Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 24 Revealed - Plus my Top 12 picks

Hello America!  We made it!   We have gotten through the last of the pre-recorded shows and have unveiled the complete TOP 24.   Next week starts the onslaught of 3 weeks of 3 episodes a week, but we will get through it together!   But before then, I must go through my annual predictions of who I think will make the top 12.  Below are our Top 24 and marked in Blue are my predictions for the 6 girls and 6 guys who I think will move on to the next round.   (Note: It looks like the disqualification of Mike Lynche were only rumors.  Looks like he will be performing next Wednesday!  Nice!) 
  1. Michael Lynche
  2. Didi Benami
  3. Katelyn Epperly (she is a dark horse to sneak in)
  4. Casey James
  5. Aaron Kelly
  6. Lee Dewyze
  7. Todrick Hall
  8. Janell Wheeler
  9. Tyler Grady
  10. Lacey Brown
  11. Ashley Rodriguez
  12. Alex Lambert
  13. Joe Munoz
  14. Crystal Bowersox (She needs a major makeover though! Teeth whitener anyone?) 
  15. Katie Stevens
  16. Lilly Scott (My wildcard girl pick. Could be either her or Lacey Brown who might get sympathy vote)
  17. Paige Miles (who? I do not remember this girl)
  18. Siobhan Magnus
  19. Michelle Delamor
  20. Tim Urban  
  21. Jermaine Sellers
  22. John Park
  23. Haley Vaughn
  24. Andrew Garcia
Of course, these are just my initial reactions.  All of this is meaningless once we see them perform LIVE.  American Idol forces us to have pre-determined opinions based on exposure to certain contestants.  But, favorites of mine going in are Andrew Garcia, Crystal Bowersox (makeover included), and Katie Stevens.  I am by no means predicting one of these to win, it is way too early to make that call.  We will see what happens!

What I have learned so far from Auditions and Hollywood:  I still cannot stand Kara.  When she sat with Angela Martin and tried to comfort her and tried to rally the other judges to support her, it just made me sick to my stomach.  Who is this girl that thinks she is the QUEEN of the JUDGES after being there one year?   And so far, Ellen has not gotten on my nerves at all.  She has been the same Ellen that we all know and love from her Talk Show but with actually decent advice for the contestants.  I'll reserve complete judgement until we get to LIVE TV, and we need the show to end on time!

Other than that, I am ready for the LIVE Shows.  I'm ready to redeem myself for picking Adam to topple Kris last year and get my WINNER Prediction streak up to 7 correct guesses out of 9!    Stick with me for the rest of the season folks.  It's going to be one fun ride to the end!   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!

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