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American Idol Season 9 - Top 24 - Final 12 Guys Perform

Hello America!   Well, the guys got it a LITTLE better than the girls this week, right?  Not much, but a little better.  I think there were a couple standout performers, lots of middle of the roaders, and a couple "what were you thinkings?"   It probably won't go down that easily, but we'll see.  We may as well throw my Top 12 predictions out the window, because it's not looking good at all!  Not that I'm complaining.  That's why LIVE Idol is better than pre-produced Idol.   America gets a chance to pick the talent!   Join me as I break down the 12 remaining guys and try to figure out life's biggest question.  Can a mullet really advance you to the next round?

  1. Todrick Hall - 24 from Arlington Tx - Writer, Actor, Dancer - We all remember Todrick from his audition when he made up the song about the judges.  We know he's friends with Fantasia, which already has him falling out of my favor.  But he dared to take on Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" and do it injustice?  Now, Todrick, my friend...we are gonna have words!  Nothing I can say that the judges didn't say.  He changed up the song, because that's what the judges want their contestants to do.  But he didn't just change it, he BUTCHERED it.  Totally stripped away the original melody and made it a different song.  Yeah, it sounded okay...something from the Bobby Brown era maybe?   But that was not Kelly Clarkson's hit anthem that shot her past Idol winner to Pop-Rock Star.  That was something with similar words.   I think people may remember it and save him for another week.  But he is going to have to impress me next week or I'll be done with him! 
  2. Aaron Kelly - 16 from Sonestown, PA  high school student - Aaron, before even stepping on the stage, has the mom vote in the bag.  There definitely were some nerves on the stage when he took on Rascal Flatts' "Here Comes Goodbye" (actually written by Idol's own Chris Sligh.  Crazy right?)  There definitely were some pitch problems.  The judges came to his aid. It's almost like they put in a handicap for the 16 year olds.  "For me For you dude...16???  WOW and you have THOSE pipes?!"   That's fine, he's a cute kid.  They want him in there to broaden the range/appeal of the top 12.  He'll advance.  He might improve.  We'll see! 
  3. Jermaine Sellers - 27 from Joliet, IL - This is diva boy who talked back to the band in Hollywood week.  Even worse, when Ryan surprised him with Michael Orland on stage, he didn't even know who the guy was!  Granted, he was taken by surprise.  None of this matters though.  Doing the Justin Guarini Idol staple: Oleta Adams' "Get Here" was painful enough.  I think I heard a "SHORTY" thrown in there too.  Yeah Jermaine, THAT is changing it up!   How about the outfit?  Underground Circus Freak?  Coat tails?  Black flower?  pants tucked into boots?  WHAT?  Did Randy say he dug the outfit?  Whatever...this was a train wreck.   And the high note.  Sounded like Bee Gees on helium and not flattering at all.  He overdid it, it wasn't good.  Not many people are going to remember it.  He's in danger. 
  4. Tim Urban  20 from Duncanville, TX - Tim got the ultimate dream, a 2nd chance.  Due to the ineligibility of Chris Golightly, Tim snuck into the top 24.  They did a whole big story on him which will give him an edge in voting.  But his version of One Republic's "Apologize" was pretty rough.  The high notes were really a stretch for him and the stage presence was close to non-existant.  But, the kid is cute and the judges wasted no time telling him.  How insulting would that be when they tell you that the only reason you'll advance is because girls think you're cute.  Maybe not insulting at all at 20 years old.  But still!  I would want to work my butt off to change that image immediately.  He may be safe maybe not.  I have to think about it. 
  5. Joe Munos - 20 from Huntington Park, CA- Sang Jason Mraz's "You and I Both"-  I always have loved that song.  We haven't seen much of Joe yet, and he definitely was energetic on stage.  I think he may have "Latinzed" the song a little TOO much.   But that might have just been his voice coming through.   He did have some problems with the high notes as well.  I think he did well enough to get through this week, but he may have issues next week or the week after.  We'll see!        
  6. Tyler Grady - 20 from Nazareth, PA - I think I expected more out of Tyler.  The judges are convinced that he is stuck in the 70's and not making an name for himself.  He is more SHOW than Substance.  Based on his performance of "American Woman" I tend to agree.  He is charming enough and people like him enough to keep in him for a bit.  But if he does 70's stuff each week without bringing a new element to it, it might get old soon.   Get to that mall Tyler! 
  7. Lee Dewyze - 23 from Chicago, IL - Lee was the surprise of the night.  We also didn't hear much from him in the earlier rounds except the clip of him doing The Fray last week.  This week he went with a little Snow Patrol and adding his Rock Rasp to it and his guitar.  It was pretty good.  Yeah, it wasn't a perfect vocal, but I liked HIM a lot.  I like his potential.  The judges say he was trapped by a song that doesn't have a big range for vocals. That might be true.  But it showcased what the guy can do.  And he was just so happy to be there.  His quote about "never wanting to lose this feeling" at the end was very heartfelt and America will want to vote and vote and vote! 
  8. John Park - 21 from Northbrook IL - I had this guy in the bag to make the top 12.  Boy did he disappoint me.  Besides humorously professing his love for Shania Twain, the song choice was ridiculous.  Yeah, he chose for his parents.  Great.  This is a competition, you gotta be in it to win it.  Singing a Jazz Standard "God Bless the Child" when you don't have to sing it for a theme week is a BIG BIG HUGE NO NO!  Unless, you're a phenomenal singer.  John probably did sing it pretty well, but I was bored to sleep!  Maybe he gets a sympathy vote, but I'm thinking he is in big trouble after that one.  
  9. Michael Lynche - 26 from St Petersburg, FL - How can you not like this guy?  He's just a big lovable guy.  And he sings well too.  He did a fun rendition with his guitar of Maroon 5's "This Love".  He may not have really been playing the guitar, but who cares?  I get the criticism that it was more "opening act" quality than "main attraction" but for this first week, I think he did good enough.  And I think he'll probably be able to coast to the top 12 with his personality.  But it's smart to get to him now, get him thinking about what he needs to do to evolve.  Not sure if I see the guy winning, but he's fun to have in the competition!  
  10. Alex Lambert - 19 from North Richland Hills, Tx -  Even before Ellen brought it up, I was referring to his guy as a Rob Thomas look-a-like with a mullet! That thing is fantastic.  Grow it while you got it Alex!  He sang James Morrison's "Wonderful World" and the voice was really good.  Nice quality to the voice. Randy said it's his favorite "TONE" of the competition.  But YO, dude, that stage presence needs some serious work!  It was very awkward to watch.  The feet and legs going up and down.  Him leaning in and out and staring blankly into the camera.  I agree with Simon's comments.  Just awkward.  But the voice is really good.  I think America may give him a second shot.  But I also wouldn't be surprised to see him go.     
  11. Casey James - 27 from Fort Worth, TX - Okay, we get it Kara.  He is EYE CANDY!  I covered my wife's eyes during the performance.  Whatever!  I'm not insecure!  But I think they got a little carried away.  It definitely was unfair to Casey who is trying to perform that he almost is forced to laugh in the middle of his performance of Bryan Adams' "Heaven".  Fortunately enough for him, he is good enough to play right through it.  He sounded really good and has to be one of the favorites right now.  And definitely safe to sail through this round and probably right into the top 12. 
  12. Andrew Garcia - 24 from Moreno Valley, CA - I have to say I really figured Andrew would have a great performance lined up.  What it turned out to be was a weak attempt at trying to recreate the "Straight Up" magic from Hollywood by doing the same thing to Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Going Down".   It just didn't work as well.  And, based on his re-mix sounding really similar, it makes me think his act could tire quickly unless he has another trick up his sleeve.  Don't get me wrong, I think he is a shoo-in for the top 12 and I think he is very talented.  But I want to see some versatility.  I think he'll bounce back with something good next week.  America will give him that chance! 
Things I learned from 2nd night of LIVE TV.  The judges are still mostly giving the same feedback to each contestant.  I still can't stand Kara.  I miss Paula!  

Let's break this down shall we? 

Who is absolutely safe?  Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Michael Lynche, Lee Dewyze   
Worst Performances?  John Park, Tim Urban, Jermaine Sellers
Not Smart performance? Todrick Hall
Sympathy Vote potential?  Tim Urban, Alex Lambert
Middle of Road?  Tyler Grady, Aaron Kelly
Forgot all about?  Joe Munos

Elimination Picks: John Park, Jermaine Sellers  Bonus (out of the blue) pick:  Joe Munos

It's a tough call.  Things don't normally go down as they should in these early weeks.  Middle of the road performers may be assumed safe and eliminated.  So, while I think John and Jermaine should go home, it could be someone like Joe that ends up getting the boot.  It's happened so many times before!   We'll see! 
    One more hour of Idol this week folks!  And Season 8 winner Kris Allen will be performing.  Get excited!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you after the results!

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