Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2/7 - Boston Auditions

YAWN!!!! Sorry....I know it's contagious. I'll give you all a chance to stop yawning after reading this. I mean seriously...this was Audition Night #7!!! I'm not going to get on my soapbox of my distaste of the lengthy auditions that are ratings hits. We can go back and read the older blog posts to relive and re-enjoy those precious moments. Instead I'll just sum up our final audition round and take a look at what's ahead!

Worst of Boston

No real stand-outs in the bad category. There was yet another stripper that immigrated to the U.S. to strip on camera and sing Toni Braxton. Score! There was a BOSTON Patriot, James Yokely who raps a tribute to our armed forces leading to Paula having something nice to say to such awful talent! If only he could've been more "Melodous!" A personal favorite of mine was the Opera Chick singing Loverboy's "working for the weekend." Granted...this was all over the ads leading up to our viewing of the Boston Tryouts. Another gem was the guy who said he had a singing teacher, introduced us to his teacher, and then told us he trained someone else too who ALSO didn't make it into Idol. BRILLIANT EDITING! There's only 2 others to discuss.

Kenneth Maccarone - CHER 2.0 - The guy sounded just like Cher as he belted out "Life After Love." And he claimed to be able to sing like other female singers and then had the nerve to refuse Simon's advice to become a female impersonator. Apparently Kenboy was taking the rare stance of wanting to sing like a woman (some who don't sound so womanly) but be known as a man who is singing it! He won't wear a dress. Is there an audience for this market? Please post comments if you are a member of this audience. I'm just curious! Congrats Kenneth...you did leave with your Dignity...just like you wanted.

Mike - CLAY 2.0 - guy dressed like clay...guy was awful....guy had to pee....simon let him pee....guy was worse. the end.

Best of Boston

What is up with Paula and Randy letting in mediocre performers or even singers who can't hold a tone? Here's a list:
  • Rebecca Donahue (twin who's sister had surgery) got in due to her good looks and marketable appearance
  • Tatiana Ward sang a squeaky and bizarre version of "My Cherie Amore." Paula wanted to her to Color up her vocals. And with this constructive criticism she's going to improve? oh my.
  • Ayla Brown - Basketball Scholarship girl - sang Star Spangled Banner at Patriots Game (or a football game where she wore a patriot's jersey). Had a pretty lousy audition...but they wanted to give her a shot because she looks good and she had a good resume...and was willing to accept their criticism. And...well she has a psycho Mom who was on an ego trip and was going to bust through because Simon said No. And Ayla had the nerve to say "Simon said no, actually" in a manner that she was shocked. Get over yourself! We already are!

Kevin Covais - 16 - Only talent that seemed to come out of Boston was 16 Year Old Kevin Covais (oh god...another one) who sang, surprise, Josh Groban "You Raise Me Up." The kid looked like he was 12 but had some pretty strong pipes. I'm gonna disagree with simon that only people 80 and up would like him. I'd lower it to 70. I've said it before...there's only so many 16 year olds this competition can accept. If too many of them sneak into the top 25....get ready for Junior Idol 2.0 (3.0 if you count Season 3 ugh...)

You hear the sound of that? Yes my friends, the end of the auditions! On to Hollywood week. It was fun while it lasted, and not fun at the same time! We got a glimpse of our featured Hollywood bound idol hopefuls that we have begun to know these past few weeks. Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett, Kellie Pickler (of course!), Crazy Rocker guy with big sideburns, The singing teacher's daughter, The guy that danced with Paula, the cowboy that sings to chickens, and of course....the guy that goes by SWAY. They were all there. And I think by the time they're in the top 25, I'll be able to name them all without looking up their names!

So tomorrow, looks like we're in for some drama with the crazy jumpy guy they let in (that can't sing!! Ugh...I thought it was just a joke!) Then of course...Looks like we're going to see our Memphis Brittenum twins afterall! Should be interesting to see if they had originally made it through or not before they got kicked off the show. From the previews, looks like at least one didn't. That's all I have folks....see you in Hollywood!

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