Friday, May 13, 2011

(Technical Difficulties) Top 4 Results

Hey guys. Looks like blogger has removed the top 4 post temporarily. I wasn't planning h to write too much about the results since I'm away from home. But I guess I'll just post something real quickly from my phone.

Bottom Line, I am more shocked that Haley is still in than I am that James is gone. But it still is a bit of a shock that he went home. Yeah with the Chris Daughtry comparison we sorta saw it coming. But I blame his misstep with Journey. I saw comments on and off the blog that people enjoyed the performance but I still thought it wasn't the best song choice for him, even if I love the song.

I hope this means Scotty and Lauren are locked in for
The top 2. But with them both being country and with Haley being the pick, there's a lot riding against it too. I guess we will see what happens.

Rest of results show was decent. The 2 big country songs for our top 4 are both enjoyable tunes. They sounded better than normal. Could have done without Enrique. Jordin Sparks was announcing to the world that she is a certifiable woman now. The song wasn't too bad. Nothing I'll be buying but nice to see she is doing okay for herself.

So that's all I have kids. Definitely a bizarre season with eliminations. But Scotty is still in it which is not shocking. But can he lose? I guess that's still a question we need to ponder. Your turn America! What do you think?


Nicole said...

I'm pulling for a Scotty/Haley finale - you know how I've felt about Lauren all along. I don't think she deserved top 8, let alone top 3. I think this year has been such a shame... it was so promising in the audition rounds. I mostly blame the judging.

The highlight of the night -- Gaga. Man, that woman rocks. I actually thought I liked Haley when she performed that song, but Gaga SCHOOLED her on how it's done. I know she's freaky weird, but her talent is absolutely unmatched.

iron said...

I'm all for a Scotty-Haley Finale as well. Lauren hasn't even had a real 'moment' yet and they're down to top 3. Why is that kid still there?

I wasn't shock that James was sent home. He's been delivering suck-y performances ever since his Maybe I'm Amazed performance.

Mike V. said...

Hey guys, sorry I've been out of commission for a few days! I definitely read all of your comments and as you can see I posted this blog post from my phone! lol

I know you guys are not Lauren fans...but I think there are quite a few out there, including myself. One argument is that while Scotty deserves the win, Lauren needs the title more than him as he's going to be successful regardless. Haley, ugh...I just can't stand her...but I can kind of see her beating out Lauren for a finale spot. That country vote is going to get split. I just can't believe Haley is still there to be in that finale. Just crazy.

BTW...I watched some live streaming of Scotty's visit home. It was a good time...Josh Turner showed up to "surprise him" (it seemed a little staged but whatever lol) So, while I thought they'd sing "YOUR MAN" on the finale it turned out it happened a little earlier. I still say he'll show up at the finale too lol

As far as GAGA. Hey, I think she is an amazing talent. But she is truly truly bizarre. And, I do think the one song is a blatant rip-off of Madonna (born this way). Her performance of "You and I" was good and if Idol didn't try to pass it off as a private concert for the Idol contestants I may have been more impressed. It was an excerpt from her concert that aired on HBO the previous Saturday. I had the misfortune of seeing some of it. Again...very talented she-man and I like listening to its music....but I'd rather not have to look at whatever she's deciding to wear today. Be-it a Fetus or a Meat Suit or Antlers coming out of her face. lol

Thanks for everyone's comments and I'm back full time this week!