup, it's all coming back to me now! Thanks for the correction, I have made the update now so this whole conversation won't make sense! :-)